Galactic Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Galactic Botanicals was a Canada-based Kratom vendor that used to sell exotic, hard-to-find Kratom strains on their website. Unfortunately, the brand’s domain is now inactive, because they were recently acquired by King Tuts Botanicals, another Canada-based Kratom company.

Before its acquisition, Galactic Botanicals had a loyal following of customers who appreciated the unique and rare Kratom strains that they used to carry. Their prices were also very competitive, which made them even more popular among Kratom users. Galactic Botanicals was well-regarded especially on Reddit and Double M Herbals, two of the most popular websites where Kratom users share their experiences and seek help on buying Kratom.

On King Tuts Botanicals’ website, there’s not a single trace of Galactic Botanicals or any of its products. Chances are, King Tuts Botanicals‘ totally scrapped the brand and decided to just repurpose Galactic Botanicals’ remaining inventory. This means that if you were a customer of Galactic Botanicals, you are left with no choice but to buy from King Tuts Botanicals.

Galactic Botanicals Products and Services

image of galactic botanicals kratom products

Galactic Botanicals was known for selling a wide variety of Kratom strains and vein colors. They sold Green, White, and Red Dyak, Green Jong Kong, Premium MD, Elephant Thai, Maeng Da, and so much more.

Galactic Botanicals was also known for their split kilos, which were perfect for people who want to stock up on different Kratom strains without having to worry about wasting money. Their website was extremely user-friendly, and they offered fast and reliable shipping to their customers.

Product Cost and Price Comparison

Since Galactic Botanicals’ website is no longer active, we are unable to compare the prices of the different Kratom strains that they offered. However, based on the information that we’ve gathered from Reddit and Double M Herbals, we can conclude that Galactic Botanicals’ used to sell their Kratom powder at extremely low prices. Here’s what Galactic Botanicals used to charge for their Kratom powder in the past:

Kratom Powder

  • 1 kilo (split) – CAD65.00 – CAD70.00

Their prices were really affordable, that’s why they were able to attract a lot of customers. Now, King Tuts Botanicals is selling Kratom powder for roughly CAD180 per kilo. We’ll let you be the judge on whether that price is still worth it.

We did not find any information about lab-testing or quality control for Galactic Botanicals’ Kratom products. However, based on what we’ve read on Reddit and Double M Herbals, we can safely say that Galactic Botanicals used to sell excellent quality Kratom products on the market.

Galactic Botanicals Customer Reviews

It’s really unfortunate that a well-regarded brand like Galactic Botanicals was acquired by another company, but it happens all the time in the Kratom industry. The problem is, that these acquisitions only make things worse for the people who used to buy from the former brand.

Back in the day, Galactic Botanicals had a large following of loyal customers who appreciated their products. Here’s what some of them said about Galactic Botanicals:

“Before I started experimenting with a multitude of vendors, Galactic Botanicals was my go-to. I never had a bad batch from the many orders placed over a two-year period. One of my favorites was the Elephant Thai. The Maeng Da was solid as was their John Lennon-themed blend, the name escapes me.” Kaycee888, Reddit

“Man, very very good vendor. I ordered a kilo of Red and Green Dyak. Burned it a few times and ordered another kilo because it was that good. His Green Dyak is one of my wife’s top strains. $65 for a kilo of good quality Kratom is unbeatable.” – SRQ941, Double M Herbals

There’s no doubt that Galactic Botanicals was a reliable brand for a long time. Their unbeatable prices made them a favorite among Kratom users. We don’t know if King Tuts Botanicals has any intention of reviving the brand, but we hope they’ll make an effort to continue the legacy of Galactic Botanicals.

image of galactic botanicals customer reviews

Galactic Botanicals Customer Complaints

Galactic Botanicals also received some negative feedback about their service. Some customers complained about their slow shipping times, and a few people even claimed that they never received their orders at all.

Here are some of the customer complaints that we’ve seen about Galactic Botanicals:

“I ordered Kratom from Galactic Botanicals several times. The last time, the shipment did not arrive. I contacted Galactic Botanicals and the answer was, “We shipped it. After that, it’s in Canada Post’s responsibility”. No reshipment, No refund, your SOL. Just purchase from a different vendor, lots of more reputable vendors to choose from.” – KeeshaMaggie, Reddit

“I ordered a kilo of “Elephant” Kratom from Galactic, but I got almost nothing from it. I mean literally no effect whatsoever – negative or positive. Kratom makes me feel energetic and relieves pain to some extent, and normally I notice it from all strains – not just White, Red or Green. I don’t get any of the “euphoric” effects that some people claim. But this “Elephant” Kratom? Nada.” – MegaLib, Reddit

Galactic Botanicals will be remembered as a reputable brand of Kratom that sold high-quality products at unbeatable prices. Unfortunately, the competition proved to be a lot stronger than they anticipated, so they were left with no choice but to sell the company. Galactic Botanicals’ story has a sad ending, but it was definitely good while it lasted.

Galactic Botanicals Coupons

Galactic Botanicals is no longer operational, so you won’t be able to find any Galactic Botanicals coupon codes. You may want to check out King Tuts Botanicals’ website for any promo or discount, but you may find that their prices are too high for your budget.

image of galactic botanicals coupon code

Was Galactic Botanicals Legit?

Galactic Botanicals was a reputable Kratom back in the days when it was operating. Their customers loved their high-quality products at unbeatable prices, and we can see why. Unfortunately, the competition proved to be too strong, and so they were forced to sell the company.


Galactic Botanicals had a lot going for it – great prices, high-quality Kratom, fast shipping times, and excellent customer support. Their loss of business to King Tuts Botanicals was unfortunate, but it’s always a bummer to see a reputable company go out of business. At least, Galactic Botanicals left a legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

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