Kratom Islands Vendor Review

Kratom Islands was a Florida-based kratom vendor with a scenic location and an oft-satisfying collection of kratom strains. There was a time when this Pensacola kratom provider was on track to become the biggest brand on the block, but fate had other things in mind.

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Kratom Islands or where you can buy Island kratom powder, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you everything we know about this Sunshine State supplier in our comprehensive Kratom Islands Vendor Review.


Kratom Islands Product Review

Kratom Islands was a Pensacola, FL, kratom supplier with a brick-and-mortar shop and an e-commerce website. Despite generating some buzz among members of the kratom community, the brand appears to have gone belly-up at around the same time that kratom was coming under intense scrutiny.

The first recorded reference to Kratom Islands’ disappearance occurred in 2016, which suggests a possible correlation between impending kratom regulation and the company’s temporary or permanent closure. At the time, the Mitragyna speciosa herb – and its key alkaloids – were under fire in the media.

In January 2016, U.S. Marshals seized almost ninety thousand bottles of kratom capsules at the behest of the FDA. Law enforcement agencies were cracking down on this unregulated herb left, right, and center. Meanwhile, lawmakers were considering a kratom ban that would have had dire consequences.

All of this undesirable attention and meddling may have played a role in what was ultimately the demise of a popular Florida kratom brand. Regardless, Kratom Islands did not withstand the force of all this oversight, nor did it rise above by offering cleaner, safer or stronger kratom products.

image ofkratom islands products

When you try and visit the company’s online store, a message comes up, which reads, “There has been a critical error on this website.” This is the first sign that something has gone awry. Further evidence of the brand’s possible dissolution can be found in online kratom forums.

There are many factors that can affect a kratom vendor’s ability to prosper, not least of which is consumer reputation. When we look back at Kratom Islands’ record it is clear that someone was doing something wrong. The company did not engage with potential customers via social media.

Additionally, Kratom Islands never bothered to offer an email newsletter or rewards program. This is a big deal to some frugal kratom enthusiasts who can’t otherwise afford luxury vices. Most vendors get this, which is why many have taken the economic downturn into consideration and given it accordingly.

Some of the top brands on the market provide kratom military discounts, give-back programs, and more. Others even go so far as to encourage financially comfortable connoisseurs to pay it forward by loaning their less fortunate counterparts the difference when it comes to buying bulk kratom powder.

Based on the available information, Kratom Islands was not one of these vendors. On the contrary, they don’t have much of a reputation to speak of. It would seem this brand flew low on people’s radar. Whether that was a good thing or a bad thing is anyone’s guess. Either way, it is gone now.


What It Costs & How It Compares

This seller’s prices are no longer published online, but we can get an idea of what they charged from comments made by the kratom community. It would seem that Kratom Islands was notorious for cost-prohibitive pricing, with one Reddit member writing, “you paid 5x too much for some pretty packaging but I don’t know about the quality.”

If we take this comment literally it would be safe to assume that Kratom Islands offered one-ounce pouches of kratom powder for around $64.95. This is based on the current industry average, which hovers somewhere between $10 and $20 for twenty-eight grams or more.

For the sake of comparison, Soulful Herbals charge $10, while Kava and Company charge $12.99, and Kraken Kratom charges $19.99. There was a time, pre-pandemic when online consumers could pay around $25 for one hundred to two hundred fifty grams of kratom powder.

image of kratom cost

Kratom Islands Coupon Code & Discounts

There are no verifiable Kratom Islands promo codes accessible in search engine results, nor is there any activity pertaining to discounts on social media platforms. This is further evidence of Kratom Islands’ dissolution as a company. It does not seem as though Kratom Islands was ever forthcoming with deals.

This Florida kratom vendor was not known for its generosity, at least not in terms of special offers or unique savings opportunities. The site did not feature a loyalty program or email newsletter. What’s more, there were no sitewide clearances to speak of.


Kratom Islands Customer Reviews

At one point, Kratom Islands opened a Facebook account, which earned it five-star ratings. Alas, we were unsuccessful in our attempts at locating any social media reviews that did the brand justice. No enthusiastic comments were ever issued forth from Pensacola residents or those passing through.

In spite of its lousy consumer reputation, Kratom Islands managed to make it to at least one list of the Top Kratom Vendors of Tomorrow. However, this title did not account for the possibility of the brand’s disintegration. Today it is next to impossible to find any mention of the Kratom Islands whatsoever.

image of customer reviews

Kratom Islands Complaints

Aside from the aforementioned comment about the brand’s high prices we were unable to find any overtly negative material about Kratom Islands. However, we were not able to find anything positive either. The only Reddit post worth mentioning was from 2016 … the year the company went kaput.

In this rather succinct post, a member asks, “Did they already shut down because of the ban? I don’t see a single product on their store.” This question was never answered by any other community members. No further inquiries about Kratom Islands have been made public.


Is It Lab Tested?

No, Kratom Islands does not appear to have been lab-tested at any point. After inquiring about the matter on related forums, speaking with colleagues, and visiting multiple search engines, we were unable to find any trace of lab certification.

There is insufficient evidence to suggest that Kratom Islands ever actually submitted its kratom powder to an independent laboratory for analysis. No one we spoke to seems to remember any mention of in-house lab-testing facilities on Kratom Islands’ now-defunct website.

The consensus seems to be that Kratom Islands was simply a smoke shop kratom brand with the benefit of local representation. Whether it was grown in the Sunshine State or sourced from elsewhere is debatable, but its purity looks like it was dubious at best. No certificates of analysis are currently available.


Is Kratom Islands Legit?

image of is kratom islands legit

Although we have limited information to go on, we are inclined to believe that Kratom Islands was less than a legitimate business. While the company was appropriately registered as an LLC (Limited Liability Company), there is no evidence that it was ever properly tested or graded.

Legitimate kratom brands typically prove their legitimacy by demoing products and giving away free kratom samples. Based on what we have read, Kratom Islands may have done none of this. We were unable to find any trace of customer service. No social media posts, coupons, or advertising.

More importantly, we were unable to find any lab results, industry affiliations, or die-hard Kratom Islands fans. The limited information that is currently accessible points to a typical Florida brand with what you might call “Florida bland” – locally grown Mitragyna speciosa without the kick of Indo.


American Kratom Association

Kratom Islands did not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. To be fair, the AKA was not around when Kratom Islands first vanished off the face of the earth, but that doesn’t negate the market’s need for such a program. If anything the opposite is true.

The demise of the Kratom Islands demonstrates the need for more openness and openmindedness among kratom vendors and consumers. The AKA’s landmark GMP Standards initiative has enabled us to protect ourselves against potentially hazardous kratom products while holding brands responsible.

The GMP Standards Program requires that all participating kratom vendors voluntarily submit to a third-party audit. Participants must also meet requirements, which extend from manufacturing and labeling to marketing. In return, they get a seal of approval from kratom’s finest advocates.


Buy Kratom Islands Alternatives Online

There are plenty of exotic strains on the market and they are stocked by some rather island-centric brands. If you want a taste of paradise or a bit of that Moku flavor, there are some excellent options readily available to you. They include Kona Kratom, Kratom & Company, and Mystic Island Kratoms.

Kona Kratom is an online shop with many consumer incentives, such as free shipping, kratom samples, an email newsletter, and a no-headache money-back guarantee. Kona carries more than two dozen alluring kratom strains, each of which boasts a different floral design to put you in the mind of paradise.

If you’re a resident of Pensacola who’s homesick for that local vibe, Kratom and Company has got you covered. This family-owned business is native to the area, experienced at what it does, and is easily one of the most versatile shops in the Sunshine State.

As we explained in our brand review,  Kratom and Company are more than a mere kratom head shop, it’s a one-stop shop for all your ethnobotanical needs. You can get everything from pure akuamma root extract and kava powder to gold kratom strains and kratom chocolate bars.

Finally, Mystic Island Kratoms is a viable choice if you’re looking for an island-themed brand at a discount. Unlike other companies that charge a premium to sell you fancy packaging or brand presentation, Mystic Island keeps its kilos at economy prices, while maintaining an air of tropical cool.

image of kratom leaves and capsules

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Kratom Islands was a hit-or-miss kratom vendor with a lot to learn about the ins and outs of the industry. Its failure to weather the last six years may not say much about the company’s value or integrity, but its lack of industry credentials most certainly does.

Still on the fence? You can find other top-shelf options by joining kratom forums and asking customers for their go-to picks. Be sure to do your research when shopping around online and don’t forget to check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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