The 5 Best Gold Kratom Strains

Gold Kratom, sometimes referred to as Yellow Kratom, comes in a variety of strains. But what exactly is this variety of Mitragyna speciosa and which options are the best? We’re going to drill down into this topic to help you learn about the very best of the currently available Gold Kratom strains.


What is Gold Kratom?

There’s another name that gets tossed around a lot in reference to this particular type of Kratom: Red Gold. This comes from the powder version’s brownish-gold hue. True Gold Kratom gets its coloring from a special drying and curing process. Before the leaves are put through this process, they have red veins.

Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous vendors who have merely dyed the color of their powder to make it look like a Gold Kratom. Be sure to check out The Golden Monk’s Complete List of Vendor Reviews to learn which vendors you can and can’t trust.

Top 5 Gold Kratom Strains

Whether you already have a favorite or have never tried a Gold strain, the following list can you help you decide what variety you should try next!

Gold Bali

As what is arguably the most popular and best of all the Gold and Yellow strains, Gold Bali has gained a reputation for its sedate performance. This Gold strain packs a potent punch too, which has led many enthusiasts to recommend a low to moderate approach. Gold Bali hails from Borneo and gets its coloring from an extended drying process. This strain has become one of the most affordable and readily available Gold Kratom options.

Gold Thai

Named for its initial place of origin, Gold Thai has since made the leap to Indonesia. This variant comes with a high alkaloid profile, which makes it very sought-after. Its potent performance has been compared to Maeng Da. Each person’s experience may vary, but Gold Thai is often characterized as having an uplifting, energizing performance as well.

Gold Kali

This unique and potent strain owes its properties to a secondary curing process. The rich color and potent performance of Gold Kali can be very difficult to find online. However, you just might be able to locate it by using one of this strain’s aliases. It’s sometimes known as Ketapang, Rich Gold Borneo, JongKong, and Hulu. At its core, though, the mildly relaxed, sleepy performance of this Kratom comes from Red Kali leaves that have been cured twice by experienced harvesters.

Gold Bentuangie

Over on Reddit, several Kratom forum members have praised Gold Bentuangie, with some going so far as it to call it the best Gold Kratom. This particular strain offers a long-lasting, sedate performance that’s favored by those who don’t like the fatigue-inducing performance of Red Bentuangie. Like most Gold options, Bentuangie (also known as Gold Bent or Yellow Bent) performs in a manner that puts it between the performance of Red and Green Bentuangie.

Gold Maeng Da

Another favorite of the Reddit set, Gold Maeng Da offers a higher than usual alkaloid content. This comes courtesy of the enhanced drying process that transforms Red Maeng Da into Gold Maeng Da. Choose this Yellow Kratom if you’re looking for a performance that’s moderately uplifting and stimulating. There are no sedate properties with Gold Maeng Da Kratom. Keep that in mind when you next buy Kratom to help ensure you get the right strain for your needs.

Where Can I Find Gold Kratom?

Gold Kratom may be popular, but it’s still not available from a wide variety of vendors. Fortunately, there are a few well-known online vendors that do have at least one Gold strain available.

  • Krabot
  • PurKratom
  • Kay Botanicals
  • Kraken Kratom
  • Phytoextractum

Final Thoughts


Gold Kratom used to be cost-prohibitive, but now the pricing is starting to come down. However, be prepared to have a harder than usual time finding this unique variety of Mitragyna speciosa. Don’t be surprised if reputable online vendors ask a bit more for a Gold strain than for the non-Gold members of its strain family.

Do you want something outside the Gold/Yellow family? Head to our Complete List of Kratom Strains to check out your many other options!




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