Moon Kratom Vendor Review

Austin based vendor Moon Kratom started selling Mitragyna speciosa in 2015. Since that time, they’ve become a well-known and divisive part of the Kratom scene. Opinions vary greatly on the quality of their products, and there’s also been some questions about their business practices. When you combine this with a poorly constructed website and low prices, you get a vendor that many are unsure about.

So, what’s a Kratom enthusiast to do? We’re going to dig beneath the surface to find out what people really think about Moon Kratom.

Moon Kratom Review

Opinions about Moon Kratom are strong on both sides of the fence, as you’ll see below. One thing that shines a positive light on this vendor is their commitment to lab testing. Interestingly, though, their website only contains the results of two lab tests: Green Maeng Da in May 2019 and Red Bali in October 2018. While this is definitely better than nothing, it seems a bit odd to boast about lab testing but then only reveal the results of two strains tested seven months apart.

Here at The Golden Monk, we publish 15+ lab tests per month. The difference is notable, so it’s no wonder that some Kratom enthusiasts question Moon Kratom’s quality.

Moon Kratom Product Line

image of moon kratom product line

According to their website, Moon Kratom’s products are ground into a finer grade of Kratom that every other vendor’s. Does this claim hold up? Not according to Reddit. In fact, one Redditor said that Moon Kratom’s Mitragyna speciosa “seems thicker and less fluffier than other vendors. It doesn’t dissolve at all.”

Moon Kratom currently has 10 products available, which they claim have the lowest prices online. There are seven Kratom powder strains, 10X Kratom Powder Extracts, Kratom Liquid Extracts, and a hat available. Their strains include:

  • Yellow Thai
  • White Borneo
  • Red Indonesian
  • Red Bali
  • Green Indonesian
  • Maeng Da
  • Yellow Indonesian

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

All but one of Moon Kratom’s powder strains range from $22 for 100g to $110 for 1,000g (1 kilo) as of September 2019. Maeng Da is the one outlier strain, with 100g for $24 all the way up to 1,000g (1 kilo) for $120.

Kratom Maeng Da Liquid Extract starts at $5 for a 7ml vial. You can also buy a full case of 40 7ml vials for $125. As with most of Moon Kratom’s products, the vendor claims this is the “strongest tincture available.”

Finally, 25g of Red Maeng Da 10X Extract Powder sells for $39. You can also grab a 100g bag for $129.

Moon Kratom Coupon Code

image of moon kratom cupon code

We love vendors that believe in their products enough to offer a coupon code for newcomers. Moon Kratom passes this test by providing 5 percent off with the code ‘MOONLABS.’ You’ll also occasionally find sales on the site that give up to 30 percent off specific items.

Moon Kratom Consumer Reputation

The Reddit Kratom community has very strong opinions about most vendors, and Moon Kratom is no exception. A quick search will turn up many positive and negative reviews.

A positive Reddit thread includes comments such as “Never had a problem, good service, good product” and “[I] find their quality to be anywhere from good to excellent.”

On the negative side, two Redditors commiserated over their terrible experience with Moon Kratom products. The first said that taking Kratom from this vendor “made me feel weird as sh*t…I was all spaced out, bad anxiety, almost sick.” The other commenter agreed, relating a bad experience with Maeng Da: “That stuff made me dizzy. It made me spin and I had to lie down…Never again from Moon.”

Moon Kratom Customer Service


This vendor doesn’t offer refunds unless there’s an error on their part. They will accept unopened products for return, but customers are responsible for paying return shipping costs and a $4.50 restocking fee.

Moon Kratom’s reputation has suffered from allegations that they bash their competitors and write fake 5-star reviews for their products. Whether this is true or not, several Reddit threads contain discussions about it. In other words, a lot of Kratom enthusiasts are leery about Moon Kratom’s business practices.

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves

People have been able to buy Kratom from this vendor since 2015, and it’s been reported that they offer local pickups. However, Moon Kratom doesn’t have the best reputation. If you decide to try their products, it’s probably best to start with a small order.

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