Herbalogix Kratom Vendor Review

Herbalogix, AKA Herbalogix Kratom is a California-based kratom supplier with a conspicuous lack of consumer recognition. This West Coast vendor recently rebranded as Lamp Botanicals, but the mystery didn’t start there.

You can visit Herbalogix Kratom’s new website at https://lampbotanicals.com. The company’s approach to the industry has changed a lot since its inception.

Now that it is under a new banner, Herbalogix has neatly tucked its kratom products away where they cannot be seen by anyone but the hip consumer. Instead of advertising itself as a kratom vendor, it has presented itself as nothing more than a source for hemp-based solutions.

After hearing about the brand’s many shortfalls we decided to check them out for ourselves. Here is what we found. Read on for all the details in our comprehensive Herbalogix Kratom Vendor Review.


Herbalogix Kratom Product Review

Herbalogix Kratom is located in Carlsbad, CA, where it had a history as the mind behind Kratom & CBD infused items. This vendor believes in a CBD-enhanced life and continues to stand by that attitude.

The company is billed as an alternative and holistic health service, but its deficit of holistic goods leads us to believe this is a simple euphemism in their case. There is no sage burning here, only CBD-infused edibles, tinctures, topicals, and vapes … unless you know where to look.

Should you visit the site in search of the classic green vein, red vein, and white vein we’ve all come to expect, you will be deeply disappointed. However, kratom maintains a presence at Herbalogix even if it is no longer the star of the show.

image of lamp botanicals products

The Lamp Botanicals online store features Mitragyna speciosa Bali Tincture and Mitragyna speciosa Full Spectrum Tincture. These two liquid kratom extracts are made from classic kratom strains.

Full Spectrum Extract (FSE) is an extraction that captures all of the unique properties of the Ayurvedic herb, from its alkaloids to its flavonoids. FSE is produced using Bali kratom and water, with each serving comprising about eleven grams of Bali leaf.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at $26.95 for five hundred milligrams of liquid kratom extract. You can get one thousand milligrams for $38.985 or one thousand five hundred milligrams for $50.95. These are excellent prices when compared to Herbalogix Kratom’s competitors.

For the sake of comparison (or contrast, as it were), Kraken Kratom charges $24.95 for twenty-three milligrams of FST (Full Spectrum Kratom Tincture), while Left Coast Kratom charges $24.99 for seventy milligrams. Meanwhile, Kratom Herbs is out here selling two milliliters of OG FST for $36.50.

Like its variety of kratom, Lamp Botanicals has a scarcity of payment options. It does not appear to accept Bitcoin, credit cards, CashApp, Google Pay, PayPal, or Venmo. Checkout offers only fields for a routing number and account number, which point to bank transfer being their only accepted means of payment. Every purchase is backed by a satisfaction guarantee, which is about the only thing this brand has going for it besides its economical pricing.

image of herbalogix kratom cost

Herbalogix Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

Unlike its e-commerce counterparts, Herbalogix Kratom does not offer kratom coupon codes. The Lamp Botanicals Facebook account has a serious promo deficiency. However, you can sign up for its email newsletter to learn about sales items, special offers, and upcoming events.


Herbalogix Kratom Customer Reviews

image of herbalogix kratom customer reviews

As we mentioned earlier, Herbalogix Kratom has a suspiciously negligible amount of consumer recognition. After we polled numerous kratom consumers only one out of ten recognized the name, though they admitted to having no firsthand experience with the same.

There is a dearth of customer feedback on the internet as well, with zero Google reviews and absolutely no Herbalogix Kratom ratings appearing in search engine results. More alarmingly, the company has not been acknowledged by any online kratom forums or kratom watchdog groups; neither the AKA nor the folks at I Love Kratom have approved this vendor.

We were unable to find any Herbalogix Kratom Reddit posts, Double M Herbals posts, or Bluelight posts, which points to a poor customer reputation or no reputation at all.


Herbalogix Kratom Complaints

On a more positive note, Herbalogix Kratom has not been lambasted like so many of its competitors. Not only are there zero negative reviews but the company has not been a target of bad publicity. No lawsuits are filed against this company and no complaints have been levied against them with the Better Business Bureau.


Is It Lab-Tested?

image of lamp botanicals lab test

Herbalogix Kratom makes no mention of third-party laboratory testing on its website. Assuming that it has complied with these fundamental guidelines for ensuring safety and quality, we can only imagine why it would fail to disclose certificates of analysis.


Is Herbalogix Kratom Legit?

Based on our research, we are inclined to say, “No.” Herbalogix Kratom and its abrupt decision to rebrand suggests a company in flux with a less-than-stellar track record. The brand’s lack of third-party accreditation points to a failure to meet quality control standards.

Third-party labs are a way for kratom vendors to ensure their products are free of bacteria, heavy metals, synthetic additives, and more. They also provide proof of a kratom strain’s potency. Herbalogix Kratom is unable or unwilling to demonstrate any of this.

image of is herbalogix kratom legit

American Kratom Association

This vendor was not enrolled in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program at the time of this writing. We were unable to find evidence of either Herbalogix Kratom or Lamp Botanicals participating in this AKA initiative.

The GMP program is important because it sets forth exacting requirements for vendors in the areas of manufacturing, labeling, packaging, testing, storing, marketing, and distributing kratom products. These requirements ensure the safety and knowledge of the kratom-conscious public.


Closing Thoughts

In summary, Herbalogix Kratom hides its remaining kratom extracts, fails to demonstrate safety, lacks consumer support, and no longer carries plain leaf kratom powder. Although its prices are admittedly low, its quality may be even lower.

If you are in the market for top-shelf kratom extracts, you can find any number of reputable sources. Consider clicking on our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for a full rundown of the most trusted brands in America.

image of kratom powder and capsules

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