5 Vendors Receive American Kratom Association Certification

The American Kratom Association created the AKA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards Program to help ensure the quality and safety of Kratom products. Most importantly, before a Kratom vendor can receive AKA Certification, however, they have to commit to very strict processing and manufacturing standards.

AKA Certification inspector

Certified vendors are also required to pass independent audits on an annual basis, along with paying an annual recertification fee of $1,000. In other words, only the most credible vendors are approved for inclusion in the program. That’s why the Golden Monk has registered for the AKA GMP Standards Program, and we’re currently awaiting the finalization of our first independent, third-party audit.

Meanwhile, here are five other Kratom vendors who have been certified by the American Kratom Association.

1. Kraken Kratom

Kraken was the first Kratom vendor officially approved via the AKA GMP Standards Program. Chiefly, they earned their certification through diligent FDA adherence and by placing a major emphasis on consumer satisfaction, safety, quality, and compliance.

2. Spectrum Kratom

Spectrum Kratom’s approach to Kratom invites you to experience the full spectrum of strains and options. E.g., this Kratom vendor utilizes minimalist, Eco-friendly packaging and gets all of their single-ingredient Kratom from one source. Like most reputable vendors, Spectrum offers a money-back guarantee.

3. Etha™ Natural Botanicals

Etha has AKA certification and makes Kratom available in a tablet format. Even more, all of their products have a guarantee that they  come from 100% whole-leaf Kratom. That guarantee also ensures it is lab verified and provided by the vendor’s harvesters. Etha focuses on special mixes and premium blends created to suit specific needs. You can save 10% by paying with check, money order, or via Green Money.

4. Urban Ice Organics

This certified vendor sells Kratom in multiple forms: capsules, powders, liquids, and a monthly subscription box. The discounted Kratom box always contains at least $200 worth of products, but it sells for only $99.99 plus shipping. The June 2019 box provided a good example of what buyers can expect. It contained two strains of powder (125 grams each), three bottles of different strains (50 capsules each), and five Dr. Jen’s vegan, gluten-free protein bars.

5. Left Coast Kratom

American Kratom AssociationLeft Coast provides discounted Kratom samples. You can also get free same-day shipping with no minimum purchase. Want your Kratom delivered tomorrow? Spend more than $99 for free next-day UPS shipping. Additionally, Left Coast has a Kratom rewards program. They additionally offer discounted COD UPS delivery for those who are hesitant to pay for Kratom online.

Other Kratom vendors who are currently part of the AKA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards Program include Phytoextractum, PurKratom, Christopher’s Organic Botanicals, and Quantum Kratom. Vendors who are still in the approval process include MitraGaia, Breezy Tree Bontanicals, Happy Hippy Herbals, and close to 20 others.

Final Thoughts on AKA Certification

The Golden Monk cares about quality and is proud to be joining the rest of these Kratom vendors in celebrating excellence and high-quality manufacturing standards. We are fully committed to ensuring that our valued customers always receive the very best products.

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