Monarch Kratom Vendor Review

Contrary to what some reviews have claimed, Monarch Kratom is not manufactured by The Herbal Place. Rather, Monarch Premium Kratom is the official in-house brand of Drip Drop Distro, an Idaho-based supplier that has been making waves in the kratom industry for the last eight years.

Drip Drop Distro currently holds a five-star rating on Glassdoor and Indeed thanks to the friendly, family-like environment provided by its staff. Monarch Kratom is its plantation grade M speciosa line, which is available exclusively in powder form.

If this is your first time hearing about this brand, you’ve landed on the right page. Read on to learn all about the creators of this next-generation favorite in our comprehensive Monarch Kratom Vendor Review.

Monarch Kratom Product Review

Monarch Kratom may not have the name recognition of Remarkable Herbs or Whole Herbs Kratom, but its manufacturer most certainly does. Drip Drop Distro is the name that has been on everyone’s lips over the last five years and with good reason. This Boise, ID, business was among the first wholesale kratom suppliers to volunteer with the AKA (American Kratom Association). Since then, the brand has been featured on stickers, at expos, on skateboards, and in record stores/novelty shops across the United States.


Founded in 2014, Drip Drop Distro is one of the nation’s leading sources of kratom capsules, enhanced kratom tea, and liquid kratom shots. With nearly a decade of experience under its belt, Drip Drop Distro launched Monarch Premium Kratom as its official in-house kratom brand and the response has been effusive.

Monarch Kratom is accessible and attractive, and its prices are comparable to those charged by the vanguard of the e-commerce marketplace. What’s more, Monarch Kratom’s pricing blows many head shop brands out of the water with its low MSRP.

Monarch Kratom’s packaging is sleek, professional, and alluring, with each strain coming in a signature pouch whose two-tone border and logo color distinguish them from one another. For instance, Monarch Kratom’s white vein powder comes in black on white with brown-and-black trim, while Monarch Red Bali features a crimson Swoosh design at its crest.

Drip Drop Distro has an outstanding reputation among online consumers, but its Monarch line has yet to penetrate the pop culture consciousness in the way that OPMS and MIT 45 Kratom have. That said, it is slowly trucking along, making a name for itself, and customers are beginning to take notice.

Monarch Kratom’s quality is said to be of the utmost importance to its manufacturer, which is why it carries the “premium grade” designation. Though such terms are little more than marketing hooks in the main, you can safely say you are getting a premium experience with this brand. Monarch Kratom is fresh, potent, and pure. Guaranteed. That is more than you can say for many of the top names on the market.


This brand comes in a select variety, which consists mostly of the green vein, red vein, and white vein, but each powder is notable in its own way. You can choose between Monarch Bali Gold, Monarch Green Maeng Da, Monarch Red Bali, and Monarch White Elephant.

How to Get in Touch

If you are a retailer, you can connect with Drip Drop Distro to discuss potential bulk buying options, of which they have many. The following represents all of their available information.

Phone: (208) 703-3453

Mailing Address: 214 W  37th St. Ste. 1, Garden City, ID, 83714-6563

Email: (wholesale inquiries only)

Those of you who are seeking direct-to-consumer sales will do well to contact one of the many retailers offering Monarch Kratom. These include the ever-prominent Kratom Roots, a wholesaler in its own right and one who can be reached at the following.

Phone: (630) 359-5290

Mailing Address: 502 W Wrightwood Ave. Elmhurst, IL, 60126


What it Costs & How It Compares

Drip Drop Distro offers Monarch Kratom at discounted wholesale prices to retailers and third-party distributors. Although it does not offer direct-to-consumer sales, its prices are low enough that a fair retailer can manage to turn a profit without price-gouging customers. For example, the suggested MSRP for a two-ounce pouch of kratom powder is $9.99. That is less than what many East Coast head shops charge for a single ounce.

Herbal Place is the number one wholesale website selling Monarch Kratom and they have some excellent bulk kratom deals. You can get sixty grams for $29.99, one hundred twenty grams for $49.99, or a kratom kilo for $99.99. The latter is a solid price by online standards, while the former is pretty steep. For the sake of comparison, Kratom Lounge charges $125 per kilo, while Happy Hippo Herbals charges $260.00.

It is worth noting that all Monarch Kratom strains are sold at the same flat rate, including its gold kratom strains. It also bears mentioning that Herbal Place is not the sole online retailer of Monarch Kratom products. This brand is carried by Kratom Roots as well as Planet Vapor and Kratom Roots sells one hundred twenty grams of kratom powder for $29.99, which is half of what The Herbal Place charges for the same.

Monarch Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

As a wholesale supplier, Drip Drop Distro does not offer kratom coupon codes, nor does it run a loyalty program. All discounts are factored into the price quoted to you once you have established a membership account on its site.


On a positive note, this seller offers its clients a Retail Display Program, which consists of a Drip Drop Distro sales representative showing up at your store with a fully loaded ready-for-placement stand that is perfect as a front counter POS eye-grabber.

Monarch Kratom Customer Reviews

Despite a lack of Monarch Kratom Reddit posts, many reviewers have shared their support on social media. Drip Drop Distro has thousands of likes and follows across the social stratosphere and dozens of reviews/comments have been posted to Facebook and Instagram.

“I love this product,” one customer writes. “smooth and sweet, won’t change a good job!!!!!” Another customer called it “the best,” and yet another said, “Very nice! Great!!!” Though it lacks a presence in online kratom forums it is fair to say the public has warmed to this relatively new brand.

Monarch Kratom Complaints

Our research indicates that Monarch Kratom is above reproach; no negative comments have appeared on sites like Trustpilot or Yelp, nor have any allegations been made on Reddit. As of this writing, no complaints have been lodged against it with the Better Business Bureau, and Drip Drop Distro has not been named in any lawsuits, pending or otherwise.

Is It Lab-Tested?

Yes. Monarch Kratom is submitted for third-party laboratory testing by its manufacturer. In fact, Drip Drop Distro submits each batch of its kratom powder to an independent lab for thorough analysis. Every batch is evaluated for alkaloid content and potential adulteration, including testing for bacteria, heavy metals, and mold/yeast.

Is Monarch Kratom Legit?

Yes. Based on our research, Monarch Premium Kratom is a legitimate brand from a legitimate distributor. Drip Drop Distro has demonstrated its value in the marketplace and its transparency within the industry. Though it does not publish certificates of analysis, we appreciate its hustle and its affiliations.

American Kratom Association

Drip Drop Distro is a proud participant in the AKAs GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This tells us that it is committed to making the kratom industry safer for all involved. The GMP program was conceived to hold kratom processors accountable by holding them to higher standards of manufacturing, labeling, marketing, storage, and verification.


The requirements of the program, which include a voluntary third-party audit, are in alignment with those set forth by the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, a bill aimed at safeguarding consumers against less than legitimate kratom vendors.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Monarch Kratom is a new and exciting kratom line with some exotic strains, acceptable prices, and excellent company background. This is a product you can trust from a company you can trust. If it’s the gold vein you’re after, you may have a winner. Still on the fence? You can find Monarch Kratom alternatives by shopping around online. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to compare products, pricing, payment options, and more.

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