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Quantum Kratom is the former name of Steding & Son’s Mercantile, AKA 1836 Kratom. This Texas-based company is renowned for its one-of-a-kind kratom blends and its bespoke approach to the industry. With five-star ratings and a slew of support from the Reddit community, Quantum Kratom has become one of the most popular brands of the 2020s.

Despite all of the hullabaloo online, many first-time buyers would like to know how it stacks up against its competitors. We’re here to shed some light on that question and more. Find out the truth about this Lone Star State supplier in our comprehensive Quantum Kratom Vendor Review.

Quantum Kratom Product Review

Quantum Kratom is no longer the name of this business. The folks behind this brand have gone through two name changes over the last five years—Steding & Sons Mercantile and 1836 Kratom, respectively. Ordinarily, such rebranding would give us pause, as it could be a sign of a vendor running scared and donning a disguise to avoid institutional scrutiny. However, in Quantum Kratom’s case, this is clearly not so.

Quantum Kratom is a celebrated and decorated kratom business with industry approval and customer support. Its track record is impeccable and its website is forthcoming about the name change. It is unclear exactly why the company decided to rebrand, but it isn’t at all uncommon. In these increasingly divisive times, 1836 Kratom may simply be a name that appeals to customers longing for the austerity of old-fashioned business ethics and quality standards.

Regardless of its reasons for rebranding, Quantum Kratom has not compromised its integrity. The brand continues to produce superior kratom powders and herbal solutions. And rather than jacking up costs under its new moniker, 1836kratom.com has actually reduced its base prices to meet the needs of clients in the current economic environment.

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Quantum Kratom carries eight strains and seven specialty blends, including 1836 Kratom Texas Red, Great White Kratom, Green Means Go, Indonesian Sunrise Kratom, and Super Gold. Every order of its kratom powder comes in a handsome old-school tin with a design that evokes Americana and exudes cool. And it isn’t just the packaging and pricing that make this one stand out amid the throngs of online kratom sellers. Quantum Kratom supports the ongoing kratom studies conducted by noted researchers, while participating in important trailblazing industry initiatives.

This supplier’s catalog is immense, spanning more than thirty pages in total. Items include attractive promotional posters, stickers, merch, and more. Quantum Kratom offers all of its goodies in bulk for your convenience. Whether you’re a retailer or a general consumer, you’ll be pleased with the amount of volume we’re talking about.

This vendor’s Atomic Maeng Da has become one of the most popular OG horned kratom strains on the Internet. 1836 Kratom Atomic and 1836 Gold are among its most famous products, but newer additions to its line-up include the proprietary blend 1836 Kratom Shangri La La.

There are also new and future items advertised on its homepages, such as La Luna Roja Chewable Kratom Tablets, 1836 Fitness Liquid Kratom Extract, Candy Apple Caramel Chews, Liquid Alkaloid Suspension, and Irene’s Good Night (‘Nuff said).

If there is one drawback to this vendor’s operation it is the lack of direct-to-consumer sales, but that won’t stop you from enjoying everything it has to offer. Quantum Kratom is made available online by The Vapor Studio and others.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Kratom leaf prices start at $9.95 for an ounce of powder, with four ounces selling for $34.95. One ½ 1b. goes for $54.95, while a kratom kilo goes for $129.95. These prices fall comfortably within the acceptable range, though they could be much more affordable. For example, a half pound amounts to approximately two hundred twenty-six grams of kratom, which is less than a quarter kilo.

By contrast, many online vendors charge around $50-60 for five hundred grams. In fact, some even sell full kratom kilos for less than $70. Koko Kratom charges $50, while Yo Kratom charges $59.99. Of course, you get what you pay for in an unregulated industry such as this and you will surely get a better leaf from Quantum Kratom than you will from fly-by-night e-commerce sites with generic names.

If you’re turned off by the prices at The Vapor Studio, you can get discounted Quantum Kratom products at Onelovegtx.com. There you’ll find a twenty-count of Quantum Kratom Capsules for $13.00. To be clear, the retail prices for this brand suck and we’re really not sure why.

It would seem that businesses are going in one of two directions of late – lowering prices to encourage patrons who have fallen on hard times or going for the jugular for every drop they can get out of you. While Quantum Kratom itself has a reputation for charging fair wholesale prices with reasonable MSRPs, many third-party entities are price gouging hard.

Quantum Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

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Depending on where you land with this brand, you may be able to avail yourself of kratom promo codes and other generous savings. Many online vendors offer email newsletter subscriptions, which enable you to enter free giveaways, earn rewards points, and receive free kratom samples.

Although Quantum Kratom does not personally run such promotions, some of its affiliates might. For instance, thevaporstudio.com advertises email sign-up at the bottom of its homepage. Subscribers get site updates, informative blog posts, kratom news, and more.

Quantum Kratom Customer Review

Members of online kratom forums have been effusive in their admiration for this brand, with one Reddit member posting, “1836 Kratom is hands down top of the line kratom. I have tried over 40 vendors and recently was told by a fellow member to try 1836. Hands down the best I’ve tried. Besides the cool packaging they have at least 4 powder products with a mit content of over 1.5%. Has anyone tried 1836 and NOT been impressed?”

Another member concurred, writing, “I just tried 1836 Kratom! The Texas Red is amazing (I posted a report on it),” while yet another member said, “Ya Jeremy is a good dude. I have conversed with him quite a bit. He truly cares about his customers. I know I told you but 1836 Kratom had been my go-to as of late.”

Elsewhere, a user raved about their Texas Red, affording it an A rating and adding, “This is amazingly good red kratom!! And it had only 1% mitragynine … I’m not sure what alkaloids are responsible for how good this strain is, but this is a perfect end of the day strain … I love it!” Another member agreed with this sentiment, saying, “1836 has some fire. Their Atomic MD can change your life.”

Quantum Kratom Complaints

As with most any successful business, Quantum Kratom has its share of detractors, most of which are surprisingly reserved in their dismissal of the brand. One naysayer on Reddit wrote, “1836 is AWFUL! Overpriced, their labs don’t match their packaging and the mit is SO LOW. I need to take so much more of their stuff. I tried every one that they offer. Too bad because I had high hopes.” To which a calmer individual responded, “It is expensive, I will say that.”

Another member said, “Yeah, it’s not the best stuff, and there [sic] prices are crazy,” while still another member wrote, “What a rip-off, I get greens tested at 1.8% it for $25 for a quart(250g).”

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Is It Lab Tested?

Yes. Quantum Kratom has voluntarily submitted to an independent audit by the AKA (American Kratom Association). More importantly, this company routinely submits each batch of its kratom plant matter to a third-party laboratory for three-prong analysis.

Where its competitors simply promise lab testing and fail to disclose important details of the same, Quantum Kratom provides lot numbers for each kratom batch on a month-to-month basis. Certificates of analysis include evaluation of microbes, heavy metals, alkaloid content, and so forth.

Is Quantum Kratom Legit?

Absolutely! This Austin artisan is the genuine article; you can shop at its online store without concern for impurities or unfair practices. Quantum Kratom delivers the goods, in more ways than one. Jeremy and his team have seen fit to travel to Indonesia regularly to ensure high quality and ethical farming practices. The result is a product you can trust at a price that won’t leave the average Joe stone broke.

This vendor has demonstrated transparency by sharing key data, including detailed lab results and informative blog posts. It is also forthcoming about its policies, which can be found in its Terms and Conditions file.

American Kratom Association

Quantum Kratom is one of a select number of GMP-approved online kratom vendors. The AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program aims to keep customers safe by demanding responsibility and transparency from domestic kratom processors. Participants in the program must submit to a third-party audit and comply with the AKA’s guidelines for manufacturing, labeling, distribution, marketing, and sale of kratom products.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Quantum Kratom is a trusted brand with aesthetically pleasing kratom products, but the prices charged by its wholesale retailers are cost-prohibitive, and its mitragynine content is allegedly unreliable. Nevertheless, this is an industry-accepted vendor with a solid reputation.

Still on the fence? You can find plenty of alternatives by shopping around. The Internet has about as many kratom vendors as it has trolls. Consider checking out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to compare products, pricing, policies, payment options, and more.

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