The Best Online Kratom Extract Vendors

There are a ton of benefits to kratom extract. Aside from being more economical than typical kratom powder, kratom extract also stores better. Less prone to mold and contamination, kratom extract has a far longer shelf-life compared to most other kratom products. So if you’re interested in enjoying the potent benefits of this herbal solution without the tedious process of ensuring pristine storage, then kratom extract is the practical choice. There are powdered and liquid kratom extracts. Additionally , there many online kratom extract vendors who offer top-notch product in this category.

Now the only question – what’s the best kratom extract vendor out there? Discover some of the most prominent kratom extract retailers and the reasons why they’ve become such a hit throughout the kratom-lover market. Although this article is about kratom extract vendors, you can read more about our overall top-rated vendors here.

3 Top-Notch Online Kratom Extract Vendors

Kats Botanicals

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First up is Kats Botanicals. Dedicated to providing their client base with an extensive selection of kratom products, Kats Botanicals offers more than just kratom. They have a wide range of other organic, natural products – like soaps, CBD, and turmeric-based formulations. Of course, their best-sellers are their kratom products which are available as powders, dried leaves, and extracts.

Navigate to their kratom extract department and you’ll find a slim selection of just three different extract strains. But don’t be fooled – what Kats Botanicals lack in variety, they make up for in quality. With 50 times the potency of typical kratom powder, their extracts are made from premium-grade kratom leaves. These highly effective choices are consistent across batches and actually come with a pretty reasonable price tag.

Popular among lots of kratom lovers, the Kats Botanicals extracts are definitely worth their weight in gold. Give all three strains a try to find out which one works best for you, or reach out to their friendly, responsive customer service personnel to get first-hand advice on what will work best for your needs.


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As one of the heavyweights when it comes to kratom extracts, Phytoextractum offers a pretty impressive selection of extracts on their website. The brand specializes in all herbal remedies and extracts, recently adding kratom to their inventory. But despite the addition being relatively new, it has become successful, earning the brand a well-established reputation in the kratom market.

This vendor makes their extracts from premium Mitragyna speciosa specimens, yielding impeccable consistency across batches. That way you can be certain that you’re getting the same quality, effect, and potency whenever you make a purchase.

Each of their kratom extracts goes through extensive quality assurance measures. The brand ensures that all batches of their extract have a mitragynine concentration of at least 11%, with 15% alkaloid in every gram. In effect, the extract is exceptionally potent, requiring less than a gram per use to get the full effects of kratom.

Aside from the great kratom extract quality, it’s worth mentioning that Phytoextractum has some impressive buyer retention programs. Their customer rewards program lets you earn discounts the more you purchase. Plus, they always have a discount coupon or two available on their website to help you save on your purchase and enjoy great quality for a lower cost.

Left Coast Kratom

image of left coast kratom logoThe last pick on our list has to be Left Coast Kratom. This kratom extract vendor has a reasonable selection of kratom extract, leaving you the option to choose a strain that can really address your unique preferences. Of course, they also compete closely with the other brands in terms of quality. Offering premium effects and practical prices, the Left Coast Kratom extract selection can be the perfect choice for first-time buyers.

But there’s a lot more to love about them than just that. Buy $75 USD worth of their kratom products, and receive a 10-gram sample pack of kratom extract for free! Buy $15 USD worth of products and receive a complimentary 1 gram sample pack of your kratom extract of choice! This simple promo offer is how Left Coast Kratom encourages buyers to try out their products and discover the impressive effects their kratom extract choices offer.

Left Coast Kratom is also a leader in customer assistance. You can reach their customer care personnel through email, live chat, or through their dedicated customer hotline. So you can be sure that whatever the time of day, you can get sound assistance on your purchase.

Final Thoughts

Kratom extracts are a great alternative to powders and crushed leaves that are otherwise too tedious to measure or prepare. However, keep this in mind – not all kratom extract vendors you can find online deserve your cash. Before you go out buying any random extract, do your research and stay in the know. Try out these top-ranking online kratom extract vendors to discover the world-class quality and mind-blowing potency that’s sure to keep you coming back for more.