Nirvana Kratom Vendor Review

Many consumers prefer to do their shopping at brick-and-mortar stores because it affords them an opportunity to examine items in person. Some users would rather buy kratom from a local headshop rather than order it from a faceless e-commerce site.

Purchasing kratom from a tobacconist or paraphernalia shop can have its pros and cons. For some, the experience offers convenience; you can pick up the strain you want within driving distance of your home and you don’t have to worry about shipping delays or damaged parcels.


Others prefer to buy kratom locally because they can look the proprietor in the eye and ask them questions on a whim. What’s more, they can sometimes smell or even sample kratom powder to make sure it is fresh and aromatic.

For every proponent of smoke shop kratom, there are dozens of kratom enthusiasts who curse the smoke shop scene. Many in the online kratom forum community have lamented the high prices and inferior kratom products that are common in neighborhood tobacco stores.

Nirvana Kratom is one of many wholesale kratom brands available at retail outlets. Find out all about this Oklahoma kratom supplier and its enormous collection of ethnobotanical products below.

Nirvana Kratom Review

Nirvana Kratom is a kratom vendor with offices in the Sooner State. It is more than a mere kratom wholesaler, it’s also a land-based shop in its own right.

Nirvana Novelties & Gifts is located in a popular shopping plaza in Tulsa, OK. The shop offers an in-store shopping experience as well as convenient in-store pickup.

This 4.8-star tobacco shop is celebrated for its awe-inspiring variety of products, with one user writing, “They have absolutely every accessory possible, they are really helpful too. Honestly, don’t waste your time going anywhere else.”

Nirvana Kratom is Nirvana Novelties & Gifts’ online incarnation, an all-inclusive apothecary for everything from CBD oil and e-juice to hand-blown glass and Raw paraphernalia.

Nirvana Kratom Product Line

image of nirvana kratom products

This vendor carries a host of products across multiple niches, including glass tasters, CBD gummies, CBD lotions, and high-quality grinders.

Its biggest attraction is its line of kratom products, which consists of six popular brands—Just Kratom, Kratom Plus, Nirvanio, O.P.M.S., Pain Out, and Sense Kratom, respectively.

Nirvana Kratom carries a limited number of top kratom powders, including the buzz-worthy Trainwreck Kratom Blend.

Nirvana Kratom Powders

This supplier carries all of the following strains and blends from the aforementioned brands:

  • Gold Kratom
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Red Bali
  • Red Maeng Da
  • White Maeng Da
  • Trainwreck Blend

Despite a sizable in-store collection, Nirvana’s online kratom catalog is limited to these strains. It is a bit perplexing to find that it carries the same basic strains and vein colors across all brands.

One has to wonder why Nirvana Kratom wouldn’t carry, say, White Maeng Da from Just Kratom and something more exotic from Nirvanio Kratom or Pain Out. Instead, it offers White Maeng Da from each of the brands mentioned here.

Nirvana Kratom Capsules

Many of Nirvana Kratom’s powders are offered in capsule form. This includes Just Kratom Green Maeng Da, Just Kratom Red Bali, Just Kratom Trainwreck Capsules,  Pain Out Green Malay, and Pain Out White Maeng Da Kratom.

image of nirvana kratom capsules


What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

Kratom head shop prices are notoriously steep, with many retailers effectively price gouging on everything from kratom extracts and accessories to enhanced kratom powder and potentiators.

The Nirvana Kratom wholesale website does not list prices, nor does this vendor make this information public anywhere else. Instead, quotes are given to other wholesale retailers when they call or email to negotiate a contract.

While we do not have a precise figure for B2B relations, we can get a good idea of its affordability by studying the comments of its loyal customers.

One reviewer wrote, “Super helpful staff and quality products at a good price!”

Another reviewer agreed, writing, “This place is the best for value, quality, and service.”

This vendor’s companion site,, does not list consumer prices, but daily and weekly deals are doled out.

Nirvana Kratom Payment Methods

This supplier currently accepts cash and credit cards. You can purchase items with American Express, Apple Pay, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, or VISA.

Cryptocurrencies and bank transfers do not appear to be accepted at this time, nor is COD (Cash On Delivery). For more about payment options, email Nirvana Distribution at

Nirvana Kratom Coupon Code

Nirvana Smoke Shop offers military discounts, in-store incentives, and kratom coupon codes. You can follow them on social media to learn more about how to earn 10-15% off your total.

Alternatively, you can sign up for their email newsletter to receive news, sale updates, promotional codes, and more.

image of nirvana kratom coupon code

Nirvana Kratom Consumer Reputation

This vendor has earned nearly 2,500 Likes on Facebook and thousands of online reviews. As of this writing, it carries a 4.8-star average rating on Google where reviewers have called it the place to be.

One reviewer said, “Nirvana has accurate prices labeled on everything. Nirvana has reasonable prices for every budget.”

Another user wrote, “Awesome! The staff are very helpful and patient. I used my receipts to get % off my purchase which is terrific! Love Nirvana!!”

Nirvana Kratom Customer Service

Nirvana Kratom’s customer support is the stuff of legend.

One customer said, “Highly impressed like always! They always have the nicest employees and the best prices! Nirvana is my go-to for smoking essentials!”

Another user writes, “Great customer service and awesome selection of products.”

You can call or email to receive a prompt reply.

Bottom Line

In summary, Nirvana Kratom is a viable option for anyone who’s on the go. In terms of wholesale kratom brands, it is among the very best.

While it lacks the GMP accreditation or certificates of analysis typical of top kratom vendors, Nirvana Kratom’s wide availability makes it easy to experience its quality for yourself.

Nirvana Kratom may not be the world’s cheapest kratom provider, but its products and staff have found favor among a growing cross-section of online and in-store consumers.

image of kratom powder

1 Review for “Nirvana Kratom Vendor Review”

  1. Bill Roberts says:

    This Nirvana Kratom is a vendor operating out of Greenville, SC, not Tulsa. High quality product at a good price. $25 for 250 grams and $60 a kilo around here. They sell mainly to gas stations, which isn’t a great look, but their quality is up there with more highly priced reputable online vendors like Happy Hippo. Would highly recommend.


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