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Moon Kratom is a distinct (and divisive) brand that’s inspired wildly varied opinions. Its kratom powder has purportedly suffered from questionable quality.

If you’re thinking about giving this one a go, you’ll want to know all there is to know. In the following review, we’ll dig beneath the surface to unearth the truth about Moon Kratom.

What is Moon Kratom

Moon Kratom is a Lone Star State kratom supplier with offices in the capital city of Austin. The brand was founded in 2015 and promptly captured attention with its celestial name. Alas, its moniker is more dazzling than its products.

Opinions about Moon Kratom are strong on both sides of the fence. Customers seem to appreciate the fact that it sells lab-tested products. But the veracity of its lab testing claims is questionable. The Moon Kratom website only carries certificates from two lab tests: Green Maeng Da in May 2019 and Red Bali in October 2018.

Moon Kratom homepage design

While this is definitely better than nothing, it seems odd to boast about lab testing if your evidence consists of two kratom strains tested seven months apart. Even weirder is its failure to update its certification to reflect more current test samples.

Here at Golden Monk, we publish 15+ lab tests per month and maintain a publicly available Certificate of Analysis. The difference is notable, so it’s no wonder some kratom enthusiasts question Moon Kratom’s quality.

This vendor’s refusal to participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Program does little to boost confidence. Most trusted vendors voluntarily submit to the program’s kratom audit. Their involvement shows their commitment to customer safety and product purity.

What It Has to Offer

Moon kratom product line

According to its website, Moon Kratom’s leaves are ground into a finer grade of kratom than every other vendor’s. Does this claim hold up? Not according to Reddit. In fact, one Redditor said that Moon Kratom’s powder “seems thicker and less fluffy than other vendors. It doesn’t dissolve at all.”

Moon Kratom currently has 10 products available. It claims to offer the lowest prices online, but this is nothing but hucksterism especially when you compare this vendor . There are seven kratom strains, 10X Kratom Powder Extracts, Kratom Liquid Extracts, and a hat available.

This vendor’s strains include Green Indonesian, Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Indonesian, Red Maeng Da, White Borneo, Yellow Indonesian, and Yellow Thai.

What It Costs and How It Compares

Moon Kratom’s prices start at $17 for 100 grams. You can get 500 grams for $45, 1,000 grams for $79, three kilos for $216, or five kilos for $345.00. These prices are meager but not the lowest on the market.

Koko Kratom sells kilos for $50 a piece, while Yo Kratom charges $59.99. Furthermore, Kratom Deal provides clients a five-kilo bundle for just $249.95. These are the lowest domestic prices we’ve come across.

Kratom Maeng Da Liquid Extract starts at $5 for a 7ml vial. You can also buy an entire case of 40 7ml vials for $125. As with most of Moon Kratom’s products, the vendor claims this is the “strongest tincture available.” It can get away with this remark because experiences are subjective.

Moon Kratom Coupon Code

moon kratom coupon graphic

We love vendors that believe in their products enough to offer a coupon code for newcomers. Moon Kratom passes this test by providing five percent off with the code ‘MOONLABS.’ Additionally, you’ll find sales on the site that give up to 30 percent off specific items.

Moon Kratom Customer Reviews

The Reddit kratom community has very strong opinions about most vendors, and Moon Kratom does not get a pass. A quick search will turn up many positive and negative reviews.

A positive Reddit thread includes comments such as “Never had a problem, good service, good product” and “[I] find their quality to be anywhere from good to excellent.”

On the negative side, two Redditors shared their terrible experience with Moon Kratom products. The first said that taking its kratom “made me feel weird as sh*t…I was all spaced out…almost sick.” The other commenter agreed, saying of Maeng Da: “That stuff made me dizzy. It made me spin, and I had to lie down…Never again from Moon.”

Moon Kratom Customer Service

This vendor doesn’t offer refunds unless there’s an error on the company’s part. It will accept unopened products for return, but customers are responsible for paying return shipping costs and a $4.50 restocking fee.

Moon Kratom’s reputation has suffered from allegations that it bashes its competitors and posts fake 5-star reviews for its products. Whether this is true or not, several Reddit threads contain discussions about it. In other words, a lot of kratom enthusiasts are wary of Moon Kratom’s business practices.

Top Moon Kratom Alternatives


MIT45 Go Black Extra Strength

(Full Disclosure: MIT45 is our parent company.)

This Salt Lake City brand is the best choice for those who wish to enjoy guaranteed potency and consistent quality. MIT45 gets its name from the fact that many of its kratom extracts consist of 45% mitragynine content.

Each of its kratom extracts is noteworthy, but we are especially taken with its innovative kratom gel. MIT GO Black Extra Strength is a honey-based extract that’s infused with sweet and spicy kratom potentiators. At $11.95 for a two-serving pouch, it gives you the most bang for your proverbial buck.

New Dawn Kratom

Those who want dependable plain-leaf kratom powder at a fair market price can also look to New Dawn Kratom. This Colorado vendor gives you all the variety and affordability you could ever want.

Bulk kratom buyers will appreciate its kilo options, including two-way splits and four-way splits. New Dawn is also GMP-certified and backed by a refund policy.

Bottom Line

Kratom tree leaf

Consumers have been falling for its fun name and fancy graphics for more than seven years, but its poor reputation is growing as former customers disclose their experiences. If you decide to try its products, it’s probably best to start with a small order.

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