Sunstone Organics Kratom Vendor Review

Sunstone Organics Kratom Vendor Review

Sunstone Organics is a Springfield, OR, based vendor. Their website is very plain, and they sell their products primarily in bulk quantities to headshops and smoke shops around the country.

Sunstone Organics Kratom Review

The overwhelmingly basic nature of their website may suggest otherwise, but Sunstone Organics does have a large list of vendors who stock their Kratom. It’s interesting that so many other vendors do this, considering the big price points associated with Sunstone’s products. In order to make a profit, headshops must mark up their Kratom at least three times more than the typical online rate.

Sunstone Organics Kratom Product Line

This vendor keeps their selection of Kratom products simple. You can purchase either powder or capsule versions of the following:

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

There are a few different options for buying Kratom. Each has unusually high price points, which then have to be increased yet again for a smoke shop to make money.

  • 20 capsules – $8.99
  • 60 capsules – $19.99
  • 150 capsules – $39.99
  • 25g – $14.99
  • 50g – $24.99
  • 100g – $41.99
  • 1 pound (powder or capsules) – $130
  • 1 kilo (capsules or powder) – $230

Sunstone Organics Kratom Coupon Code

In the past, Sunstone Organics has offered promo codes for as much as 25 percent off your order. As of late October 2020, though, there are no coupon codes available.

Sunstone Organics Kratom Consumer Reputation

In 2019, Sunstone voluntarily recalled two of their products due to potential salmonella contamination. This actually shows that they care about their customers, but it didn’t help their consumer reputation. They currently have a 3.7- star average on Google Reviews. When it comes to this vendor, it seems like you either love them or hate them.

  • “Love love love your products.”
  • “When it comes to kratom it can be hard to find not only the right strain but also the right company. The fact they offer a free sample is awesome. Try it first then you know what you’re getting.”
  • “The best and most consistent. Maeng Da ftw.”

On the downside:

  • “If you are looking for honesty or integrity you won’t find it here. There are other, better kratom options out there. Find one that wasn’t written up by USAToday for having nasty bacteria in their products.”
  • “I was treated very rudely by the lady who distributes to all the store here in Bend, OR.”
  • “Better kratom retailers out there. Don’t recommend.”

Sunstone Organics Kratom Customer Service

Sunstone does appear to offer refunds, especially when there is something wrong with your purchase. This is a definite positive. As to the rest of their customer service:

  • “Good customer service and phenomenal products. High quality. Won’t go anywhere else for kratom.”
  • “Placed my first order by check and got here actually fast! So no complaints and everything was as described and arrived well packaged.”
  • “I LOVE this place!!! Mike is amazing!!! Very concerned and helpful.”
  • “Very good service and they try to help there [sic] customers to the best of there [sic] ability!”

On the downside:

  • “Got very sick from this product. Only took one capsule of Kratom.”

Bottom Line


As you’ve probably ascertained from the mixed reviews, Sunstone Organics isn’t for everyone. Not only is it really expensive but some people have had terrible experiences. At the same time, a lot of other people love Sunstone’s products. If you do decide to check them out, it may be best to start with a minimal order. That way, if your experience isn’t the best, you won’t be out a lot of money.

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