Skunk Ape Kratom Vendor Review

Skunk Ape Kratom was one of the Sunshine State’s most talked-about kratom suppliers, but much has changed over the last ten years. What was once a prominent source for high-quality kratom extracts and kratom capsules appears to have dissolved like a bag of ice under the heat of the Florida sun.

When you search for this beloved vendor of UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom) and Maeng Da Thai kratom powders online, it seems like it has fallen off the face of the earth. The truth is likely to be a bit more nuanced. To learn more about this once-celebrated Everglades herbalist, read on for our comprehensive Skunk Ape Kratom Vendor Review.


Skunk Ape Kratom Product Review

Skunk Ape Kratom was launched in 2012, in Jensen Beach, FL, with an obvious intention of cashing in on the popularity of the long-established Skunk Ape name. For those unfamiliar with the so-called Paradise Coast, Skunk-Ape Research Headquarters, AKA Skunk Ape, is a successful tourist trap in Ochopee, FL, with a dedicated gift shop and offices in Marco Island and Naples.

Skunk Ape Kratom became a favorite destination among heads of the Florida swamplands and nationwide kratom enthusiasts alike. Its plethora of exotic kratom strains, such as Green Malaysian, Maeng Da Thai, and Chocolate Borneo made it an instant favorite among the ethnobotanical contingent.

By October 2015, the brand had earned itself Approved Vendor status with the ILK (I Love Kratom) and had received a preponderance of four and five-star reviews on related blogs. The company’s Facebook page attracted more than 10,000 likes and was a hot topic among dozens of customers.

Somewhere along the line, something went amiss. When you visit www.skunk-ape-kratom.com, the former online destination for Skunk Ape Kratom products, you are met with an Account Suspended warning, which reads, “This Account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information.”

In an effort to find out what happened to this long-dormant brand, we attempted to reach out to its former marketing director, Phara Johnston, but we were unable to find any record of this person existing; they do not maintain a Linkedin account and nobody by that name appears to reside in the state of Florida.

image of skunk ape kratom powder

Our research indicates this vendor went out of business in or around 2018. If this information is accurate it would align with a mandatory recall of compromised kratom products, which occurred in April of that year. At the time, the kratom industry was facing turmoil due to the malfeasance of select kratom processors. Much of this undue turmoil was the result of a widespread multistate Salmonella outbreak that had allegedly been traced back to select kratom powders and kratom capsules.

In light of the industry-wide panic, this situation inspired us to believe Skunk Ape Kratom may have taken a page from several shady vendors of the time and closed up shop before it could face unwanted scrutiny. The record shows that several kratom brands were named in the aforementioned kratom recall and subsequent efforts were made by certain institutions to expose misconduct by an untold number of unrelated kratom vendors.

If this is why Skunk Ape Kratom finally shuttered its online store it wisely left no trace that it had done so. This is smart since many less-than-stellar kratom upstarts have been able to learn from their difficult lessons and rebrand in a more compliant and responsible fashion. There is no evidence available to suggest that Skunk Ape Kratom has relaunched under a new name, but little would surprise us in the ever-evolving ethnobotanical space.

Four years on, the company’s closure remains an unfortunate one given what we know about its one-time prosperity. At the height of its powers, Skunk Ape Kratom was regarded as a brand that delivered the goods. Reviewers raved about its colorful “grape” design – a vibrant purple logo in a crazy font – and the secure black pouches its kratom powder arrived in.  The packaging was second only to the quality therein, as many bloggers noted the robust aroma and smooth texture of its micronized kratom leaf.

This vendor’s UEI Kratom received positive accolades from some of the marketplace’s staunchest critics, including a review that praised the kratom extract for saving space, minimizing usage, and saving customers money on expensive bulk kratom powder.

Today, Skunk Ape Kratom leftovers are as rare and elusive as the mythical Bigfoot of Florida’s River of Grass, but many consumers continue to remember its potency and value with fondness. Though it is difficult to find any posts on online kratom forums (most have been deleted over the last few years), head shop owners still get questions about brand availability.

Take, for instance, Scott H. Scott is the owner and operator of an Atlanta, GA, paraphernalia shop. Scott spoke to us on the grounds that his establishment would not be named in this post. A head shop proprietor of more than twenty-two years, Scott says he has gotten more requests for Skunk Ape UEI Kratom than he has OPMS Silver, the highest-performing product in his store.

“I don’t know anything about the place,” he said. “All I can remember is placing the order, filling out invoices like I do for any of the wholesalers I deal with.”

What Scott does remember is the generosity of its owners (“I believe it was a pair of them, two dudes from the coast, who opened this place up for themselves and did it all themselves. Soup to nuts.”). For every kilo of Maeng Da Kratom he ordered, Skunk Ape Kratom would throw in three one-ounce samples of their latest strains. These samples proved influential in his decision to stock their entire product line.

“Free is always persuasive,” Scott told us with a smile. “And something free that’s actually good is like a unicorn. Skunk Ape Kratom was one of the unicorns.”

As Scott’s comments prove, this brand may have been out of business for the better part of a half-decade, but Skunk Ape Kratom has maintained its word of mouth. Customers continue to seek quality kratom extracts and kratom capsules at a fair rate. More on this in a moment.

image of skunk ape kratom powder capsules and leaves

What It Costs & How It Compares

This vendor was famed for its fast, free kratom same-day shipping, but its prices were also worth talking about. You could score an ounce or more of premium-grade kratom powder, enhanced or otherwise, for as little as ten bucks. Kratom kilos were priced at $100, with kilo sales and split kilo discounts as low as $89.00.

At the time, these prices were considered dirt cheap in the domestic marketplace. In fact, the average vendor charged upwards of $120-150 per kilo and some big names, such as PurKratom or Happy Hippo charged $190 or more. As of this writing, the industry average seems to have caught up with Skunk Ape Kratom. For example, Amazing Botanicals charges $74.99 for select kilos or $99.99 for a two-way split.


Skunk Ape Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

Kratom coupon codes and sitewide discounts were a big part of Skunk Ape Kratom’s success. At the time, you could stand to receive thirty percent off your first order. Subsequent visits earned you anywhere from ten to fifteen percent off, with ILK members receiving thirty percent off with select codes. Coupons were even advertised right on its website, with no strings attached.

The market has changed to some degree; most of the big deals are gone now. You are unlikely to find a legit vendor offering free kratom samples or kratom kilo giveaways on social media. If you want to get a simple ten percent off coupon code, you may have to share your email address and other pertinent data with an online seller. In fact, four out of five vendors require you to subscribe to a newsletter, while others require exclusive membership sign-ups.


Was Skunk Ape Kratom Legit?

Yes. Perhaps the saddest part about Skunk Ape Kratom’s demise is its trusted service, which included 24/7 customer service, a satisfaction guarantee, and third-party laboratory testing. All of these features might seem to be something the experienced user takes for granted, but the truth is, most vendors fall flat in maintaining all three.

For every AKA-approved vendor with proof of lab results, there is a dirty dozen backpack vendors selling untested and origin unknown plant matter on social media. Despite efforts by watchdog groups to call out these bad actors of the kratom game, social platforms continue to fall prey to sketchy brands with zero liability built into their terms and conditions.


American Kratom Association

This supplier was not a participant in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. To be fair, the AKA did not launch its groundbreaking initiative until November 20, 2018, which was at least one month after the apparent dissolution of Skunk Ape Kratom.

The GMP Standards Program was conceived as a means by which to assure the public and demonstrate to curious parties the responsibility and proper conduct of the kratom industry. By participating in the program, kratom vendors were consenting to third-party audits of their kratom products and acknowledging their willingness to adhere to standards of manufacturing, labeling, marketing, and distribution of the same.


Top Three Skunk Ape Kratom Alternatives

We mentioned earlier the persistent interest in Skunk Ape Kratom, which suggests demand for higher quality kratom extracts and kratom capsules in the current marketplace. Consumers who are looking for a viable and affordable option are in luck, as there are several terrific brands making the rounds in 2022.

The following is our list of the three best vendors for bulk kratom capsules and kratom extracts. Each of these suppliers has been thoroughly vetted and is a member in good standing with watchdog groups and advocacy organizations:

Crisp Kratom has only been around for a short time, but already it has demonstrated exceptional skills. This GMP-certified vendor delivers indoor-dried kratom leaf that’s undergone batch scoring and lab accreditation. Crisp Kratom bulk kratom extracts are said to be some of the most sublime around, while its kratom powders consistently test positive for two percent of Mitragynine content.

Kona Kratom is another lab-tested brand with GMP participation and a thirty-day money-back guarantee. With exotic strains and awesome deals on its two dozen kratom products, you’ll be happy you said “aloha” to this tropical heavyweight.

Last but not least, New Dawn Kratom is a four-and-a-half-star kratom seller with a storefront in Colorado Springs’ Northgate Shopping Plaza and a dedicated online store. New Dawn offers a wide range of kratom powders at cut-rate prices, with quarter kilos for $16 and fast, free shipping on orders of $39.99 or more. Like other names mentioned herein, New Dawn Kratom is a GMP participant in good standing with the AKA.

image of skunk ape logo

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Skunk Ape Kratom was at the vanguard of the domestic kratom industry, but it has fallen off the map in recent years. Those who wish to avail themselves of excellent service at affordable rates would do well to shop around. Click here for our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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