Sunstone Organics Kratom Vendor Review

Sunstone Organics is an Oregon kratom brand with products in more than 400 stores nationwide. With placement in Boise, Portland, and Washington it is one of the most popular kratom vendors in the Pacific Northwest.

Located in the college town of Springfield, Sunstone Organics doubles as both a brick-and-mortar apothecary and an online store. Both its land-based shop and its e-commerce website serve as a destination for Indo Kratom. Is this bulk kratom supplier any different from other headshop brands? Find out in today’s complete vendor review.

Sunstone Organics Kratom Review

Sunstone Organics was founded in Pleasant Hill, a suburb of Lane County. It claims to sell the highest quality kratom, but users have debated the veracity of this statement.

Sunstone Kratom is available in ounces or kilos with little variation besides vein color. In this way Sunstone takes things back to basics. You get a streamlined shopping experience that doesn’t waste time with gimmicks or marketing strategies. There is something to be said for a B.S.-free kratom vendor, but there is also something to be said for transparency. Although it succeeds at the former it suffers from a woeful lack of the latter.

Sunstone Organics does not provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, nor does it offer any proof of third-party laboratory testing. Even its About Us page suffers from a dearth of vital info. It isn’t uncommon for vendors to post broad details for a company bio, but it is rare that you find an About page that consists solely of one single paragraph. And that paragraph contains a glaring lie—that Sunstone is committed to making kratom “affordable to everyone who needs it.”

We’ll tell you all about this vendor’s head-scratching prices in a moment, but first things first. The basic nature of Sunstone’s website may suggest otherwise, but Sunstone Organics does have a large list of vendors who stock their kratom. It’s interesting that so many other vendors do this, considering the big price points associated with Sunstone’s products.

In order to make a profit, headshops must mark up their Kratom at least three times more than the typical online rate. One has to wonder whether retailers are getting Sunstone Kratom at wholesale prices or paying what consumers pay via the company’s site.


  • Potent kratom strains
  • No gimmicks
  • Accepts checks and money orders


  • Cost-prohibitive pricing
  • Expensive kratom kilos
  • Does not disclose third-party labs
  • No GMP participation
  • Does not accept Bitcoin
  • Does not accept credit cards
  • Limited payment options
  • Lacks expediting shipping

Sunstone Organics Product Line & Pricing Guide

This vendor limits its selection to the bare essentials, which may be part of its allure. At a time when e-commerce sites are going out of their way to dream up flashy names for their proprietary blends, Sunstone Kratom is keeping things simple with its rustic line of classic veins. This vendor currently stocks Green Vein, Maeng Da Kratom, Red Vein Kratom, Red Maeng Da, White Vein , and White Maeng Da.

This vendor limits its selection to the bare essentials, which may be part of its allure. At a time when e-commerce sites are going out of their way to dream up flashy names for their proprietary blends, Sunstone Kratom is keeping things simple with its rustic line of classic veins. This vendor currently stocks Green Vein, Maeng Da Kratom, Red Vein Kratom, Red Maeng Da, White Vein , and White Maeng Da.

image of sunstone organics kratom products

Green Vein is an optimal choice for morning brews, while White Vein may be a solid choice for the weekend warrior. Many active consumers enjoy white vein kratom. The earthy aroma of these strains is even more amplified when it comes to Maeng Da.

Maeng Da Kratom is widely regarded as the world’s oldest example of Horned Leaf Kratom. Horn Leaf gets its name from the peculiar horn-shaped leaves of these native kratom trees. This is the strain that most seasoned users prefer, although we have found Red Vein to be far more robust. Red Vein is renowned for its soothing fragrance and extensive duration.

With notes of durian and freshly-cut grass, Red Vein Kratom will surely capture your imagination and bewitch your palate. There are a few different options for buying Kratom. Each has unusually high price points, which then have to be increased yet again for a smoke shop to make money.

This may well be the most expensive kratom vendor we have come across in recent memory. Its small-batch kratom starts at $14.99 for twenty-five grams, which is unreal when you consider there are twenty-eight grams in an ounce of kratom powder.

Big name vendors typically charge less than $10 for an ounce. For example, Mitragaia charges five bucks for an ounce, while Golden Leaf Botanicals charges $10.00. Sunstone Organics charges $24.99 for fifty grams, with one hundred grams going for $41.99. These prices are equally baffling when compared to industry standards; most vendors charge around $45-55 for five hundred grams.

Sunstone Organics’ so-called bulk pricing is by far the worst. A pound of kratom powder sells for $130, while a kratom kilo goes for $230.00. The average kratom vendor charges $120 for a kilo, while some native sellers charge as little as $65 for the same. Mitragaia charges $120 for a powdered kilo, with kilo capsules selling for as little as $96.00.

Sunstone Organics offers each of its kratom strains in both powder and capsule form. Encapsulated kratom is the favored method of use for many kratom connoisseurs. Kratom capsules mask the naturally bitter taste of kratom powder, which makes it easier to avoid nausea or gagging. Kratom caps are fast-absorbing and all-natural. You can get a 20-count pack of capsules for $8.99, a 60-count for $19.99, or a 150-count for $39.99. None of these prices are reasonable, especially given the paucity of kratom powder in each cap.

If you are thinking about placing an order with Sunstone Organics, you’ll want to factor in available payment options beforehand. This vendor only accepts money orders or paper checks at this time. This is bad news for many privacy-conscious consumers who prefer to remunerate with cryptocurrencies or PayPal. It is also uncharacteristic of the kratom community given the wealth of payment methods offered by other vendors. The vast majority of online suppliers accept Bitcoin, eChecks, Venmo, and more. When we compare these methods to those offered by Sunstone Organics it makes them look like they are living in a different century.

Shipping & Returns

image of shipping and returns

This is another area in which Sunstone Organics has fallen behind its direct competitors in the space. When you go to checkout you quickly find that you have no say in how your package is shipped or which carrier handles it. All orders are shipped via USPS Flat Rate, with no options for expediting your package. If you are lucky, your order might receive kratom same-day shipping, but even then there is no guarantee that it will reach you in a timely manner.

Speaking of guarantees, Sunstone Organics does not provide a satisfaction guarantee; if you find your item(s) to be substandard your only recourse is to fill out the company’s return form and hope for a response. The reasons for a return are clearly stated on the return form—you can request a return if your order is faulty or you received the wrong item in error. You must specify if the product in question is opened or unopened.

If you return an unopened product you may stand to receive a partial refund, but don’t count on a full refund if you know what’s good for you. It is within this company’s rights to issue refunds at their sole discretion.

Sunstone Organics Kratom Consumer Reputation

In 2019, Sunstone voluntarily recalled two of their products due to potential salmonella contamination. This actually shows that they care about their customers, but it didn’t help their consumer reputation. They currently have a 3.7- star average on Google Reviews. When it comes to this vendor, it seems like you either love them or hate them.

  • “Love love love your products.”
  • “When it comes to kratom it can be hard to find not only the right strain but also the right company. The fact they offer a free sample is awesome. Try it first then you know what you’re getting.”
  • “The best and most consistent. Maeng Da ftw.”

On the downside:

  • “If you are looking for honesty or integrity you won’t find it here. There are other, better kratom options out there. Find one that wasn’t written up by USAToday for having nasty bacteria in their products.”
  • “I was treated very rudely by the lady who distributes to all the store here in Bend, OR.”
  • “Better kratom retailers out there. Don’t recommend.”

Their customer support staff has been well-received among patrons:

  • “Good customer service and phenomenal products. High quality. Won’t go anywhere else for kratom.”
  • “Placed my first order by check and got here actually fast! So no complaints and everything was as described and arrived well packaged.”
  • “I LOVE this place!!! Mike is amazing!!! Very concerned and helpful.”
  • “Very good service and they try to help there [sic] customers to the best of there [sic] ability!”

On the downside:

  • “Got very sick from this product. Only took one capsule of Kratom.”

image of sunstone organics kratom customer reviews

Bottom Line

As you’ve probably ascertained from the mixed reviews, Sunstone Organics isn’t for everyone. Not only is it really expensive but some people have had terrible experiences. At the same time, a lot of other people love Sunstone’s products. If you do decide to check them out, it may be best to start with a minimal order. That way, if your experience isn’t the best, you won’t be out a lot of money.

Would you like to locate a vendor that has a better reputation and pricing? With more than 100 other vendors on our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors, we have plenty of options to choose from.

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