A List of all Yellow Kratom Strains

If you’re been around the Kratom scene for more than a minute, you know how excited everyone gets about a new strain. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Yellow Kratom strains have gained so much attention and popularity during the past few years. There may still be some controversy about what Yellow Kratom actually is – as we’ll get into below – but one thing is certain: it’s a top seller.


What is Yellow Kratom?

There are two schools of thought behind the creation of Yellow Kratom strains. Some people believe that this particular Mitragyna speciosa gets its yellow hue from leaves that grow longer than usual. Others have said that Yellow Kratom doesn’t technically exist but was engineered by blending multiple strains together. Adding to the blended strains theory is the possibility that fermented strains are blended to get Yellow Kratom.

The truth is most likely a mixture of all of these rumors. But whether this Kratom comes directly from leaves that are harvested later than most or a blend of other leaves, we know that it’s potent. For most Mitragyna speciosa enthusiasts, that’s the most important detail.

Which Yellow Kratom Strains are Available?

Yellow strains are still relatively limited, although there’s been some growth in this department within the past two years. As of late 2019, the following Yellow Kratom strains are known to be available.

Yellow Vietnam

As the newest Yellow Kratom strain, Yellow Vietnam has naturally become highly sought after. Some debate this strain’s origin, but true Yellow Vietnam comes from the Mekong Delta forests of Vietnam. Between the area’s nutrient-dense soil and high levels of humidity, this particular Kratom plant develops with a higher alkaloid content than usual. You’re also likely to experience a much longer performance from this strain than you’re used to.

Yellow Borneo

This powder is believed to come from very mature White, Green, or Red Borneo leaves. On Reddit, Yellow Borneo has been described as having a relaxed, yet energized performance.

Yellow Bali

Various versions of this strain have come from White or Green Bali leaves. It has a performance that blends the qualities of White and Green Bali leaves but isn’t as intense as either of them. Redditors suggest adding a bit of White Bali to Yellow Bali for the best overall performance.

Yellow Indo

This strain is another long-lasting option. Yellow Indo’s performance often varies from person to person but is generally characterized as uplifting and mildly stimulating.

Yellow Malay

This strain’s smooth performance is well worth noting. Yellow Malay is the type of Yellow strain that artistic individuals are most likely to check out. With a balanced, energetic, yet also relaxed performance, Yellow Malay earns a moderate rating in all ways.

Yellow Sumatra

If you’re looking to pick up some especially rare Kratom, Yellow Sumatra is a good choice. There’s a very limited supply of this strain due to how much rarer Sumatra trees are than other Kratom trees. The energetic performance of Yellow Sumatra makes it a favorite daytime strain.

Final Thoughts


Yellow Kratom is worth the effort you’ll put into finding it. And make no mistake – there will be some effort involved because a lot of vendors don’t stock it. This isn’t because Yellow Kratom is poor quality or doesn’t sell well. On the contrary, many who’ve tried one of these strains have reported nothing but positive feedback. Unfortunately, the relative scarcity of actual Yellow Kratom makes it hard for vendors to find and even harder to keep in stock. When you run across come, be sure to check it out!

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