Green Horn Kratom Strain Review

Green Horn Kratom, much like the other members of the Horn family, is one of the hardest varieties to find. Fortunately, there are some online vendors who keep it in stock on a semi-regular basis. Touted by enthusiasts for its unique alkaloid properties, this elusive strain is fully worth the effort it sometimes takes to find it.

What is Green Horn?

Many Kratom strains take their name from their place of origin or the main port that they’re shipped through. Green Horn is an exception to this practice. In fact, this strain hails from Borneo, where it is grown exclusively by dedicated Mitragyna speciosa farmers. The sole spot in Borneo that has the necessary soil and growing conditions to produce Green Horn leaves is very remote, making the process of cultivating, drying, and shipping these leaves much harder than the norm.

Just like the Elephant strain, Green Horn’s name comes from its distinctive and instantly recognizable leaf features. Rather than having the typical smooth edges, Green Horn Kratom’s leaves actually look like they have many small horns.


Green Horn Kratom Strain Review

If you love Green Maeng Da but want to find something that’s a bit stronger and much smoother, then Horned Green Kratom is a great choice! Yes, it’s true; Green Horn derails Maeng Da’s claim of offering the strongest Kratom performance.

One Reddit discussion really helps clarify why so many people are willing to pay a premium to get their hands on some Green Horn. Commenters raved that this variety of Mitragyna speciosa “is fire,” “so smooth but energetic,” “one of my favorites,” and a “standout strain.”

In another forum post about Green Horn, Redditors indicated that the “quality is excellent,” “off the hook,” and “pretty similar to Green Indo.” The original poster said that they “love” Green Maeng Da and Green Hulu Kapuas, but “Green Horn puts them to shame.”

Due to its strong performance, Green Horn is best for those who have been buying Kratom for a while and are looking for something new.

Horn Kratom: Green, White, Red, & Yellow

Horned Kratom comes in four different strains. Here’s a basic breakdown of each strain’s most prominent performance features to help you make an informed decision.

  • Green – With Green Horned Kratom, you’ll get a clean, smooth, strong performance. Some people have also said that this is the perfect strain for deep thinkers.
  • White – After a very subtle opening act, White Horn’s performance shifts to a highly energized state.
  • Red – Many choose Red Horn when they’re looking for a nighttime strain. Red offers some of the same properties as White Horn, but it also offers a uniquely relaxed performance.
  • Yellow – The Yellow-veined variety starts life as White Horn Kratom. Next, it’s subjected to an additional curing process. Its performance is shorter and slightly less energized than White Horn, but otherwise, the two strains have a lot in common.

Where to Buy Green Horned Kratom

Because it’s so rare, you may not be able to find Green Horn at your favorite online Mitragyna speciosa shop. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of places that do usually have this strain in stock.

  • Kratom Crazy
  • PurKratom
  • Authentic Kratom
  • BestKratom
  • Kraoma

Green Horn Powder and Capsules Pricing

Just like pretty much every Kratom strain, it’s easier to find this Green Horn in the powder format. This is quite simply the preferred option for many people, especially because it’s cheaper. Don’t forget that you can always buy powder and your own empty capsules in bulk if you prefer capsules but either can’t find them or don’t want to pay a premium for them.

Powder pricing and quantities typically start between $12.99 and $14.99 for 25-28g. If you’re looking for a bigger package, you can find 4-5oz offerings ranging from $19.99 – $74.99. Those who prefer to buy in bulk will get the best value, with 1 kilo (1,000g) selling for anywhere from $89.99 to $189.99.

On the capsule side, we only located two vendors that actually had some current stock. Pricing was fairly consistent, with 25-count bottles selling for right around $14.99. When you get up to 50 capsules, pricing ranges from $17.99 – $21.99. A 100-count bottle will cost you about $32.99 to $37.99. Finally, 200 capsules came out around $64.99.


Final Thoughts

Green Horn Kratom has earned its reputation, both as a powerful strain and as one that’s harder to find. If you like Green Maeng Da, you’ll almost certainly love Green Horned!

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