Red Vein Bali Kratom Powder

Soothing Vein | Popular Strain

The most popular red vein kratom strain this side of Maeng Da, Red Bali is a true staple for many kratom enthusiasts.


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Red Vein Bali Kratom Powder

Celebrated for its relaxing qualities and reported effects of promoting physical comfort, Red Bali is often chosen by individuals looking to unwind and feel good. This is one of the most well-known and widely available kratom strains, and for good reason. It’s a favorite among those seeking calmness and tranquility. Recommended for beginner kratom users due to its gentle yet effective nature.

Pure Kratom
Superior Customer
Lab Testing
Money Back

Root-to-Root Standard of Care

Kratom trees should be grown from seeds to ensure good, strong roots and a growth pattern that’s easy to harvest. Our business practices include drying, processing, testing, packaging, and shipping that guarantee pure, filler-free kratom is delivered right to your door.

Our premium kratom also minimizes the chances of unwanted side effects from adulterated product. From the root of the tree to the point it hits your root chakra, you can depend on the standard of care we put into our products.

See our process

Creating the World’s Finest Kratom:
How Golden Monk Does It

Farm-Fresh Aromatics

Smell the Quality Difference

When you open a bag of Golden Monk kratom, you can smell the potency wafting out of the bag with a sharpness that’s not entirely unpleasant.

Sealed-In Freshness

Precise Drying and Processing

From harvest, our loose leaf kratom goes straight to a climate-controlled facility where it is dried, before sealing in the farm-fresh quality for transport.

Long-Lasting Purity

Testing, Packaging, Storage

When the kratom arrives at our facility, we immediately send out samples for testing. We then portion, package, and store our kratom to lock in the freshness.


How Does Red Bali Kratom Compare?

Feature Our Red Bali Kratom Competitors
Historical Origin: Indonesia
Potency: High, due to careful processing
Purity: 100% pure, no additives
Effect: Mental relaxation, physical comfort
Sustainability: Ethically sourced
Customer Satisfaction: High
Lab Testing: Comprehensive third-party lab testing
Education and Support: Personalized customer service
Variety of Strains: Wide selection available


Discover What Makes Red Bali Kratom Unique

From the cultivation of this individual strain to the evergreen commitment Golden Monk makes to every customer, here’s what makes this product unique.

Clear Product Labeling

You’ll know exactly what you’re getting with each bag and each spoonful of our filler-free Red Bali kratom.

Popular Strain

Red Bali is well-known among kratom fans in general and consistently one of our top-sellers.

Natural Wellness Support

Sometimes, you need a little extra help to relax or even get to sleep. Don’t be afraid to take things down a notch.

Versatile Effects

Yes, Red Bali’s secondary alkaloids make it easier to get kratom’s calming effects, but there’s still an undercurrent of energy.

Superior Quality and Purity

From day one to the last speck of powder, you’ll recognize the quality that Golden Monk delivers right to your door.

Ethically Sourced

We work with Indonesian farming communities with fair labor practices to source the best kratom in the world.

Who is it for?

And What is Red Bali Powder Used for?

Red Bali is used by people who want to double down on kratom’s more relaxing effects and chill vibes, including:
  • End of Day Decompression
  • Promoting Physical Comfort
  • Stress Reduction
  • Sleep Seekers
  • A-Type Personalities
  • Exercise Recovery Fans

What an Experienced Online Seller Has to Offer

Our team has refined the fulfillment process to get your kratom package out the door as quickly as possible. With our partnership with FedEx, most of our customers receive their orders in 2-5 days.

We’ve been selling kratom online since 2018. These years of experience have enabled us to iron out the kinks and create a world-class shopping experience. We’re committed to getting each and every order right the first time.

Our shipments arrive in a regular FedEx box with our company name, phone number, and easy identifying marks hidden from view. We understand there is still some stigma attached to kratom in certain settings.

Kratom Vein Comparison

Quickly understand the essential differences between each kratom vein. The name comes from the color of the leaf vein when harvested with white being the youngest leaves and red being the most mature.

Feature GOLDEN-MONK-shop-s6-img2 Red Vein
GOLDEN-MONK-shop-s6-img2 Green Vein
GOLDEN-MONK-shop-s6-img2 White Vein
Best For/Primary Effects Promoting relaxation and physical comfort Balanced energy and mental focus Increased energy for workouts/strenuous activity
Potency Depends on strain and serving size Depends on strain and serving size Depends on strain and serving size
Reported Serving Size Larger (more is needed for soothing effects) Moderate (balanced serving sizes for balanced effects) Smaller (less is needed for increased energy)
Alkaloid Content More secondary alkaloids Balanced between mitragynine and secondary alkaloids More mitragynine
Onset 15-30 mins (for powder), 20-40 mins (for capsules) 15-30 mins (for powder), 20-40 mins (for capsules) 15-30 mins (for powder), 20-40 mins (for capsules)
Popular Strains Red Bentuangie, Red Bali, Red Borneo Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Bali White Maeng Da, White Borneo, White Sumatra
Duration of Effects 3-5 hours (depending on absorption/serving size) 3-5 hours (depending on absorption/serving size) 3-5 hours (depending on absorption/serving size)

Real Stories, Real Results

“The Best”

“It’s taken me a while and alot of extra cash to see who was my favorite vendor and what was my favorite strain. Well this ones it, that and their green maeng da. The Golden Monk was the first vendor I tried and will also be my last. Thankyou GM! Your the best!”


Roanoke, VA

“It’s Incredible!”

“Incredibly affordable, and high quality! Throughout my experience with other vendors (Been using kratom for 3 years) none have been as quick or as convenient as Golden Monk. Previously I was strictley a Red Thai user as no other strain had worked for my problems. I decided to try TGM’s Red Maeng Da and it is incredible! “


Hastings, NE

“The Products are so fresh!”

“I received my split kilo: Red Maeng Da Green Malay yesterday 1/15. I tried this morning, and I am happily suprised. The product(s) are very fresh and come in a sterdy ziplock pouch. I will order from these guys exclusively as it is very apparent quality, price, CUSTOMER et al matters.


Williansport, PA

Customer Reviews

75 reviews for Red Vein Bali Kratom Powder

  1. Cameron Payzant (verified owner)

    Best kratom vendor period. Best product out of any. They ship same day 99% of the time and always shows up quick with free shipping. Absolute place to buy

  2. revkevhec

    Ralph Ravenscroft AKA Rev Kev
    First time experience with the Golden Monk has been very satisfying and very professional. First time experience with the product was a Red Bali a little over 5 G results within a half an hour. All around amazing product. I have also Incorporated the use of a daily and monthly Journal to keep track of the strain time of day and the amount also the results that I’ve experienced. This also gives me a good idea how to rotate different strains.

  3. eyeseein3s (verified owner)

    Love goldenmonks red bali. I’ve tried it on a few other sites and definitely not the same quality and strength! Thank you golden monk for providing great products!

  4. fungus_face

    I ordered a split kilo of red bali and maeng da. I found I like the Bali more. Neither are bad though, good products. Golden monk is the goat.

  5. Jennifer Moran (verified owner)

    I’ve been ordering from Golden Monk for a while now. I recently ran out before I received my order. So I bought some at a local store. It made me think of how lucky I am to have found Golden Monk and the quality kratom I get from them. Not only are the prices reasonable, the discounts available to frequent buyers are awesome plus the kratom is the best around. If you’re considering ordering from Golden Monk, don’t hesitate. It’s a very reliable company. With amazing quality kratom. You won’t be disappointed.

  6. ilovebammbamm (verified owner)

    Golden Monk is exactly what I picture a lifesaver to be. I’ve almost exclusively used GM bc not only do they have the best products consistently, you can really count on them. And they have great sales too ❣️ thank you for giving me my life back

  7. roughnutz1 (verified owner)

    I’ve bought just about every company’s product, and these guy’s product is always the same! Always consistent! Always! That’s very important for my wife and I since we are professionals and have a big family.

  8. jstouch264 (verified owner)

    When I read reviews about this page I thought they were all paid reviews, I also thought the lab tested was all nonsense. I don’t trust anything on the internet because I have tried so many websites and I have finally found the holy grail at the golden monk! This is THE BEST Bali I have come across and I have been searching for YEARS. ALL HAIL THE GOLDEN MONK! GOLDEN NUGGET!

  9. djfordz

    I came across Golden Monk in my internet research of vendors and first ordered from them a few months ago, 1/2 kilo Red Bali and 1/2 kilo Red Borneo. I thought these two strains would be so similar and wouldn’t notice a difference between them. However, the Red Bali is definitely better.

    Being new to Kratom, all the different choices of strains is definitely very foreboding, the descriptions and history the Golden Monk provides for each strain it sells is extremely helpful in making purchasing decisions.

    I just bought my second and third kilos from them this week and excited to get the product. I went with the trusted and true Red Bali and ordered some White Bali to test out the white strains.

    Not as big a fan of Borneo strains, but love the Bali strains. I think in the next few weeks I am going to order one of each strain to sample.

    Golden Monk is an amazing vendor, I am glad I found them first without having to shop around vendors. I am definitely a loyal customer. They have amazing product and customer service. The descriptions and history of strains is super helpful. Easy payment options, great shipping options makes the whole experience of buying Kratom very pleasant.

  10. alexvzang3 (verified owner)

    This seller has the best kratom for this price range. Love you guys! 🧡

  11. aloesignals-4318 (verified owner)

    My second order was as good as I expected. The customer service was as good if not better than the Sample of Green Extra Special! I would order again this time earlier, It’s still the holiday sale! Yes! Thanks Golden Monk!

  12. aloesignals-4318 (verified owner)

    I just am so glad this is the best Red Bali and I needed this! Thank you Golden Monk,.. Only wish I could get some Green too, Next time!

  13. Josh Dreiling (verified owner)

    Golden Monk has been my go-to for over a year now, and for good reason. Its consistently high quality Kratom shipped fast, with amazing customer service; should you need it. This strain in particular is one of the stronger reds out there. I highly recommend this strain, along with their Red Borneo for a good red rotation. Very pleased!

  14. Lauren (verified owner)

    I have ordered red bali powder (as it is my favorite) from Golden Monk many times! The quality of Kratom is consistantly good and the customer service is exceptional! Super quick delivery and the prices wont break your bank! Best online vendor I have found online and will continue to be a customer! Dont hesitate to buy from Golden Monk – you wont be disappointed!

  15. Mark Cole

    I have always been more of a red vein person. This is the definitely the best quality I have ever had the pleasure of buying, and at an amazing price as well. Received package second day. Great look, and aroma. Don’t think I will ever use another vendor. Keeyup the great TGM!

  16. john lindsay (verified owner)

    I just want to chime in here & give my up- votes to TheGoldenMonk Co. I am thankful for the speed of delivery , product reliability .This kratom webpage would be thee go-to site to order online for the various product choice/ wishes. Thank you Golden Monk, always calmer when the delivery is fast at the door and your product is stellar .

  17. sockmonkey15 (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a few brands over the years, and they’re now unmentionable. This company seriously is the best by a long shot, and I enjoy Red Bali the most.. My husband loves it too. This brand carries rich, dark kratom with a more complex aroma than other stuff out there, this is super fresh. I recommend people just shop here, there’s nothing better.

    I urge people to advocate for kratom whenever possible!

  18. scott sherwood (verified owner)

    All I can say is wow it outperformed my expectations to be honest. Easy to order from and good deals as well as a quality product that looks and smells fresh, sounds to good to be true, fortunately it isn’t. I am so happy the Red Bali helped me so much I decided to do a split kilo of Red Bali and White Sumatra, I’m waiting on the mailman right now can’t wait to try the new order. I can say that I’m very happy to have found The Golden Monk, and am a satisfied customer.

  19. Dylan Thierbach (verified owner)

    With the fantastic quality and the low prices, I don’t think I’ll ever order from anywhere else. Being able to buy a kilo for such a great price is awesome.

  20. thainhunter (verified owner)

    I have been buying Red Bali kratom for some time and have been getting it through a local dealer. After ordering Red Bali from Golden Monk, I now realize how horrible the kratom has been from the local dealer. You can tell almost right away that the kratom from Golden Monk is of the highest quality. Also the purity is noticed right away. Golden Monk has the highest quality Red Bali kratom I have had to date and with a great price! If you are wanting to try it, I recommend going ahead and getting the 1kg powder because you will want more anyway and that’s the best deal. Golden Monk has earned my loyalty as a customer for life. Thank you Golden Monk!

  21. Justin Kibbe (verified owner)

    They aren’t my favorite kratom vendor they’re literally my only kratom vendor. First off there’s always some type of deal to be had (10%-20% off whatever) but you also save 15% by using e check or Bitcoin. For this reason my last two kilos have cost me around $120-125 and this next one will be closer to $50 because of the Thanksgiving deal. Add to that ACTUALLY fast shipping, responsive customer service and access to lab tests you’re insane to shop elsewhere for kratom. One love gmk

  22. Christopher Riviello (verified owner)

    I’ve been using The Golden Monk as my sole supplier of Kratom for a while now. Obviously the prices are great, and their customer service is very responsive. My one complaint is there has been some variation in quality between ordering. I always request the lab results for my Kratom from TGM, and the Mitragynine content has been anywhere from 1.4% to the most recent batch which was 2.0%. That’s a difference of over 33% batch to batch, which is VERY significant. But with their money back guarantee, if I’m not happy with a certain batch, I can always return it, so I just stock up when the there’s a particularly good batch and return anything I’m not satisfied with. For this reason, The Golden Monk will be the only place I get my Kratom from now on.

  23. keating321 (verified owner)

    At first I was mad because I realized I had been way overpaying for low quality Kratom for months before finding The Golden Monk. Great selection, really high quality, low price tier for free shipping and best of all… I’m paying almost half for much better Kratom than I was buying at my local head shop. Between a monthly coupon offer and paying via e-check plus free shipping if you buy only 2 x 250’s – its almost half of what I was paying before and the kratom is really high quality. Picked up some Red Bali and a few other strains and exceeded my expectations on quality – all of them arrived fast, lots of communication for shipping tracking. The Golden Monk will continue to be my go-to for kratom purchases.

  24. jakefromga (verified owner)

    1st time ordering . I was contacted 2 times regarding order, hence customer service is well above average.( I left out part of shipping information ).Very friendly and helpful. Shipping, no joke is actually very fast! The quality is superb! This being the first time ordering, my only concern at this point is consistency of quality regarding future orders. This is my new go-to vendor. Excellent business. Thank you guys. <3

  25. kalieconway24 (verified owner)

    I have bought from many different vendors over the years but I have to say, this is definitely my new go to! The quality is superb 👌 and you can’t beat the price. I would definitely recommend this product! The shipping is fast as well and they even threw in a sample. Excited to try some other products but if you haven’t tried the Red Bali it is definitely worth it!

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Your Path to Wellness with Red Bali Kratom

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With Golden Monk, It’s Quality AND Quantity

Part of our commitment to delivering the best kratom to our customers is also delivering great value. With our root-to-root quality and user-friendly package, you can buy a larger quantity without worrying about your kratom losing its potency or going bad altogether.

  • Lab-Tested, Farm-Fresh Quality:
    Our lab testing procedures go above and beyond with Certificates of Analysis available upon request. Along with your own nose, you’ll feel confident in our kratom’s farm-fresh quality.
  • Easy Storage, Long Shelf Life:
    We lock in that farm-fresh quality in an easily resealable bag—seriously, it’s a great bag. So long as you store the kratom in a cool, dry place, it should last for over a year.
  • Buy More, You Can Afford To:
    You’ll see when ordering your Red Bali kratom that we offer aggressive discounts for larger orders so people with a daily kratom regimen can still afford our higher-quality product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kratom, a botanical sourced from Southeast Asia, has garnered widespread attention due to its various wellness advantages. This natural substance, derived from the leaves of kratom trees, contains active alkaloids that, when consumed in smaller amounts, can boost energy and motivation, while larger servings offer soothing effects that support physical comfort.

Looking to dive deeper into kratom’s origins and read about user experiences? Find more information about kratom.

Bali kratom comes from Indonesia, but unlike other strains, its name doesn’t come from its origin but the fact that the strain was popular with the vendors in Bali port cities. Today, Bali kratom is grown and processed in the province of West Kalimantan before being shipped to our facility. This product is harvested in the later stages of leaf growth after the vein has turned red.

We strive to deliver orders within 2-5 days. Our shipping partners, FedEx (2-Day) and USPS Priority (1-3 Days) for PO Boxes, ensure prompt delivery. Please note that orders placed late in the day may not ship until the following day, and we do not ship on Sundays. While we make every effort to ensure timely delivery, occasional delays by FedEx and USPS may occur, which are beyond our control

Our checkout page is encrypted using SSL. You can verify the SSL certificate authentication in your browser settings. Your browser should display “https://” in the URL bar, indicating a secure connection. We take the protection of your privacy and payment information very seriously.

Yes! We provide a first-time customer discount code (FIRSTTIME5) offering a 5% discount on your initial order. Additionally, you can enjoy a larger discount when using an E-check or ACH transfer. Subscribe to our marketing channel for further discounts. On occasion, we offer free samples in exchange for participating in customer surveys. Feel free to reach out to customer support to express your interest in free samples.

Absolutely. Repeat customers earn loyalty points when signed into their account. You receive 10 points for every dollar spent, and for every 100 points earned, you get a $1 discount on a future purchase. For instance, purchasing a half kilo of Red Bali powder would earn you 810 points, redeemable for an $8.10 discount on your next purchase. Points can be redeemed for up to one year after they’re earned—this is our way of giving back to our returning customers with a 10% discount.

Yes, our 100% money-back guarantee allows you to return your Red Bali kratom for an exchange or full refund, provided you have at least 85% of the original product. You can request a refund through our contact page, and one of our service representatives will guide you through the process. If necessary, we can provide a return paid postage label for item drop-off at the post office.

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to here, don’t worry. Our dedicated customer service team is committed to ensuring your success. Simply reach out to us with your question, and we’ll provide immediate assistance or conduct thorough research to address your inquiries.

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