Pur Kratom Vendor Review

Florida has become something of a mecca for fans of kava and kratom. With more than 75 kava lounges and kratom bars, there is no shortage of places to try kratom in the Sunshine State.

That’s what makes Pur Kratom’s success so awe-inspiring. This Miami-Dade County kratom vendor managed to best all the rest, including the alluring local speak-easies while growing its catalog of kratom powders and accessories.

As a nine-year-old company, it is one of the longest-lasting kratom vendors online. Find out the key to its prosperity in today’s comprehensive vendor review.

Pur Kratom was founded in 2012 after the owners first acquainted themselves with the Ayurvedic herb. Once they had discovered the advantageous aroma of Mitragyna speciosa for themselves, they knew they had to share it with others.


Pur Kratom began its life as a word-of-mouth business, but it’s since blossomed into one of the most well-known names in the ethnobotanical industry. With placement in hundreds of stores nationwide, this brand is more accessible and affordable than most any other brand on the smoke shop scene.

For the best prices, you can visit Pur Kratom’s online store and browse its formidable collection of kratom powders, kratom capsules, and more.

Pur Kratom Product Line

This vendor specializes in plain leaf kratom strains and enhanced kratom powders. Its full line includes sun-dried and fermented kratom from Indonesia, including gold vein kratom powder.

For your convenience, Pur Kratom offers Mitragyna speciosa in both powder and capsule form. You can get any strain you want in the way that you want.

If there’s one drawback to this supplier it’s the lack of ergonomics where its website is concerned. The pages are difficult to navigate, particularly if you are looking to purchase bulk kratom powder.

For instance, you can click on a side bar to access kratom in the $50-100 price range, but if you do so you’ll only be redirected to a product page where purchasing options are limited to nine ounces.

For clarity’s sake, there are thirty-five ounces in a kilo, which means Pur Kratom is not offering most of its kratom strains in proper bulk volume.

Pur Kratom Powders

image of pur kratom powder

Pur Kratom’s premium grade Mitragyna speciosa powders are micronized for an ultra-fine texture. Each batch is guaranteed to contain no additives or fillers.

This supplier’s celebrated strains include Gold Vein Kratom, Green Bali, Green Borneo, Green Horn, Green Malay, Green Thai, Premium Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Bentuangie, Red Kalimantan, Red Kapuas, Red Malay, Red Sumatra, Red Thai, Super Green Indo, Super Green Maeng Da, White Borneo, White Maeng Da, White Sumatra, and Yellow Vein Kratom.

Pricing starts at $12.99 for two ounces of kratom powder. Pur Kratom is a small-batch kratom seller, with most of its strains limited to nine ounces or less. More on this later.

Pur Kratom Best Strains

Although gold and yellow vein kratom powder have become increasingly popular among seasoned kratom connoisseurs, our favorite kratom strain has to be Pur Kratom White Sumatra.

This white vein kratom powder is cultivated in the rugged tropics south of the Malay Peninsula. The tempestuous weather conditions on the island contribute to Sumatra Kratom’s singular alkaloid profile.

White Sumatra has a pronounced aroma, with notes of moss and nuts. Most Mitragyna speciosa leaves are mild in fragrance, but White Sumatra is especially pungent.

This strain contains an average of 1.4 percent Mitragynine, along with an abundance of other indole alkaloids and flavonoids.

Pur Kratom Capsules Review

Pur Kratom offers all of its strains in capsule form. Encapsulated kratom is the preferred method for many users with sensitive gag reflexes or sensitive stomachs.

As we mentioned in our list of the best kratom capsule vendors, Pur Kratom is reasonably priced and fully stocked with a wide array of strains.

Kratom capsules start at $17.99 for a 50-count bottle of caps, with one hundred caps going for $32.99. Select strains cost $18.99 for a 50-count bottle, particularly among rarer strains.

Its latest innovation is its Kratom Soft Gels, which contain 35 milligrams of Premo kratom extract. Kratom Soft Gels are optimized for ideal digestion and come in smaller caps, making it easier to swallow without choking on 00 or 000 size kratom capsules.

image of pur kratom capsules

Pur Kratom Extracts Review

Full Spectrum Kratom Extract is available in the form of an edible. Pur Kratom Tropical Gummies contain 10 milligrams per gummy, with a 10-gummy jar selling for $22.99. Each jar comes with a free mystery gift.

Full Spectrum Kratom (FST) is a triple-filtered Mitragynine-dominant blend of the strongest kratom specimens. It is at least 16 times stronger than the average plain leaf variant.

FST is typically produced in tincture form, which can be quite unpleasant to imbibe. By contrast, Tropical Gummies are flavorful, chewable, and easy on the taste buds.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

Prices start at $12.99 for two ounces of kratom powder, which is a fair and affordable price based on the marketplace average.

For the sake of comparison, GetKratom charges $20 for 56.7 grams, while Jackson Kratom charges $27.95 for the same.

If you search ‘kilo,’ you’ll see that Pur Kratom offers split kilos on select strains. Split kilos cost $114.99 for kratom powders or $159.99 for kratom capsules.

$114.99 is a fair bulk price based on industry standards, but it’s far more than what bulk kratom vendors charge for one thousand grams or more.

For example, Moon Kratom charges $79 for a full kilo, while Soap Korner charges $90 for the same.

Nevertheless, Pur Kratom is well below the average price of $120.00. As the expression goes, “You get what you pay for.” When you purchase Pur Kratom, you’ll notice the difference.

Pur Kratom Shipping & Returns

image of pur kratom shipping and returns

You can can choose between carriers and shipping speeds, with Priority Mail,  UPS Ground, Priority Express, 2nd Day Air Mail, and Next Day Air available.

This vendor gives you a 30-day period in which to request a refund or exchange. Products must be unopened in order to qualify for a refund.

Pur Kratom Payment Methods

You can pay with Discover, MasterCard, or VISA. You can also pay with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ether. Every order placed via CoinPayments will automatically receive a 15% off discount.

Pur Kratom Coupon Code

You can get kratom coupon codes and other special offers when you sign up for notifications via text message. Alternatively, you can sign up by email for promotional codes.

Pur Kratom coupons are good for as much as 15% off your total at checkout.

Pur Kratom Consumer Reputation

Although it’s landed on at least one list of bad vendors, Pur Kratom has been largely accepted by the online kratom community. Over at I Love Kratom, a forum member said Pur Kratom was a very nice solid vendor with very high-quality Kratom.

Elsewhere, a user said, “Was able to pay with a credit card, which many other vendors won’t accept. Good quality. Will be buying again.”

Yet another customer said, “I have tried a few kratom companies but this one was so much better! I’m sold.”

image of pur kratom consumer reputation

Pur Kratom Customer Service

This vendor provides dedicated full-time customer support via helpline, email, and more. You can call any time to inquire about pricing, strains, etc.

All questions and concerns are answered promptly and customer service representatives are quick to offer compensation whenever a grievance is raised.

Bottom Line

In summary, Pur Kratom has achieved success by devoting itself to research, development, cleanliness, and cost-effectiveness. Its products are thoroughly tested by third-party laboratories.

This is a GMP-approved brand with a wide array of goodies at good prices. Its newest items are cutting-edge and cut-rate.

We would proudly recommend Pur Kratom to anyone who’s looking for classic kratom strains with a modern twist.

image of kratom leaves

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