Mitra Botanicals : What You Need to Know About This Brand

mitra botanicals : what you need to know about this brand

Mitra Botanicals is a West Coast kratom supplier with an unfortunate lack of brand recognition. If you’ve been wondering whether this is one you can trust, we’ve got the answers you seek. Read on for all the details in our complete Mitra Botanicals Kratom Review.

Mitra Botanicals Product Review

At first glance, you may mistake Mitra Botanicals for yet another Mitragaia rip-off. Since the FDA warned Mitrasafe against launching its kratom extract, ‘mitra’ has become a heavily searched term. Many sellers seized the opportunity to cash in on this buzz. Mitra Man and Mitra Mike are two recent examples.

With its similarity to Mitra Man Botanicals, it’s no wonder people would mistake Mitra Botanicals for another imitator. As it turns out, Mitra Botanicals is a wholesale division of Mitragaia. We determined this after inspecting the brand’s laboratory certification, which lists Mitragaia as the lab’s client.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Mitragaia is a time-honored kratom vendor whose kratom powder has inspired customer loyalty and government scrutiny. The company was initially called Gaia Ethnobotanical. A 2018 recall by the FDA led to its rather wise decision to rebrand.

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Over the ensuing years, Mitragaia has shaken off the stigma of the kratom recall and demonstrated its worth by sharing third-party certificates of analysis with its patrons. The Nevada-based vendor has grown with each passing year, which necessitated expansion. That’s where Mitra Botanicals comes in.

Mitra Botanicals ships all of its small-batch kratom products from a warehouse in Arlington, TX. You can buy its kratom caps by visiting There you’ll discover the brand’s relationship with Arizona Kratom Shop, a wholesale retailer with placement in 11 area stores.

Mitra Botanicals is available from multiple outlets if you want to buy kratom online. This includes smoke shops and wholesalers. Its kratom capsules are sold by a wide range of third-party distributors, including Four Aces Wholesale, Pop Kratom,, and Whole Earth Gifts.

What It Has to Offer

This vendor may be most well-known for its Mitra Botanicals White Maeng Da Kratom, but the brand offers Maeng Da in each natural vein color. You can get Green Vein Maeng Da or Red Vein Maeng Da in the form of kratom pills. Each of its kratom capsules contains one-half of a gram of kratom powder.

These jumbo kratom capsules are sourced from Indonesia and guaranteed to be pure. All of Mitra Kratom’s products are said to be made from 100% organic Mitragyna speciosa plant matter. Mitra Botanicals has actual third-party lab results (unlike so many wholesalers), which back up its claims.

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What It Costs & How It Compares

Retailers are free to set their own prices. Some will charge more than others. Whole Earth Gifts seems to offer the lowest prices on Mitra Kratom. You can get a 75-count bottle for $15 or a 300-count for $39.00. Meanwhile, charges $25 for a 75-count and $35 for a 150-count.

These prices conform to the current fair market prices for kratom capsules. For example, Njoy Kratom charges $19.99 for a 75-count. Earth Kratom charges $54.99 for a 300-count, while charges $69.99. offers the best deal: 1,000 grams of kratom caps for $140.00.

Mitra Botanicals Coupon Code & Discounts

You can subscribe to Mitra Botanicals’ email newsletter to receive Mitra Kratom discount codes. These codes may be redeemable for 10-20% off your total at checkout. Subscribers are eligible for rewards, including kratom samplers and more.

Mitra Botanicals Customer Reviews

Opinions of this brand hinge upon customers’ nostalgia for the old Mitragaia, as opposed to its newer Mitra Kratom batches. This may explain why lab results have yet to be updated since 2020. Quality has varied over the years, which should be expected with any decades-old business.

One Reddit member said, “They used to be really good about three years ago. However, I ordered some of my favorite strain of theirs, 8in1 back in January and it did absolutely nothing for me. I was pretty disappointed because I have done business with them a lot in the past and was always pleased.”

Another member said, “I’ve always used them but my last two kilos have done absolutely nothing. Very disappointed, they won’t answer me about a refund or credit.” Still, another said, “I’ve had a couple of problems lately one being quality. They always respond right away for me. It’s great service.”

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Is Mitra Botanicals Legit?

While Mitra Botanicals isn’t a formal participant in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program, its kratom is produced in GMP-compliant facilities. Samples of each kratom strain are submitted for analysis by respected third-party laboratories. Results are offered online.

This vendor gives customers a 100% money-back guarantee, which extends to each item. If you deal directly with Mitragaia, you can avail yourself of its affiliate program, referrals, and other rewards. You may even qualify for kratom giveaways.

Top Mitra Botanicals Alternatives


MIT45 Kratom is the nation’s leading headshop kratom brand and one of the first domestic vendors to participate in the AKA’s GMP Standards Program. This Utah-based manufacturer specializes in powerful and innovative kratom extracts, including kratom extract capsules.

MIT45’s line of extracts includes the groundbreaking MIT GO Black Extra Strength Kratom Gel and the always-in-demand MIT45 Gold Kratom Extract Capsules. This trailblazing brand is the cleanest and most affordable, with two-serving pouches selling for as little as $11.95.

Kona Kratom

Kona Kratom is Colorado’s finest source of exotic kratom strains. Its Kalimantan-cultivated speciosa specimens are some of the strongest we’ve encountered. This vendor’s White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules start at $99 for a 350-count pouch, with 700 capsules going for $179.99.

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Bottom Line

In summary, Mitra Botanicals is a respectable vendor with a long and varied history in the kratom industry. Despite its legitimacy, quality seems to be hit or miss. For the best results, always compare products, pricing, and policies by consulting our list of kratom vendors.

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