Elephant Kratom Strain Review

Elephant Kratom comes in multiple veins, each of which stems from a different location. If you know anything about the roots of Mitragyna speciosa’s numerous strains, then you know that this is quite unusual. Typically, every vein of a particular strain grows in the same basic area. What else sets Elephant Kratom apart? Let’s find out!


What is Elephant?

The leaves of a Kratom tree aren’t usually very large. But in the case of Elephant, the leaves sometimes reach several feet in length. Even the leaves that stay on the smaller side still out rank typical Mitragyna speciosa leaves. Additionally, Elephant leaves are known for having a droopy appearance that resembles an elephant’s ear.

Elephant Kratom Strain Review

Many Redditors have suggested that Elephant – especially the Green or White kind – is best when blended with other strains. Other Reddit forum members shared their experiences with a very strong variety of Elephant Kratom. According to them, a good version of this strain is best reserved for the nighttime only. Comments included:

  • “I had to lay down for a good two hours.”
  • “[It] laid me out flat.”
  • “A favorite strain, great for blending.”
  • “It’s good Kratom.”

Red vs White vs Green

There are several marketing terms used for Elephant Kratom. You’ll see some labeled as their own strain without any vein colors attached. Then you’ll find others that are very specific about the vein color. Ultimately, though, there may be some confusion about this Kratom, as you’ll find out below.

  • Red – This vein comes from Southeast Asia. It’s often touted for its potentiating effects, along with its long-lasting, highly relaxed performance.
  • White – Unlike the Red Vein, White Elephant has more of an uplifting, yet subtle performance. It comes from Banjarmasin, which is sometimes referred to as Banjo.
  • Green – The reason you won’t often see Green and White listed on the same site is because they’re actually the same thing. Yes, that’s right; Green Elephant gets its name from the large green leaves that make it, although the vein is white.

Where to Buy Elephant Kratom

Are you ready to buy Kratom? You can find Elephant from each of the vendors listed below. The Red-Veined variety is most common. And keep in mind that Green and White are essentially the same thing.

  • Kratom Crazy
  • The Kratom Connection
  • Authentic Kratom
  • Krabot
  • Oasis Kratom

Powder and Capsules Pricing

It’s much easier to find Elephant Kratom powder than capsules. Of course, you can always encapsulate powder for yourself if that’s your preference.

There’s a variety of price points for this strain. Some places offer 50g for as low as $14.99. Larger quantities such as 100g-packs start at $19.99 and go up to approximately $40. The price of 1 kilo (1,000g) is all over the map. Some vendors ask as little as $79, with others pricing it close to $200.

When you do find Elephant capsules, expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $200, depending on the quantity and vendor you select.


Final Thoughts

Elephant Kratom definitely offers some interesting qualities that aren’t often found in other strains. In most cases, this Mitragyna speciosa variety works best in a blend. This is especially true for the Red-Veined version.

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