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Nature’s Home Remedy is a Southern kratom vendor from North Carolina. The brand has been in business for nearly five years, operating out of a warehouse in Wilmington. Nature’s Home Remedy specializes in offering bulk kratom powder and CBD solutions. Its web site was among the first to provide deals on kilo bundles. You can visit this vendor at: natureshomeremedy.com or by visiting its facility at 8209 Market Street A-324, Wilmington, N.C. 28411. Nature’s Home Remedy functions exclusively as an e-commerce site, selling wholesale CBD and kratom in addition to its direct-to-consumer catalog. Its perks customer perks include flexible payment options and a plenitude of premium kratom strains. However, there may me more to Nature’s Home Remedy than meets the eye. Find out everything we know about this Port City kratom provider in our Nature’s Home Remedy Kratom Review.

Nature’s Home Remedy Product & Service Overview

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This vendor offers more than two dozen sui generis kratom strains in a range of vein colors. These strains are available in both powder and capsule form. Nature’s Home Remedy purportedly sells product that is sustainably harvested, lab-tested, and manufactured in GMP-compliant conditions. However, this brand is not listed among those who participate in the AKA (American Kratom Association)’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program. Regardless of its fraternity, Nature’s Home Remedy is an alluring destination for the eager kratom enthusiast. Its many gold, green, red, white, and yellow kratom strains encompass everything that Southeast Asia has to offer. There is a multitude of greats to choose from, such as Batak Kratom, Golden Yellow, Green Bali, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Indo, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Nirvana Kratom, Red Bentuangie, Red Elephant, Red Gold, Red Maeng Da, Red Thai, Super Red, Super Yellow, White Elephant, and White Thai.

Nature’s Home Remedy Green Elephant is the brand’s finest green vein, an OG (Old-Growth) cultivar from that rare kratom tree with oversize leaves. Green Elephant, of course, takes its name from the floppy ears of baby elephants, which is what these kratom leaves look like. Like an elephant, you will never forget your experience. Green Elephant Kratom is bold, distinguished, and full of longevity. With notes of jasmine, moss, and matcha tea, Elephant Kratom delivers a delightful aroma. Nirvana Kratom is another favorite, perhaps because it takes its name seriously. This strain isn’t ironically named like a certain 90s grunge rock band. Rather, it embodies the spirit of Buddhist transcendence.

Nirvana Kratom is less of a traditional kratom strain and more of a proprietary blend consisting of varying levels of green, red, and white powder. This makes for a disparate entourage alkaloid connection, one that brings out the best of the full spectrum. Both of these strains are excellent, but the number one spot for Nature’s Home Remedy Best Strain goes to Batak Kratom. Batak hails from the mountains of Sumatra and derives its name from the Austronesian people who cultivate it. Batak is unlike other strains in that it is grown at steep altitudes where air pressure and soil minerals differ from those of the lowlands. These factors contribute to its inimitable smell and duration. It also offers liquid kratom shots, CBD gummies, kratom extract powder, and CBD tinctures. Extracts include Earth Kratom 25x Liquid Kratom Tinctures and Viva Xtreme Ultra Concentrated Kratom Shots. You’ll stand to save a considerable amount of money by shopping with Nature’s Home Remedy, especially if you bulk up on your first visit.

Product Packaging and Storage

This brand’s prices compare favorably to the top bulk kratom vendors, far exceeding any expectations one could have for a relatively unknown North Carolina brand. If we have one gripe it is the company’s packaging. While it isn’t nearly as offensive as receiving loose kratom powder wrapped in Glad Wrap (believe it or not, a number of vendors have been guilty of this), we were less than pleased with Nature’s Home Remedy’s kratom pouches. Each strain you order comes in a generic black pouch, which is said to be resealable. However, two out of three of the pouches we ordered were a mess; one wouldn’t seal properly once it was opened and the other would not seal back up at all.  Fortunately, these pouches can be folded over at the top and pinched shut with a bag clip, but that does not negate from the inconvenience of receiving a poorly packaged item that requires protection from the elements.

In order for kratom to remain fresh and potent, it must be properly packaged and capable of being stored in a cool, dry place. The last place you want to put an open container of kratom is in any dark, cold place … unless you like your soda flat and your chips stale. That’s the kind of outcome you can expect with an unsealed kratom pouch. The front of Nature’s Home Remedy’s pouches are covered in identifiable stickers, which bear the name of the brand as well as the name of the kratom strain within. This is the acceptable approach one can expect from most top-tier vendors. Where Nature’s Home Remedy differs from many other brands is in its labeling, which plays down the name of the company and plays up the content of each package. This vendor wisely eschews marketing logos and bogus assertions in favor of important serving instructions, warnings, etc.

Nature’s Home Remedy Brand Reputation

On the down side, this vendor lacks the consumer recognition typical of online brands. We were unable to find any references to the company or its products on Double M Herbals, I Love Kratom, or Reddit. It would seem that Nature’s Home Remedy has yet to connect with members of the kratom forum communities. This is in stark contrast to other recent brands, such as Straight Up Kratom, which have found support among niche groups as bespoke suppliers of low-priced bulk kratom. On the bright side, Nature’s Home Remedy provides free USPS Priority shipping on every order, regardless of how big or small your order may be. All you have to do is get your order into the site before 2pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). Some of the customary incentives appear to be absent from NHR’s menu, such as an affiliate program or rewards program. However, signing up for its e-mail newsletter gets you plenty of perks. More on this in a moment.

Overall quality is fair to excellent, depending on the strain. If this is your first time buying from Nature’s Home Remedy, you’ll want assurances of its purity and potency. The company’s spotless record and positive blog reviews should point to this brand’s quality. Although it is sorely lacking in the quality assurance department (no third-party lab results are posted on its site), Nature’s Home Remedy has done right by us in the past. No complaints have been lodged against this brand, nor has anyone said anything negative about its products. Frankly, we cannot imagine why they would. This is affordable and robust kratom powder. There’s really nothing for anyone to dislike. Granted, the site is somewhat threadbare and it is a bit suspect that Nature’s Home Remedy shares a facility with another kratom brand (namely, Kratom World), but none of this takes away from the value of the brand as a whole.

Product Cost & Price Comparison

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This is where Nature’s Home Remedy truly differentiates itself from the masses. This vendor sells sixty grams of kratom powder for $24.95, which is what lesser vendors charge for a fraction of that amount. For instance, Supernatural Botanicals charges $24.95 for ten grams, while Phytoextractum charges the same price for just five grams for Borneo Kratom. You can get four ounces of Nature’s Home Remedy Kratom for $39.95 or a kratom kilo for $74.95. These are incredible prices, particularly the latter. The industry low price for kratom powder technically hovers somewhere between $99-125.00. Mitragaia charges $120 per one thousand grams, while Amazing Botanicals charges $99.99. As you can see, Nature’s Home Remedy Kratom is more than $20-40 cheaper than the average low-priced online strains.

The biggest draw is the brand’s five-kilo bundle, which sells for only $240.95. This is the deepest discount we’ve come across, seeing as how most kilos would be $100 or more per one thousand grams. That amounts to a savings of nearly $300 when you bulk up and the best part is, you are not constrained to any one choice. When you buy a bundle, you can pick any five strains you want. This vendor also offers its strains in capsule form, which appeals to consumers with sensitive gag reflexes or an aversion to the graininess of raw powder. Kratom capsules start at $14.95 for twenty-five caps, with sixty caps going for $39.95. You can get as many as ten kilos’ worth of kratom capsules for under $800.00. This is virtually unprecedented as most vendors sell capsules at a significant markup. Nature’s Home Remedy, on the other hand, offers ten thousand grams for only $799.99.

How this Vendor Compares to Other Brands

The closest example of quality and quantity at this kind of savings is Bulk Kratom Now. Although Bulk Kratom Now doesn’t offer nearly as much quantity its prices are much lower than most big name brands. Bulk Kratom Now sells one thousand four hundred capsules for a mere $119.99, which is head and shoulder above most kratom capsule options on the market. For the sake of comparison, let’s look at Happy Hippo Herbals. One thousand grams sell for $240 over at Happy Hippo Herbals, making it one of the most expensive brands to have survived for this long. Based on these prices, we can see that Nature’s Home Remedy’s pricing exists well below the industry’s current standard. It is one of few brands to provide tangible savings when you buy more. Nature’s Home Remedy’s kratom extracts are another story, though it’s a story worth sharing. You can get twenty-five kratom extract capsules for $80, which amounts to around thirty-one cents per capsule. That’s incredible when you consider what smoke shops charge for a single serving packs.

By contrast, big brands like OPMS charge as much as $17.95 for two caps. That is a difference of more than $60.00 and one that’s usually never worth it. Most head shop kratom extracts lack detailed information or serving instructions. Nature’s Home Remedy Kratom Extact is quite the opposite, a product from a transparent vendor who gives you detailed information about how it was prepared. What’s more, you can pay with Bitcoin, CashApp, COD, Venmo or Zelle in addition to money orders or wire transfers.

Nature’s Home Remedy Customer Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, there hasn’t been much buzz surrounding this brand. To our utter astonishment, we have been unable to find any consumer feedback regarding this company. Not only has it failed to come up in conversation on Reddit but it does not appear to have any listings on Anabolic, Double M Herbals, ILK, or Trustpilot. The closest it has come to being listed anywhere is at Kratomaton.com, where its average user score is 0%, presumably because customers have yet to rate it. On the plus side, it has received two hundred twenty Likes on Facebook and a number of upvotes. On the downside, there is no way to confirm or deny if those likes and upvotes came from real customers.

Nature’s Home Remedy Complaints

Thus far, we have not encountered any negative remarks regarding this supplier or its products. It would seem that the brand is continuing to make a name for itself in the national marketplace. It is quite possible that the ongoing global health crisis has played a role in the brand’s failure to break through. Many kratom brands have had to re-allocate marketing dollars in an effort to pay their bills and keep the doors open. In any event, Nature’s Home Remedy has not been the subject of any harsh criticism or untoward comments, nor has it received any love from kratom connoisseurs. For the moment, it remains the industry’s best kept secret … but not for long.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

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This seller frequently provides kratom coupon codes, free kratom giveaways, and seasonal specials. If you sign up for its e-mail newsletter, you’ll be the first to know about its latest clearance items, new products, promotional opportunities, and more. As of this writing, a fifteen percent off discount code is available to subscribers, which is redeemable toward any item in stock. Check out the site and get signed up ASAP to receive seasonal savings.

Lab Testing

This is always a touchy subject, especially during a pandemic. Third-party laboratory testing enables manufacturers to protect customers against potential adulteration or contamination. Some of the best vendors publish certificates of analysis to their web sites, so customers can review the scores each batch of kratom received. Of course, some vendors are disingenuous, offering only long outdated lab results or links to lab results that lead nowhere. Not every vendor discloses lab results, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. At least so long as they are willing to provide consumers with an explanation for how they control quality standards at their in-house facilities. Nature’s Home Remedy does not offer any useful information about its process, opting instead to repeat platitudes and generalizations on its About Us page.

American Kratom Association 

Nature’s Home Remedy claims to be a member, but the AKA says otherwise. This vendor’s site only promises that it is compliant with GMP standards. The brand’s Facebook profile lists it as a member of the American Kratom Association’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program, but the AKA’s own list of GMP participants makes no mention of Nature’s Home Remedy whatsoever. Under normal circumstances this lack of honesty would give us pause, but having personally sampled its wares, we can say for certain that this is a valuable brand with viable products.

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Is Nature’s Home Remedy Legit?

This is a legitimate brand that is free from any public doubt. There are no pending lawsuits against this vendor, nor are there any complaints logged with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).


Nature’s Home Remedy may be a fairly new company without a sizable fan base, but its thirty plus kratom strains are sublime, and its prices are out of this world. It may or may not be a member of the AKA, but its affordability and availability should make it one of the most accessible brands of the next decade. This is the kratom vendor of the future, one who’s saving people money while brightening up their day. In closing, Nature’s Home Remedy is a solid choice for bulk kratom powder and  kratom capsules, especially if you’re on a budget. If you’ve got something extra in your digital wallet, you could do worse than giving one of its samplers a try.

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