Zerbals Vendor Review

Zerbals Exotic Botanicals is a Utah-based kratom vendor that specializes in Enhanced Kratom and Ultra Grade Kava. Herbals have been called ‘the best first kratom’ and an ‘amazing kratom tincture.’ But is it really so extraordinary?

Members of the kratom community have questioned the legitimacy of Zerbals ratings and some cast doubt on the superiority of its online store. If you’re thinking about buying Zerbals kratom, read on for the pros and cons of Zerbals Exotic Botanicals.

Zerbals Product Review

Zerbals has a reputation as a good supplier of quality kratom products. But consumers are less than pleased with the way in which its owners have jacked up prices. While countless users have attested to the vigor of its kratom extracts, its overall value has been debated.

Despite the divisiveness that its pricing has inspired, everyone can agree that Zerbals FST kratom is robust and effective. Its catalog is versatile and its kratom blends are creative. Products like 50/50 Maeng Da – Ultra Premium Bali Blend and Z-Sunrise House Blend are as well-balanced as they are long-lasting.

Zerbals kratom powders are vibrant without being unnaturally bright in color. They are also fresh and finely ground while maintaining their substance; this is not that nano kratom that’s as thin as baby powder, it’s real all-natural kratom that isn’t without a clump here or there.

This vendor offers patrons access to some truly unique items, including Oxindole Enhanced Bali. This spirocyclic monoterpene alkaloid infusion distinguishes Zerbals’ Bali kratom from other forms of Enhanced Kratom, which typically rely on the bicyclic indole alkaloids of raw kratom leaves.

Our staff pick for the Best Zerbals kratom product is Warm Fuzzy, an appropriately named Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom Powder, which is every bit as dope as its image would suggest. This oxindole-infused powder delivers a bracing and earthy aroma that’s redolent of mountain dew, passionfruit, and vanilla bean.

image of zerbals logo

You can get most of Zerbals’ kratom strains in either powder or capsule form. You can also pick up an abundance of kratom extracts, such as the aforementioned Oxindole Bali and the world-famous Zerbals Maeng Da FST (Full Spectrum Tincture) Liquid Kratom Extract. Prepare to dig deep into your pocket if this is what you’re after.

We’d love to say Zerbals impressed us, either with its packaging or its price, but neither would be true. The latter is quite high, though it is hardly obscene when compared to industry dinosaurs like Happy Hippo Herbals. You can think of it as a not-so-happy medium between bulk kratom discounts and all-time industry highs.

Zerbals packaging is neither overly elaborate nor underwhelmingly minimalist. It simply is. There is nothing here to grab the attention of the uninitiated, nor is there anything to recommend beyond its secure bottles. In the age of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, we expect brands to step up their labeling game. Zerbals has yet to elaborate in this way.

There are a number of areas in which Zerbals falls flat for us. One of its biggest drawbacks is its lack of third-party laboratory results. Zerbals does not disclose certificates of analysis.

This vendor does not deliver any clear discounts to return customers, nor does it give first-time buyers any guarantees. Returns are not accepted, nor are refunds issued on products that fail to meet your standards. All sales are final. This makes Zerbals no different than a sketchy headshop.

On the bright side, Zerbals purports to test all of its kratom powders using an industry-accepted HPLC-UV testing method, which has been implemented in scientific inquiries concerning mitragynine. This ensures purity and strength.


What It Costs & How It Compares

image of zerbals kratom cost

As we mentioned earlier, Zerbals’ pricing is cost-prohibitive, especially when held up to its direct competitors. It may not seem all that expensive if you compare it to older companies that have maintained lofty price tags, but it is definitely steep vis-a-vis current industry heavyweights.

For example, Zerbals charges $164.99 for 500 grams, which equates to a half kilo for more than double the current industry standard. Most e-commerce sites charge approximately $50-60 for a ½ kilo, while others charge as little as $90 for a full kratom kilo (1,000 grams). There are even those who sell split kilos for under $100.00.

Zerbals is most well-known for its liquid kratom extract, the so-called ‘best fst kratom,’ which retails for prices so high it’s hard to imagine any headshop customer being able to afford it. These kratom tinctures start at $49.99 for a 2ml bottle, with 10 milliliters going for $230 and 30 milliliters selling for a baffling $555.00.

When you consider the prevalence of MIT45 and the fact that it sells its full spectrum liquid kratom extract – MIT45 Gold Liquid – for $21.95 per 15ml bottle it is obvious that no one needs to be paying $49.99 for such a meager kratom tincture. We think you’ll agree that Zerbals does not compare favorably to its competitors, nor are its products offered at fair market prices.


Zerbals Coupon Code & Discounts

Despite the loftiness of the associated cost, there are ways to make this brand more viable. Third-party savings sites provide consumers with a variety of verified kratom coupon codes redeemable towards Zerbals purchases. What’s more, Zerbals rewards those who complete a purchase with cryptocurrencies.

This vendor waives COD fees for transactions of $100 or more. It also offers its patrons a range of shipping and payment methods for their convenience. If your order is processed prior to its shipping deadline, you will receive kratom same-day shipping.


Zerbals Customer Reviews

On a more positive note, the public has lavished praise on Zerbals for the potency of its products. One Reddit member said, “Go to zerbals.com for it. The people over there are really friendly, the service is amazing, and the product is out of this world.”

Another member said, “I just ordered a batch. It’s by far my favorite kratom product. It’s pricey and not for everyday usage, but really gets me to the next level that leaf can’t.” Another user echoed this sentiment, saying, “Intense…it’s well worth the money.”

image of zerbals customer reviews

American Kratom Association

Zerbals is not a participant in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. This is not out of the ordinary, as many brands have opted out of the AKA’s GMP initiative. Some vendors prefer to perform all testing in-house for the sake of privacy.

However, Zerbals’ failure to demonstrate purity, and its obvious disregard for transparency, raises some red flags. The AKA’s GMP Standards Program was established as a means by which to hold the kratom industry accountable. By requiring vendors to submit to a third-party audit, the AKA has guaranteed consumer safety.


Bottom Line

In summary, Zerbals is a well-established brand with a reputation for powerful kratom extracts. Alas, its prices are counterproductive and its secrecy is disturbing. Without lab results or a money-back guarantee, there is little to recommend this vendor over all the others available online.

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