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Lion Herbs should not be confused with Laughing Lion Herbs (LLH), though the comparisons are inevitable. Lion Herbs is a relatively new vendor with a surprisingly strong following, while Laughing Lion Herbs is a long-established brand with years of experience in the industry. There are many differences between these two brands, but there are also some perplexing similarities. Lion Herbs is located in Denver, CO, while LLF is located in Colorado Springs, CO. Both of these companies specialize in kratom powder and kratom capsules. Read on to learn all about how these two vendors compare and what Lion Herbs as to offer. We’ll tell you everything you need to know in our comprehensive Lion Herbs Vendor Review.

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What is Lion Herbs?

Lion Herbs is a newly minted American kratom brand out of Denver, CO. It is best-known for its free kratom samples, which often consist of two disparate kratom strains in small, resealable pouches. Its packaging compares nicely to the industry average. In fact, its gold-on-black design looks cribbed from Mitragaia, while its lion’s head logo looks almost exactly like Laughing Lion Herbs’ logo. Our research has failed to prove or disprove any connection between these two companies. However, both are located in the Centennial State, and both offer comparable kratom products. Lion Herbs appears to have been established in 2021, having claimed its Trustpilot page in February, 2021. Its site advertised lab-tested kratom powders that are backed by a money-back guarantee.

Lion Herbs Vs Laughing Lion Herbs – How Does It Compare?

LLH has been in business since 2014 and, at some point, it changed its name from Nature’s Herbs to LLG. As an online store, it has carried over thirty unique kratom strains. To make matters more confusing, Laughion Lion Herbs opened a brick-and-mortar shop in 2019, which was accompanied by an official website. Its name is Laughing Lion Apothecary and it stocks LLH Kratom. Both Lion Herbs and LLH carry multiple kratom powders and caps. Both offer kratom samples and a refund policy. However, the two diverge quite a bit in terms of their respective backgrounds.

LLH is an approved vendor with the AKA, which makes it one of a select number of cGMP qualified brands on the market. This means that it has measured up to current standards for manufacturing, labeling, testing, verifying, and distributing its kratom plant matter. By contrast, Lion Herbs does not participate in the AKA’s GMP program, nor is it affiliated with any known advocacy groups. On the other hand, it it one of the only vendors we’ve come across that openly invite patrons to email them about third-party lab results. While LLH organized a toy drive for children in need, Lion Herbs has focused its efforts on saving customers money and awarding loyalty; its Lion Herbs Rewards Program helps patrons earn hundreds of points, which are redeemable toward future purchases.

Where LLH is primarily comprised of kratom blends and premium strains, Lion Herbs Kratom consists of finely textured plain leaf kratom powders, including green vein, red vein, and white vein. With Lion Herbs, you can get bulk kratom for under $100, whereas LLH charges as much as $147.97. Although its refund policy and shipping methods are fairly similar, these two domestic brands are quite different. Lion Herbs definitely comes out on top in terms of pricing and lab-testing policies.

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Lion Herbs Product Review

This vendor currently sells Green Borneo, Green Elephant, Green Horn, Green Hulu, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Sumatra, Green Thai, Green Vietnam, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Chocolate, Red Dragon, Red Hulu, Red Maeng Da, Red Sumatra, Red Thai, Super White, White Borneo, White Dragon, White Horn, White Maeng Da, White Sumatra, and White Thai. These variations of Mitagyna speciosa are available in both powder and capsule forms. Encapsulated kratom prices will very depending on bottle size and cap volume. Kratom capsules are typically distinct from powder pricing.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Lion Herbs Kratom prices start at $18 for one hundred grams, with two hundred fifty grams going for $34.00. You can get five hundred grams for $50 or a kratom kilo for a mere $84.00. These are exceptional prices, particularly the price of one thousand grams or more. At $84 for a kilo, you’ll be paying just over eight cents per gram, which is extremely low based on industry standards. Some of the biggest names in the business charge anywhere from fourteen cents to a quarter for a gram of kratom powder.

As we mentioned earlier, LLH charges as much as $147.97 for one thousand grams. Based on pricing alone, Lion Herbs is well ahead of most industry professionals. It has demonstrated its power, purity, and fair pricing. You can pay with all major credit/debit cards. Kratom same-day shipping is offered on all orders and you get a choice between carriers—UPS and USPS, respectively. Multiple shipping options are made available, including Priority, Express, and Next Day Air.

How to Get in Touch

You can visit Lion Herbs’ online store by visiting If you’d like to request lab results or ask questions about a product, you can give them a call at 1-800-465-1828. Alternatively, you can drop them an e-mail or sending word by snail mail.

Lion Herbs Customer Reviews

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Lion Herbs Reddit posts have been all but unanimous in their praise, with many users championing this new brand for its generosity and reliability. One reviewer said, “Lion Herbs caught my attention with their free sample and when I clicked on the website to find out how much shipping this company was charging, I was pleasantly surprised to find out they give you two samples free … I was even more excited after my order arrived after two days … perfect shipping … one of my favorite vendors.” Another user agreed, writing, “I got samples from them a month ago and had no idea it was going to be that potent,” while a third user said, “I’ve gotten stem and vein from [Lion Herbs] that blew me away.” Elsewhere, a user said, “I got a couple trial packs from them this week. They are legit.”

Over at Trustpilot, customers have awarded Lion Herbs an all but impeccable score, with a 4.7 overall rating out of one hundred eighty reviews. One consumer wrote, “This is my trusted source for kratom. It’s always fresh and good quality. It’s always delivered within days and very reliable.”

Lion Herbs Complaints

As with most brands in the world, Lion Herbs has not found favor with everyone who’s tried it. One former customer wrote, “Average, not the best for real,” while another said, “Unfortunately this last batch of kratom seems to be on the weak side.” A reviewer on Trustpilot accused this vendor of not making good on a transaction, writing, “I haven’t even received my order … This has taken a long time. There’s probably no real reason why I should order from your company again.”

Another reviewer expressed the same grievance, writing, “Never received my order, got tracking really quick but hasn’t moved for over a week and USPS said the shipper only created the label. I emailed and they said they’d reship, but never got another tracking or reply when I asked … I’m hoping they could resolve this.”

Closing Thoughts

Lion Herbs may not have the name recognition of its chortling counterpart, but this Denver kratom supplier has left plenty of consumers in good humor. After all, it’s hard not to chuckle at the lofty prices and lousy strains of its direct competitors. Lion Herbs is a legit source for fair trade Mitragyna speciosa specimens and its cost is a pittance compared to the premium guys.

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