Speciosa Life Vendor Review

Speciosa Life is a relatively new kratom vendor with product as fresh as its brand name. Jody and his homegrown team are taking a singular approach to the kratom marketplace by sussing out smaller, more private sources for small-batch kratom.

You’ll want to know all about its methods and diverse product line before placing an order. Read on for the full story.

Speciosa Life Kratom Review

The owner of Speciosa Life has made it a point to offer domestic kratom enthusiasts everything they’ve been missing. Where other online sellers assault your senses with flashy logos and whiplash graphics, Jody’s site provides you with detailed photographs of the Mitragyna speciosa plants.

The site boasts high-resolution images of the very plant matter you could be buying. We’re talkin’ lush green leaves and vibrant bulbs.

As the imagery would suggest, Speciosa Life’s kratom products are fresh, fragrant, and robust. Each strain is sold in a micronized powder, but some may be available in crushed leaf form. The latter is excellent for brewing a pot of tea.

Speciosa Life doesn’t just take a different approach where web design is concerned. It also eschews the wholesale kratom craze in favor of smaller, more intimate networking.

Jody and his team travel far and wide to locate new sources for native Mitragyna speciosa cultivars. He has found some unique strains in some unique regions, many of which are sold strictly in limited batches.

This small-batch kratom availability and the time sensitivity of ordering it make for an adventurous experience that will surely thrill the more impulsive consumer.
image of speciosa life kratom

Speciosa Life Product Line

As its name would suggest, Speciosa Life is all about kratom. Nothing more, nothing less.

The site has a focus that other vendors lack. Each strain is laid out in categories of vein color, origin, and size. There are green, red, and white veins, and the occasional fermented kratom batch.

Golds and yellows are sometimes added where availability permits. Crushed leaf and kratom bones (stem & vein) may also be in stock.

Speciosa Life Kratom Powders

At any given time, Speciosa Life will have approximately 10-15 exotic kratom strains on hand. These potent kratom teas include Green Sunda, Premium Green Hulu, Red Bali, Red Kalimantan, Red Malay, Red Sulawesi, Red Thai, White Banjar, White Elephant, White Sunda.

Prices start at $18 for a 125-gram pouch, with a kilo selling for an industry-low $90.00. You can also get a sampler for $19 or invest in a split kilo. More about this in a moment . . .

Speciosa Life Best Kratom Strain

There are so many sublime strains in this collection, such as Red Sula and Green Sundanese, but White Banjar is, by far, the very best.

This white vein kratom powder hails from the delta island of Banjarmasin where the natives of South Kalimantan cultivate it in select woodlots. The space allows each evergreen tree to reach peak maturity prior to harvesting.

It isn’t the most potent (that honor goes to Green Malay), but it is definitely the most sui generis strain in the bunch, offering a peculiar aroma that sticks around for some time.

What’s It Going to Cost Me?

image of speciosa life kratom cost

If you’re a first-time customer, you can pick up a Sample Variety Pack for just $19.00. This will enable you to test out the brand’s many strains before investing a large chunk of change in a strain that may not be right for you.

Once you’ve determined which strains you like, you can order up with a four-way split kilo selling for just $94.00. That is well below the industry standard of $120-140.00.

For the more frugal consumer, Speciosa Life offer a number of economy pouches, including one hundred twenty-five grams for $18, and two hundred fifty grams for $25.00.

Straight kratom kilos go for $90.00, which amounts to nine cents per gram. When you comparison shop and find vendors charging upwards of forty-five cents per gram, it becomes obvious that Speciosa Life is the most logical choice.

Shipping & Returns

All orders are shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service) or UPS. Customers have a wealth of options to choose from, including Priority Mail, Express Mail, 2nd Day Air, and UPS Ground.

Orders placed before 5 PM (EST) normally receive next-day shipping, although upgraded orders may be eligible for kratom same-day shipping.

Tracking information is provided once your package has been processed. Flat rate shipments normally arrive within three to four business days.

This vendor’s refund policy is unclear, although it does mention the prospect of a return. From what we can tell, Speciosa Life will only accept returns on unopened parcels.

Speciosa Life Payment Methods

Unlike many of its direct competitors, Speciosa Life does not accept major credit or debit cards. However, privacy-conscious users will be thrilled to find they can pay using crypto, such as bitcoins, ETH (Ethereum), or the latest alt-coins.

Traditionalists can pay with a money order, while the consumers of today and tomorrow can purchase their items with Zelle and the like.

Speciosa Life Coupon Code

image of speciosa life kratom coupon code

This vendor regularly delivers discounts to its loyal customer base. Customers who follow the brand on social media will be the first to learn about free giveaways and seasonal promotions.

Alternatively, you can sign up for its email newsletter to automatically receive kratom coupon codes and site updates.

Speciosa Life Consumer Reputation

Sadly, there is little information about this vendor on the usual forum communities. The normally dogmatic crowd who post on Reddit have yet to make a peep about this brand.

Fortunately, fans of the brand have flocked to Double M Herbals, sharing their favorite strains and singling this vendor out for its exceptional quality.

One user said, “All of his leaf is very potent. I just tried…green sunda 2 after putting it up for two weeks and man, this is a fantastic green.”

Another user said, “One of my top vendors. Love the leaf.”

Elsewhere, a user wrote, “I’m no expert, but it’s seriously a lovely website! To see what the product looks like is a big deal, too.”

Speciosa Life Customer Service

Speciosa Life is staffed by empathetic individuals who understand how important the Ayurvedic herb is  to the community. They are available by phone to field questions, offer recommendations, or discuss any issues you may have with your order.

Bottom Line

image of speciosa kratom leaves and capsules

This is a first-rate indie vendor with a lot to recommend it. In spite of its lack of third-party labs or AKA affiliation, Speciosa Life is a safe brand with a trustworthy owner.

Jody isn’t merely responsible for the company name and business registration, he’s involved with the process at every stage of the game.

The result is a site with a generous array of products and a solid reputation. We highly recommend this small batch supplier.

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