Oregon Kratom Vendor Review

Oregon Kratom has been called the best in the country by enthusiastic consumers, and it’s a convenient option for those in the PDX area. With its low-cost, high-performance kratom powders and kratom gel caps, it may seem like the most desirable option in town. But not everything is as it seems.

So, does Oregon Kratom really have the goods? And can you trust reviews over hands-on experience? We’ll talk about all of this and more in our comprehensive vendor review.

What is Oregon Kratom?

Oregon Kratom is an independently-owned business with a storefront on Loganberry Lane. This supplier specializes in powdered kratom leaves, kratom gels, and extracts. If there is one thing inspiring about this vendor’s story it is its geographical history.

Oregon Kratom is located in Sheridan. Most of the town burned down in a major fire in 1913, but folks rebuilt. Then a flood enveloped the majority of the city in ’64.

In the wake of the 2020 pandemic, many vendors went out of business. Not Oregon Kratom. Like the city of Sheridan, it bounced back and continued to evolve. Sounds like the kind of story that could make a good headline, right?

The only problem is, no one is writing about Oregon Kratom, at least no one outside of its small pool of local consumers. Of the 22 customer reviews on Google, 12 gave it two stars or less.

Over the last two years, customers have complained about the lack of consistency in its product quality and the dismal customer support they’ve experienced. But before you write it off as yet another fly-by-night brand, you’ll want to know all of the facts.

Oregon Kratom was founded in 2016, at the start of the Western kratom boom. As kratom has become more widespread, consumers have become more selective in their tastes. There is an increased demand for stronger and more exotic specimens.

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The last three years have been a nightmare for the kratom industry. Government-mandated lockdowns coupled with demand for curbside pickup and contactless delivery have all but obliterated many businesses.

Those who weathered the storm found themselves facing a supply chain shortage, which made it impossible to keep up with growing demand. This may explain many of the problems Oregon Kratom has faced over the last few years.

It may also explain why it went from a customer-friendly outfit to something of an online ghost. At one time, this vendor was socially engaged via its business site. Now, we are left with what can best be described as the remnants of a web page.

The front page advertises an Oregon Kratom Facebook community that does not appear to exist any longer. We cross-referenced Instagram and found no account for this user.

In short, the Oregon Kratom business site is sh*t! There is nothing here to inspire confidence in the consumer, nor is there any evidence that suggests the company is still in business.

If you’ve been dying to try this brand, fear not. For Oregon Kratom is still alive and kicking, as it were. Though its website remains stagnant, Google lists its current hours of operation as 8 am to 3 pm Monday to Saturday.

What It Has to Offer – Products and Perks

For such a small business, this brand’s variety is quite stunning. Its collection includes kratom gel caps, powdered extract, and liquid kratom shots. Each comes in a variety of sizes for your convenience. Most are sourced from the natives of Indonesia.

Some of its best-selling kratom strains include Elephant Kratom, Green Hulu, Maeng Da Green, Green Malaysian, Green Sumatra, Red Horned Leaf Kratom, Red Maeng Da, Red Vein Thai, Super Green JongKong, White Bali, Yellow Gold, and Yellow Maeng Da.

Oregon Kratom offers extracts and isolates in both powder and liquid form. Its liquid extract is Mitragynine-dominant, with high concentrations of key indole alkaloids, while its standard kratom extract consists of enhanced powder.

One of the incentives offered by many ma-and-pa shops is the punch card system. It’s a program many of us remember from when we were kids and you’d buy music at a neighborhood record store. Every purchase earns you a hole punch. Once all of your holes are punched, you earn a free kratom product.

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Oregon Kratom Coupon Code and Discounts

Many customers have discussed the prospect of an Oregon Kratom coupon. All we can say is, if one exists, you are unlikely to get your hands on it. As a land-based shop, this vendor does not advertise promotional codes.

That being said, Oregon Kratom has astounded its walk-in patrons in the past with its significant discounts. Sales items may be marked down by 25-50%, depending on the occasion and product. Seasonal specials may also apply, though you’ll have to visit the shop for yourself to see what is in store for you.

What It Costs and How It Compares

Oregon Kratom is generous with its portions, frequently measuring out 252 grams of powder when sending a customer a quarter-kilo order. In the past, it’s been active in the Reddit community, providing information on measurements, strain differences, kratom giveaways, and more.

You can order a four-way split kratom kilo for just $82.50. That’s a lot less than what most e-commerce sites charge. For the sake of comparison, let’s look at the two biggest kratom vendors at the moment—Kraken Kratom and Kratom Spot, respectively.

The latter charges $99.99 plus shipping for a mere sixteen ounces of kratom powder, while the former charges $179.99 for less than half a kilo (455 grams, to be exact).

Based on these numbers, there’s no contest. Oregon Kratom’s $82.50 split kilo is like a dream come true.

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What People Are Saying – Customer Reviews and Complaints

The court of public opinion is extremely important if you’re an independent business owner. Proprietors like this one need to heed the words of their patrons, lest they end up without any. In Oregon Kratom’s case, the people have spoken and the majority do not like what they see.

One irate individual wrote, “This company should be out of business! My wife ordered a batch a while ago she got the split k. I tried it the day it came, we only live miles away, and it was awful, I could see the dye packs to color their kratom…

“… I believe it had extract mixed in it! I told my wife to contact them, she called and emailed, which we still can prove and they never even contacted us…”

Another customer said, “Used to be a good company but has recently gone way downhill. Customer service is horrible with a seemingly severe lack of care. My orders were messed up and shipped out late. Will not purchase from here again. Horrible.”

Bottom Line

To sum it all up for you, Oregon Kratom is one PDX-adjacent artisan you don’t need to tangle with. There are many top-shelf kratom vendors operating out of Oregon and still others who will ship to the Pacific Northwest on the same day you order. Check out our list of the best kratom vendors here.

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