The Top 7 Kratom Vendors According to Reddit Users

Reddit has a thriving community of known kratom users. With several subreddits devoted to kratom, you can find Redditors sharing their tips and experiences about all things related to kratom. Redditors also share their opinion on kratom vendors they enjoy and ones to avoid.

We’ve spent the past five years creating this list as well as a new round of research to get you the latest, most accurate information. Golden Monk wants to make sure you don’t have to spend hours or days combing through thousands of Reddit threads about kratom vendors. 

In fact, you can start exploring our products right now, but if you also want to play the field and see what’s out there, here are some of the best kratom vendors according to Reddit in 2024.

How We Compiled This List

Golden Monk has been tracking Reddit’s top kratom vendors since 2019. Over the years, we’ve added or removed vendors according to major changes in opinion throughout Reddit. You’ll also notice that some kratom vendors remain on this list but are in different places.

Some of the subreddits we scoured through for information have included r/kratom, r/kratomvendors, and r/topkratomvendor. We browsed these subreddits’ individual reviews, best-of lists, and other Reddit posts.

Reddit’s Favorite Kratom Vendors

1. Golden Monk

GMP Certified: Yes

AKA-Approved Champion Kratom Vendor: Yes

You can say we’re biased, but the truth is you don’t have to look far to hear lots of positive feedback about Golden Monk. In this Reddit thread, one Redditor noted that our Red Maeng Da kratom was perfect for helping them relax and making their restlessness disappear.

Golden Monk only offers lab-tested and GMP-certified kratom. Our business follows the American Kratom Association’s Good Manufacturing Practice Standards, and we’ve been designated a Platinum Level Consumer Champion.

Our established business offers a variety of kratom products and strains. Golden Monk has developed some of the top kratom gummies, capsules, and raw leaf (powder) on the market. Our prices are extremely low—we offer a kilo of kratom with the option of splitting it between two strains for only about $100!

2. Botanical Bunny

GMP Certified: No

AKA-Approved Champion Kratom Vendor: No

Botanical Bunny sells several items unrelated to kratom, including soap and essential oils. This company is sometimes cautious about how it promotes kratom. Botanical Bunny typically refers to kratom as “Herbs & Teas” or the official name, Mitragyna speciosa, on its website.

Nevertheless, Reddit users frequently mention Botanical Bunny as a solid resource for high-quality kratom. The pricing reflects this quality, ranging from $5 per ounce up to $90 for 1,000 grams (one kilo) of Botanical Bunny’s best products.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find information about this vendor’s lab testing, certificates of analysis, or similar quality control guidelines.

3. Happy Hippo Herbals

image of happy hippo herbals

GMP Certified: Yes

AKA-Approved Champion Kratom Vendor: Yes

Some Redditors express their appreciation for Happy Hippo. This small online business offers more than 30 kratom strains and over 50 products.

Even better, customers can get up to 20% off their purchase using an alternative payment method such as Bitcoin, mobile check, or eCheck. You can qualify for free shipping from Happy Hippo when your order totals $100 or more.

From our research, we noted that Happy Hippo had mixed overall reviews throughout Reddit. Some Redditors love Happy Hippo and others aren’t impressed. In one Reddit thread, a commenter called Happy Hippo “ridiculously overpriced” while another user reported being “VERY impressed” with its products.

While Reddit users note that this vendor’s products are typically effective, some noted that Happy Hippo’s prices can get expensive. This vendor’s kratom is fairly inexpensive in small sizes. You can expect to pay about $9.99 to $12.99 for an ounce of Happy Hippo kratom—its kilos typically cost upwards of $200.

4. Super Speciosa

GMP Certified: Yes

AKA-Approved Champion Kratom Vendor: Yes

Super Speciosa is another kratom vendor that Redditors often show love for. This company’s kratom is processed and distributed in a GMP-certified facility. It also utilizes rigorous third-party lab testing to help ensure it offers the highest quality kratom to its large customer base.

This vendor offers kratom products available in many forms, including powder, tablets, tea bags, extracts, liquids, and more. It also stocks kratom in a variety of colors, including red, green, and white strains.

A fairly recent Reddit thread in the r/vendorsofkrkatom2 subreddit had many positive things to say about Super Speciosa’s products. This thread’s poster noted that Super Specioisa’s Green Maeng Da kratom helped them feel “more alert and focused.” In this same thread, other commenters had positive feedback about this vendor’s Red Maeng Da strain.

Another Redditor posted a thread in the r/kratomreports subreddit, having lots of good things to say about Super Speciosa’s Signature Reserve strain. The poster noted this vendor’s kratom provided certain kinds of physical relief, while also boosting the user’s mood and energy levels.

A single visit to Herbaldom’s product page will show you just how popular this vendor is; half or more of their strains are typically sold out at any given time. When we last checked, nine of their 14 strains were currently out of stock. They offer extracts, blends, common strains, and wholesale options, with the majority of their Kratom starting at only $5.

5. Kraken Kratom

GMP Certified: Yes

AKA-Approved Champion Kratom Vendor: No

Kraken Kratom is another company usually given high marks by many within Reddit’s kratom communities. This vendor ships its products fast and provides customers with high-quality kratom. Another notable fact about Kraken Kratom is it was the first vendor the American Kratom Association (AKA) recognized as compliant with its GMP Standards Program.

Kraken Kratom offers an ounce of its powder for $8.99 up to one pound or about half a kilo for $124.99, making this vendor a bit pricey for bulk orders. This vendor also offers free two-to-three-day shipping, phone support, and several highly rated strains. It’s no wonder why so many Reddit users choose this vendor, though we did notice an uptick in negative reviews left by Redditors over the past year.

Back in 2018, the FDA recalled some of Kraken Kratom’s products due to a potential Salmonella outbreak. According to the FDA, however, Kraken Kratom was fully compliant in responding to this outbreak.

6. Herbaldom

GMP Certified: No

AKA-Approved Champion Kratom Vendor: No

Herbaldom is a small kratom vendor based out of California. This vendor has lots of positive feedback on Reddit, with one thread stating that Herbaldom had a history of “great customer service and product.”

We’re glad to let you know that Herbaldom is a company that takes kratom testing very seriously. You can visit this company’s lab-testing results displayed proudly on its website.

Unfortunately, this company has a small selection of kratom that often leads to out-of-stock issues. As of this writing, you can find seven types of kratom on this vendor’s website—four are out of stock. That’s over half of this company’s products.

7. DG Botanicals

image of dg botanicals logo

GMP Certified: No

AKA-Approved Champion Kratom Vendor: No

DG Botanicals has a solid reputation on Reddit. Thankfully, DG Botanicals removed its member-only pricing. That means you don’t have to create an account to browse this company’s prices.

This kratom vendor has fair prices. However, some of its rarer strains and blends can get pricey for bulk-size orders.

Most posts about DG Botanicals are from several years ago. Unfortunately, a fair amount of users who left a review about DG Botanicals have either deleted their accounts or removed their reviews, leaving us with some doubt about the quality of their current operations.

Should You Buy Kratom Based on the Opinions of Reddit Users?

Yes and no. Ideally, we recommend using information on Reddit threads as one of several factors in deciding what kratom vendors to choose. That way, you’re not discounting what people on Reddit say. However, you’re also not basing your purchasing decisions solely on these recommendations.

We advise you to self-research any kratom vendor of interest. You can typically glean quite a lot of information from a kratom vendor’s website, online reviews, and social media pages.

But what criteria would you use to find the right kratom vendors? Check out the information in the section below.

How Golden Monk Identifies a High-Quality Kratom Vendor

As an experienced kratom vendor, Golden Monk wanted to provide you with further assistance in finding good kratom companies. When we look at other kratom vendors, here’s the criteria we use:

  • Is this business GMP-certified?
  • Is this company AKA-approved?
  • Has this business dealt with product recalls or legal action? 
  • Does this vendor have a good online reputation?
  • Are this company’s prices reasonable?
  • Does this vendor make certificates of analysis (COAs) available for shoppers?

We hope this list of Reddit’s favorite kratom vendors helps you find the right companies. If you’d like to learn more about Golden Monk’s kratom, we encourage you to check out our online store for high-quality, lab-tested kratom products.