Exclusive Kratom Vendor Review

The AKA (American Kratom Association) has estimated that approximately fifteen million Americans use kratom with some regularity. Hundreds of thousands of individuals get their kratom products from brick-and-mortar establishments – local head shops, gas stations, smoke shops, and so forth. These stores are invariably stocked with wholesale kratom brands, such as MIT 45, OPMS, and Remarkable Herbs.

Some of these products are pure and potent, while others can be dirty and even detrimental to one’s safety. In the past, smoke shop brands have been associated with negative reactions, including stomach upset, overdose, and hospitalization. Other brands have been found guilty of containing dangerous synthetic additives.

In an industry that isn’t above unethical business practices, unsavory marketing tactics, and unfortunate gimmicks, Exclusive Kratom may be a bastion of true purity. Learn more about this elusive kratom brand in our comprehensive Exclusive Kratom Vendor Review.

Exclusive Kratom Product Review

Exclusive Kratom is true to its name in that you will only find its products in a select number of places. Kratom Roots is your number one source for this premier speciosa line. Kratom Roots is Illinois’ number one kratom wholesaler, featuring dozens upon dozens of kratom capsules, kratom extracts, kratom powders, CBD products, and accessories. Exclusive Kratom is listed among its many hot sellers.


This North American brand is slightly more expensive than the current industry average, but not by all that much. As smoke shop kratom products go, Exclusive Kratom is well within the acceptable range. More on this in a moment.

Exclusive Kratom outperforms its competitors with signature packaging and an unforgettable product appearance. Each order of bulk kratom powder comes in a plus-size black container like those used to house protein shake powder at GNC pharmacies. Every container boasts an eye-popping design, with a splashy red-chrome ‘X’ in its moniker and a stylish digital rainfall backdrop. Exclusive Kratom is sealed for freshness and replete with an easily resealable screw top.

Exclusive Kratom is a U.S. brand with a simple approach to harvesting and processing Mitragyna speciosa. It forsakes the current trend of dreaming up fancy names for age-old strains and opts instead to bring everything back to basics with the Mitragyna speciosa leaf’s three dominant vein colors – green vein, red vein, and white vein, respectively.

Exclusive Kratom Green Vein differs from past examples of wholesale green veins both in color and texture. It is visibly smoother, free of clumps, and with a light yellow accent to its color. Exclusive Kratom Green Vein possesses a bracing aroma that is clean and long-lasting.

Although it lacks much of an online reputation, Exclusive Kratom has received four-star ratings among Kratom Roots customers. Its quality is surely on par with other premium-grade kratom powders. As a relatively new brand it has yet to generate the buzz typical of top-quality kratom products, but this is poised to change in the year ahead.

If we have one central complaint where Exclusive Kratom is concerned it is its lack of detailed information. Kratom Roots’ produce page is bereft of strain origins, alkaloid content info, third-party lab results, or supplemental facts.


On the bright side, Kratom Roots provides you with a range of shipping options, including USPS Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, UPS Ground, UPS 3-Day Select, UPS 2nd Day Air, and UPS Next Day Air, and UPS Next Day Air Saver.

What It Costs & How It Compares

This vendor sells five hundred grams for $80, which is more than the industry average price of $55-60.00. For the sake of comparison, Nature’s Cure Kratom sells a half kilo for $55, while 99Kratom offers the same amount for $59.00. However, it is worth noting that several online vendors charge as much as $130.00 for five hundred grams, Choice Kratom and Mitra Kratom chief among them.

To be clear, Exclusive Kratom’s pricing does not compare favorably to that of other bulk kratom suppliers (you can get a full kratom kilo for under $100 at sites like Amazingbotanicals.com, Mountkratom.com, and Soapkorner.com). However, this brand is dirt cheap compared to the average smoke shop price tag for a half kilo or more.

Kratom Roots currently accepts American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and VISA. No additional payment methods are provided at checkout. To inquire about alternate options, such as COD (Cash On Delivery), check, money order, or e-check, you can email info@kratomroots.com. Alternatively, you can call (630) 359-5290.

Exclusive Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

You can sign up for Kratom Roots’ email newsletter to receive members-only deals and updates. These include kratom coupon codes and special opportunities, such as kratom giveaways and kratom samples. What’s more, Exclusive Kratom’s base price is currently on sale for six percent less than its original list price.


Exclusive Kratom Customer Reviews

Based on our research, it would seem that Exclusive Kratom suffers from a scarcity of consumer recognition. There are no posts about this brand on online kratom forums, nor are there any customer reviews on Google or Yelp.

This vendor has absolutely no presence on social media, which is quite odd in 2022. Almost every legitimate supplier maintains either a Facebook page, an Instagram account, or both. Exclusive Kratom is nowhere to be seen.

Exclusive Kratom Complaints

On a more positive note, there is no evidence of negative feedback; Exclusive Kratom has not received bad reviews on social, nor have any formal complaints been lodged with the Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot. This manufacturer has not been named in any lawsuits, pending or otherwise. No scam alerts have been issued by sites like Scam Adviser or Scam Watch.

Is It Lab-Tested?

Yes. Exclusive Kratom has confirmed that it submits each of its kratom strains for independent laboratory evaluation. Unfortunately, certificates of analysis are not disclosed on any of the sites offering this brand. For this reason, we strongly recommend you request third-party labs prior to placing an order with any Exclusive Kratom retailers.


Is Exclusive Kratom Legit?

Maybe. We hesitate to qualify Exclusive Kratom as a legitimate kratom source given its lack of certification or supplemental facts. It is alarming when a brand withholds pertinent information, such as alkaloid profile, purity, laboratory accreditation, or proper warning labels.

We would like to see some additional proof of lab testing and quality control before qualifying this brand as legit. Alternatively, we would like to see wholesalers backing this brand with a satisfaction guarantee. In lieu of this kind of support, we see no reason to classify it as legitimate.

American Kratom Association

Exclusive Kratom is not on the AKA’s list of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) participants. The GMP program was created to keep the public safe by holding kratom processors accountable. Participants voluntarily submit to a third-party audit. Many of the biggest names on the market participate in this program, such as Austin Organic Village, Choice Botanicals, The Golden Monk (::ahem::), and Super Speciosa Raw Leaf.

While participation in this program demonstrates a willingness to demonstrate transparency, very few vendors have bothered to participate. There is nothing inherently suspicious about a company’s failure to take part in the GMP program. On the contrary, many vendors prefer to keep their testing in-house, in an effort to avoid undue scrutiny from competitors.

Closing Thoughts

To recap, Exclusive Kratom is a fresh and seemingly trustworthy kratom brand, but its positive attributes are matched by its apparent shortcomings. This Kratom Roots product suffers from an apparent lack of industry bonafide. The dearth of variety or consumer recognition makes it something of a gamble.

If you would like to find viable alternatives to Exclusive Kratom, you can do so by shopping around online. There are hundreds of brands to choose from and plenty of ways to gather information about their pros and cons. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to compare products, pricing, payment options, and more.

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