Jackson’s Kratom Vendor Review

Jackson's Kratom Vendor Review

Jackson’s Kratom goes all the way back to 2012, making it one of the longest running online Mitragyna speciosa vendors. They have their own specific vibe that may or may not be for you, but the quality of their Kratom is generally rated as good. Let’s take a closer look at how this vendor has stuck around for 8+ years so far.

Jackson’s Kratom Review

When you first visit Jackson’s Kratom, you’re going to instantly notice that the owner apparently really likes President Andrew Jackson. In fact, Jackson’s face (as seen on the $20 bill) is emblazoned all over the site and on all their product packaging. This may seem like an odd choice considering that they don’t specialize in selling $20 Kratom. It’s impossible for us to know if the Andrew Jackson branding is a political statement or simply a way of reminding buyers that this vendor is based in the USA.

Jackson’s Kratom Product Line

You can get a wide variety of products from Jackson’s Kratom. This vendor is primarily known for selling bulk quantities of capsules, crushed leaf, and powder Kratom. They also serve as a wholesale dealer.

  • Capsules – Super Green Borneo, Stem & Vein, Elephant, Green Malay, Maeng Da, Thai, Bali, & Red Vein Borneo.
  • Crushed Leaf – Thai, Maeng Da, Bali, & Red Vein Borneo.
  • Ultra-Fine Powder – Elephant, Maeng Da, Enhanced Maeng Da, Thai, Green Malay, Bali, Red Vein Borneo, & Stem and Vein.
  • Capsule Ready Powder – Elephant, Green Malay, Thai, Maeng Da, Bali, & Red Vein Borneo.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

As you’d probably expect, pricing varies greatly depending on the format, strain, and quantity you purchase. To give you an idea of the pricing you can expect, here are a few examples:

  • Thai Capsule Ready Powder – Ranges from $31.95 (2 oz) to $127.95 (10 oz)
  • Maeng Da Ultra Fine Powder – Get anywhere from 2 oz to 1 kilo for $36.95-$349.95.
  • Thai Crushed Leaf – Ranges from $22.95 (2 oz) to $91.95 (10 oz)
  • Bali Capsules – 100 capsules are $26.95. Get up to 400 capsules for $99.95.

Jackson’s Kratom Coupon Code

Jackson’s Kratom doesn’t currently have any active coupon codes available (as of early January 2020). This doesn’t mean they won’t have coupons in the future, though. Therefore, it’s always best to join every site’s newsletter and do a quick Google search before placing an order.

Jackson’s Kratom Consumer Reputation

Over on I Love Kratom’s forum, a regular poster and reviewer gave this vendor an impressive 93/100 for the quality of their products. His favorite product was Jackson’s Maeng Da, which he characterized as “super quality” and a “do it all.”

Over on Reddit, you’ll find people saying that “Jackson’s Kratom has decent stuff…a little pricey.” Another Redditor complained that they’re “not impressed with their selection.” On the other hand, we’ve got a Redditor who said, “I like Jackson Kratom personally…they do well for [me] and I keep giving them business.”

Jackson’s Kratom Customer Service

Jackson’s Kratom does not list their refund policy on their site. On the plus side, though, they do have a phone number and a contact form available. They also state that their primary mission statement: “Here at Jackson’s, we believe in giving our customers the lowest possible price everyday.”

I Love Kratom’s reviewer says that their “customer service was excellent, and they were extremely nice.” He gave them a 98/100 for customer service.

Bottom Line

Kratom capsules

There are definitely cheaper places to buy Kratom. However, Jackson’s Kratom has earned a decent reputation for quality. They may be a good choice the next time you have a little extra cash to burn and you’re looking for a special treat.

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