Herbsens Kratom Vendor Review

Florida residents hungry for some first-grade kratom will be thrilled when they discover Herbsens. Located in the aptly-named Plant City, Herbsens Kratom is Hillsborough County’s premier source for sustainable Indo-kratom products.

You can visit Herbsens Kratom, AKA Herb Sense Botanicals, at https://herbsenskratom.com. There you will find a small but satisfying selection of kratom capsules, kratom extracts, and kratom powders. The site features everything from Full Spectrum Gold Leaf to proprietary kratom blends. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature everything that it should.

If you’ve been seeking a trusted Florida supplier with a solid track record, you’ll want to finish reading this post. We will tell you all about the pros and cons of buying Herbsens Kratom in our comprehensive kratom vendor review.


Herbsens Kratom Product Review

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There are hundreds of shops selling kratom products in the Sunshine State, but Herbsens Kratom is one of a select number of online kratom vendors in the region. It is the only e-commerce kratom business in Hillsborough County and the first to offer proprietary kratom blends.

This vendor’s prices compare favorably to those charged by others in the current marketplace. It is worth noting, however, that industry prices have fluctuated wildly in the current economic climate. As such, you will be able to find brands that are much cheaper than Herbsens Kratom…but you will also find brands that are far more expensive.

Herbsens Kratom packaging ranges from classy to fishy; its pouches of kratom powder are sleek, professional, and attractive, but its kratom capsules come in flimsy plastic bottles whose dark green tint makes it impossible for consumers to view their contents. That said, each bottle of kratom caps includes secure, resealable screw-on lids.

Herbsens kratom products are billed as “Instense Kratom,” which is exactly the sort of bombastic marketing we tend to avoid. This is the first potential strike against Herbsens Kratom’s credibility, the second being its lack of third-party lab results.

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This vendor lacks the background information and consumer recognition of its many competitors. Herbsense Botanicals doesn’t so much as disclose its mailing address or phone number on its website. After conducting exhaustive research, we were unable to find business registration records for Herbsense Botanicals, Herb Sense Botanicals, LLC, or Herbsens Kratom.

This company ships all of its orders within twenty-four to forty-eight hours using USPS (United States Postal Service). Standard shipping rates apply, which are generally somewhere around five bucks. Shipping costs should be factored in when making a purchase.

Quality is difficult to classify without proof of laboratory testing, but kratom samples suggest Herbsens Kratom is fresh, potent, and pure. This vendor’s powder is finely ground, finely textured, and pleasantly aromatic. What’s more, Herbsens Kratom enjoys Approved Vendor status with the ILK (I Love Kratom).


Best Kratom Strains by Herbsens Kratom

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This vendor is known for its Trainwreck Blend and Full Spectrum Gold Kratom Extract in addition to its plain leaf kratom powders. Strains such as Green Malay, Red Bali, and the ever-popular Maeng Da are among its varied collection, but these fine cultivars are topped by the brand’s Red Indo Kratom.

Red Indo Kratom is an optimal choice for any athletic red vein enthusiast, especially gym rats and participants in endurance activities. This bold cultivar boasts a sour, earthy fragrance and high concentrations of mitragynine and 7-OH (7-hydroxy mitragynine).

Red Indo isn’t the only prized item in this seller’s catalog; White Maeng Da is another standout. This white vein kratom powder is a horned leaf variant with a mild aroma that’s redolent of matcha tea and moss. This old-school kratom strain is as long-lasting as it is robust.


What It Costs & How It Compares

Herbsens Kratom sells kratom powder in five-ounce and ten-ounce pouches. You can get five ounces for $19.99, which is $25-50 cheaper than what other top brands charge this amount. For example, Jackson Kratom charges $44.95, while Authentic Kratom charges $69.97.

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Most vendors sell kratom by the ounce, quarter kilo, half a kilo, or kratom kilo. Compared to the average price of a single ounce of kratom ($15-25), Herbsens Kratom’s prices are excellent. On the other hand, many e-commerce sites charge as little as six dollars for an ounce. For instance, PA Botanicals charges $6.99, while Remarkable Herbs goes for around $8.99.

At $29.99 for ten ounces, Herbsens Kratom is at least $60 cheaper than some of its direct competitors. For the sake of comparison, Jackson Kratom charges anywhere from $91.95 to $132.95. Bear in mind, that these are unusually high prices for less than three hundred grams of kratom powder.

For better prices, customers should seek out bulk kratom suppliers, and e-commerce sites specializing in split kilos, kratom kilos, and kilo bundles. There are many sites that sell one thousand grams for $120 or less. Some charge a mere $85 for a two-way split kilo, while others sell ten thousand grams for $500 .00. Examples include Sumbawa Kratom, Kozy Kratom, and Vanta Herbal.


Herbsens Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

You can subscribe to Herbsens’ email newsletter to receive promo codes, site updates, and special opportunities. These opportunities may include kratom giveaways, free kratom samples, and kratom coupon codes. Discount codes are typically redeemable for ten to fifteen percent off your total at checkout.



Herbsens Kratom Customer Reviews

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After thoroughly researching this brand, we were unable to find a single customer review online. The only mention of Herbsens Kratom we could locate was in vendor reviews from industry blogs. No mention of Herbsens is made on any of the online kratom forums, save for a post on Reddit regarding the company’s legitimacy (or lack thereof).

In the aforementioned post, a Reddit member asks if Herbsens Kratom is a decent vendor. “I don’t see a single review for this anywhere,” they wrote in 2021. This post did not receive any responses from former customers; the only replies came from community members concerned with the alkaloid content of its kratom powder.


Herbsens Kratom Complaints

There is only one negative comment about Herbsens Kratom on social media and it pertains to its prices. “Super overpriced from the looks of it,” a Reddit member writes. There is no additional substance to their response, nor are there any subsequent remarks. This vendor lacks any ratings on Google, Trustpilot, or Yelp.

On the bright side, Herbsens Kratom has not received any formal complaints. No grievances have been filed with the Better Business Bureau, American Kratom Association, or any watchdog groups. No Glassdoor page exists for this business. What’s more, Herbsens Kratom has not been named in any lawsuits, pending or otherwise.


Is It Lab-Tested?

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Maybe. Herbsens Kratom asserts that its kratom plant matter is lab-tested on its website, but this vendor does not disclose certificates of analysis. No independent laboratory is credited, nor does the vendor account for how often it is tested.

Without proof of the third-party evaluation, there is no fundamental way for casual consumers to know whether they are purchasing clean, unadulterated kratom powder. Though it is not uncommon for vendors to perform in-house testing for the sake of privacy it is suspicious for a brand to withhold lab results from its clientele.


Is Herbsens Kratom Legit?

Maybe. To reiterate, our research does not indicate that Herbsens is a legitimate outfit. Without any record of business formation, growth, consumer recognition, or social media presence, it is unlikely that a vendor is on the level. Those who value integrity and transparency will find Herbsens Kratom sorely lacking.

More alarmingly, a deep dive on social media revealed that this vendor likely borrowed its name from a vendor native to Southeast Asia. HerbSense (http://herbsense.in/) is an Indian health and beauty company offering everything from kava and kratom to essential oils and superfoods. Unlike Herbsens Kratom, HerbSense gives visitors multiple ways to connect, including phone numbers, mailing addresses, newsletters, and emails.


American Kratom Association

This supplier does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This is unfortunate, as the program in question seeks to ensure the integrity of the kratom industry moving forward. The AKA’s GMP Standards initiative has been hailed as the next logical step in an evolving industry, one that aims to protect consumers while improving industry optics.

Although it is hardly unusual for vendors to opt out of the GMP program—the vast majority, in fact—there are drawbacks to ignoring the program. Many reluctant first-time kratom buyers rely on word of mouth to lead them to their first vendor. In our challenging times, the AKA has served as something of a beacon for the uninitiated by providing them with a list of trustworthy kratom brands.

If your name isn’t on the GMP list, you might as well be plying your trade in the kiosk of an abandoned mall. Not only does the GMP program provide vendors more visibility, but it also ensures that customers will receive products from a company that follows all appropriate guidelines.

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Closing Thoughts

In summary, Herbsens Kratom has some decent kratom strains and middling prices, but its scarcity of industry bonafides makes it a poor choice for the discerning consumer. Those who place primacy on honesty will find themselves at a loss after visiting the threadbare Herbsens Kratom online store.

If you’re searching for a quality brand that won’t break the bank, you can compare prices and policies online. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to explore all of the top brands on the market. You can evaluate these brands based on payment options, refund policy, customer perks, and more.

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