Where to Buy Kratom in New Jersey?

New Jersey’s kratom users are among the 15 million people who use kratom in the US, according to the American Kratom Association. It helps that people in New Jersey have full access to all of the available kratom products, although you must be at least 18 years old to buy kratom in the Garden State. The state is actively considering a Kratom Consumer Protection Act that, if enacted, would create new product standards and safety assurances for kratom consumers.

Curious about where to buy kratom in New Jersey? We’ve put together a list of some of the best kratom vendors in New Jersey–including both brick-and-mortar shops and online vendors.

Buy Kratom in Newark

Newark has a lot of great kratom vendors! Here are some of our favorites.

Smoking Monkey
46 Ferry St, Newark, NJ 07105
Monday to Saturday: 10AM-10PM
Sunday: Noon-10PM
Let’s Smoke Shop
95 Bloomfield Ave, Newark, NJ 07104
Sunday: Noon to 9PM / Monday to Wednesday: Noon-9:30PM
Thursday: Noon-10PM / Friday to Saturday: 11AM-10PM
Its Lit Smoke Shop
1427 McCarter Hwy, Newark, NJ 07104
Everyday: 9 am-10 pm

Buy Kratom in Jersey City

Jersey City is home to a few great shops with kratom products in stock.

Smokers Haven Smoke Shop
58 Sip Ave Jersey City, NJ 07306
Monday-Friday: 10 AM-9:30 PM
Saturday: 11 AM-9:30 PM / Sunday: Noon-8 PM
V.Y.R.T. Glass and Vapes
451 Central Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307
Monday-Saturday: 10 AM-10 PM
Sunday: 11 AM-8 PM
Raw Smoke & Convenience
455 Baldwin Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Everyday: 9 AM-9 PM

Other Kratom Vendors in New Jersey

There are several other kratom sellers throughout the state, including a couple of our favorites:

Holy Smokes New Jersey
168 Elmora Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07202
Everyday: 8 AM-10 PM
PipeNJ Heady Glass
602 Mantoloking Rd #1, Brick Township, NJ 08723
Sunday-Thursday: 11 AM-9 PM
Friday-Saturday: 11 AM-9 PM

Finding Kratom Near Me: Looking for Kratom in Another State

Whether you are traveling for vacation, to visit family, or any other reason, you may find yourself needing to find kratom in another state. Our state guides provide information about where to find high-quality kratom throughout the US.

Buy Kratom in New Jersey Online

At Golden Monk, we’re not just selling kratom; we’re delivering a premium kratom experience directly to your door.

Our rich selection includes capsules, gummies, and loose leaf kratom made from red vein, green vein, white vein, and even specialty strains. With this much variety, our inventory caters to the unique interests of every kratom enthusiast in New Jersey!

Golden Monk is accredited by the American Kratom Association, and we guarantee that we only sell kratom made from the highest-quality plants, grown in the lush landscapes of Indonesia. We believe in rigorous lab testing for the safety and purity of our products.

As we have grown, we have maintained our dedication to customer satisfaction, which shines through in our competitive pricing, 100% money-back guarantee, and our rewarding loyalty program.

With Golden Monk, you’re doing more than just purchasing a product; you’re investing in quality kratom to take a kratom journey with every spoonful, gummy, or liquid shot.

Why It’s Better to Order Kratom Online

Although we love a good smoke shop, there are a lot of benefits to ordering kratom online! In fact, we find that kratom users who order online are often more satisfied with their purchase. What makes buying online such a great way to get high-quality kratom?

You can verify authenticity by looking at the Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

When you shop online, you can take as much time as you need to learn about the quality of the kratom in your shopping cart. It’s not like standing in the aisle of the smoke shop, trying to quickly search for information.

One of the most useful tools for analyzing kratom is by examining the manufacturer’s Certificate of Analysis (COA). A COA lays out the parameters of scientific testing on a company’s products, including analysis of the quality, strength, and uniformity of its ingredients.

A high-quality kratom provider will be able to produce this COA so that you can verify their authentic processes and meaningful testing methods.

Enjoy stable prices due to direct sales from vendors–instead of through intermediaries

Have you ever noticed that when you go to the smoke shop to get your kratom, the price varies from visit to visit? One day, you’re buying some kratom gummies, thinking, “Wait, were they this expensive last time?” And another day, you know that it was cheaper at another store…

Buying online allows you to easily compare prices across vendors and avoid intermediaries. There are savings when you buy online because you aren’t obligated to contribute to the overhead of running a successful brick-and-mortar shop.

Experience the convenience of ordering from your phone–with far more options

A brick-and-mortar shop can only carry a certain amount of stock, which means you’re limited to whatever is available in their selection. When you shop for kratom online, you gain access to unlimited options, including all of the highest quality kratom products from Golden Monk. Between fulfilling the order and our two-day UPS shipping, most customers receive their order within 2-5 days.

When you shop online, you can focus on finding the exact product you want, including:

Golden Monk’s Top 5 Best-Selling Kratom Products in New Jersey

Check out some of our best-selling products that kratom users in New Jersey love to get from Golden Monk!

Kratom Gummies

We want people to be safe and always use kratom responsibly, but for many kratom users the biggest downside is kratom’s earthy, almost downright bitter, taste. Deliciously flavored Kratom Gummies eliminate this problem entirely. With a very manageable 10mg of extract per gummy, it’s easy to find the perfect serving size. Available in 24-gummy jars.

Kratom Capsules

Another convenient way to enjoy everything kratom has to offer, Kratom Capsules are always a popular choice. Each capsule contains 500mg of premium kratom powder that slides right past your palette without releasing kratom’s pungent earthy flavor. Available in 250, 500, and 1,000 capsule quantities.

Maeng Da Loose Kratom

This strain is actually a top-seller in every state. Going back over a hundred years to farming communities in Thailand, Maeng Da has been known as a stronger, more effective variety of kratom. This product is especially popular among manual laborers and other high-impact lifestyles. Available in every color vein and sold in quantities ranging from 250 grams to a full kilo.

Green Bali Kratom

Unlike strains named after their place of origin, Bali kratom earned its nickname because both Bali residents and tourists liked the strain. Given the laid-back feel of this nature-lover’s paradise, it’s no wonder that Green Bali Kratom found a niche here. The balanced profile of the green vein harvest and calming effects of the Bali strain make it a favorite in New Jersey as well. Sold in quantities ranging from 250 grams to a full kilo.

Red Borneo Kratom

With this loose leaf kratom, the broad effects of the Borneo strain are punctuated with the soothing quality of red vein leaves harvested at an advanced stage. People who like the idea of a calmer kratom experience, but don’t feel ready for stronger Maeng Da or Red Bentuangie varieties have made Red Borneo a top-seller in X. Sold in quantities ranging from 250 grams to a full kilo.

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