Golden Leaf Botanicals Vendor Review


Golden Leaf Botanicals, AKA Kratom by Golden Leaf Botanicals, is a Colorado-based kratom vendor with a different approach than most online suppliers.

This forward-thinking brand boasts 52 exotic kratom strains, a contact-free herb shop, and an expansive collection of ethnobotanicals and nootropics.

If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of this four-star brand, we’ll clue you in with our comprehensive vendor review.

Golden Leaf Botanicals Kratom Review

Golden Leaf Botanicals began its life as a brick-and-mortar shop in Federal Heights, CO. For those who don’t know, Federal Heights is part of a Home Rule Municipality in Adams County.

Places like Federal Heights take themselves out from under the Dillon Rule which holds that local government only exercises the power granted to them by the state. Home Rule enables such places to self-govern under the auspices of their own legal doctrine and principles.

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As an autonomous municipality, Federal Heights reflects the dream of so many Americans—to exist in a state where personal freedom and alternative lifestyles are a given and privacy is a right, not a privilege.

It should come as little surprise that kratom is legal in Adams County, which is why it has become a mainstay in smoke shops and headshops. Golden Leaf Botanicals first unveiled its brand as one such shop.

Located on the main drag of Federal Blvd., Kratom by Golden Leaf Botanicals has become one of the area’s most popular and celebrated herbal shops. The store has received more than 200 reviews on Google and a legion of return customers.

It wasn’t until some time after the success of its land-based shop that this vendor decided to launch an online companion. When it did, you can well imagine the competition it had to deal with.

Golden Leaf’s e-commerce website went live in 2019. Less than one year later, a rival brand popped up with a similar domain name. Gold Leaf Botanicals also stocks kratom and other herbs.

There are many differences between these two sellers, not least of which is its quality and affordability. While our new friends Brian and Angela at Kratom by Golden Leaf Botanicals provide deep discounts on bulk kratom, Gold Leaf Botanicals charges industry-standard prices for kilos.

Both of these vendors are trusted by many and with good reason. Each has its own pros and cons, but only one has impressed us enough to warrant a review.

This is not a Gold Leaf Botanicals review.

Kratom by Golden Leaf Botanicals should not be confused with similar-sounding brands, such as Golden Botanicals or Golden Leaf Incense. It cannot be confused with these other brands because it’s simply one of a kind.

Golden Leaf Botanicals Product Line

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Where some online sellers allow you to place an order for an amount of kratom powder they don’t have in stock, Golden Leaf limits the available amounts on its product pages.

This is courteous, as it saves you the trouble of wondering why your order is being delayed. Such delays are frequently the result of small-batch kratom vendors leaving you in the lurch, while they order fresh stock from their own kratom source.

In other words, Golden Leaf Botanicals keeps it legit, offering only what is currently in stock. Its inventory can vary widely, but its versatility will not. There are always a ton of kratom products, nootropic options, and more.

Best-selling items include Ashwagandha Root, Bacopa Extract, Golden Leaf Phenibut, Kanna Extract, and Wild Lettuce.


Golden Leaf Botanicals Top Kratom Powders

As we mentioned earlier, this vendor prides itself on sourcing 52 unique kratom strains.

These illustrious and oft-unpredictable Mitragyna speciosa veins include Green Elephant, Green Jongkong, Green MD, Green Sumatra, Green Vietnam, Red Bali, Premium White, Red Bentuangie, Red Horn, Red Sumatra, Red Vietnam, Super Red, White Hulu, White Thai, and White Vietnam.

Gold and yellow vein kratom powder is also available, with batches of Bali Gold, Maeng Da Gold, Yellow MD, and Yellow Vietnam in stock.

Additionally, Brian and Angela carry so-called super-strains, such as Super Red, Super Golden Leaf, and Super Green.

All of its kratom powders start at $10, including fermented kratom and enhanced kratom strains.

Golden Leaf Botanicals Best Kratom Strain

We have been bewitched by many of these robust powders, but one stands out as the absolute best. That honor goes to Green Sumatra. Like Green Malay Kratom, this West Sumatra cultivar contains more Mitragynine than your average green vein.

Green Sumatra’s aroma is pronounced and long-lasting, making for a fragrant cup of tea that will leave lasting impressions on you.

Many reviewers have agreed, that Green Sumatra is a well-balanced strain. Once you’ve had a cup, you’ll probably feel like returning to this one again and again.

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Golden Leaf Botanicals Kratom Extract

Kratom extract is favored by seasoned users who appreciate its added potency. These extracts are commonly prepared by manually removing large concentrations of key alkaloids from multiple kratom leaves.

This concentration of alkaloids is then infused into a micronized kratom powder or a suspended liquid formula.

Golden Leaf Botanicals carries a number of superb kratom extracts in powder and capsule form. These include proprietary extracts, such as K-Lean Gold Vein 30:1 Extract, and third-party extracts, such as King Kratom Extract Powder and O.P.M.S. Gold Extract Capsules.

K-Vein Kratom Extract starts at $10 for two grams of powder, with a 15-gram bottle going for $95.00. You can pick up a 10-gram pouch of King Kratom Extract for $24.95 or a three-pack of OPMS capsules for $25.99.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

You can buy an ounce of kratom powder for the industry-standard price of $10.00. You can also score 84 grams of select strains for $45.00.

You can build a ½ lb split with the strains of your choice for $65 when you use the promo code ‘halfpound.’ Alternatively, you can build your own pound for $130 when you use the code ‘byopound.’

A pound contains approximately 2.20 kilos, which means a ½ lb order gets you more than one thousands grams for less than many online consumers pay for a half kilo.

Shipping & Returns

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This vendor gives customers multiple shipping options via UPS carrier. You can opt for free shipping, which may take up to five business days to arrive, or you can upgrade to one of its expedited shipping methods.

Options include UPS Ground, UPS 3-Day Shipping, UPS 2-Day Air, and UPS Next Day Shipping. The latter is your safest best if you want your package to arrive quickly and securely.

Golden Leaf Botanicals has a firm seven-day return policy, wherein you can return an unopened item and ship it back to them with one of the return labels the company provides.

Once your return has been received, a refund will be issued within three to five business days.

Golden Leaf Botanicals Payment Methods

This vendor only processes payments over the phone. The sole payment option is payment via invoice. To discuss accepted payment methods, you must inquire by phone or contact customer service by email at: support@goldenleafbotanicals.com.

Golden Leaf Botanicals Coupon Code

As mentioned above, this vendor offers regular promotions on all of its kratom products. You can get kratom coupon codes redeemable for as much as 25% off bulk orders or 10% off discount codes redeemable on small-batch kratom.

Golden Leaf Botanicals Consumer Reputation

Although it hasn’t attracted much attention on Reddit and other online kratom forums, Golden Leaf Botanicals has been shouted out on ILK (ilovekratom).

One user wrote, “Ordering was very easy – after submitting online they give you a phone number to call in order to pay by credit card. Someone answered immediately and took my information. Shipping took only a day or two, I can’t remember exactly, but it was quick. Their product comes in resealable bags, which I appreciate.”

Elsewhere, a reviewer said, “The price for the quality is unmatched!”

Yet another user wrote, “Best Kratom I’ve found locally with an amazing value! The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. I am so furtunate to have found them! I love their rewards program and weekday specials to help you save $!”

Bottom Line

Despite its lack of participation in the AKA (American Kratom Association)’s Good Manufacturing Practices program, Golden Leaf Botanicals has demonstrated its purity and potency.

This vendor has a wide assortment of the best kratom strains on the market. It also has affordable prices on bulk kratom.

Based on our research, this Colorado-based supplier is one of the most trusted providers in the Rocky Mountain area. We would definitely recommend this brand to anyone who values quality leaf and economy pricing.

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