ReLeaf Kratom : An Honest Review of This Ohio Vendor


ReLeaf Kratom : Ohio’s On-the-Go Vendor

There are several Releaf Kratom reviews online, but not all of them pertain to the relevant kratom vendor. The name Releaf Kratom has been used by a few different vendors in a number of variations, including ReLeaf, Re-LEAF, and Re-Leaf. There is only one Real McCoy, and its name is ReLeaf Kratom.

This Ohio-based kratom vendor is the North Coast’s premier purveyor of quality kratom capsules. Its unique blend of Indo-kratom powders and kratom extracts made it a must among Midwest kratom enthusiasts, but it was the company’s vending machine that captured national attention.

The brand has evolved over the last few years from an in-person retailer to an online vendor. If you’re looking for answers regarding these changes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you everything you need to know in our comprehensive ReLeaf Kratom review.

What is ReLeaf Kratom?

Located in Columbus, OH, ReLeaf Kratom is an online kratom manufacturer whose once-prominent Worthington St. storefront gave many residents of Franklin County their first taste of Mitragyna speciosa. This vendor’s kratom vending machine provided round-the-clock access to quality kratom.

For less than what you’d spend on a pack of cigarettes, you could pick up an ounce of kratom powder or capsules with the click of a button. Unfortunately, the times are changing, and ReLeaf Kratom’s Columbus storefront is no longer accessible. According to Google, the shop is permanently closed.

This North Coast kratom supplier distinguished itself from other kratom vendors by delivering a secure and discreet facility. In order to access its kratom vending machine, you had to enter an access code. This code would gain your purchase to its lobby where its bountiful machine was located.

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It would seem that ReLeaf Kratom’s brick-and-mortar store is the latest casualty of the global pandemic. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Ohio’s favorite kratom vendor has been forced to go online. This may seem regrettable, but for many customers, the change has resulted in a more convenient purchase experience.

Google reviewers have noted the outstanding speed of ReLeaf Kratom’s shipping, with one customer writing, “Ordered online and my shipment was delivered the next day.” Others have noted the incredible selection the brand has in-store on its official website. The site carries an array of exotic strains in multiple vein colors.

The ReLeaf Kratom website may lack the wide variety of your average online brand, but its purchase options, payment methods, and customer support have made it a no-brainer for serious collectors. The company’s bulk options ensure a satisfying shopping experience for any kratom connoisseur.

What Does ReLeaf Kratom Have to Offer?

Anyone could open a ReLeaf Kratom account. You simply added items to your cart and completed the signup process with your email address. From there, you were able to order all of the green vein kratom powder you could want. Strains included Green Bali, Green Elephant, Green Indo, Green Maeng Da, and Green Malay Kratom.

This vendor regularly stocked Red Bali, White Maeng Da, Red Elephant, and White Elephant, as well as its proprietary 15x powdered kratom extract. Alas, this too seems to have changed. Upon visiting its product pages, you will be met with error messages and a notification, which reads, “There are no products to list in this category.”

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What It Costs and How It Compares – Prices and Deals

Prices are no longer disclosed on this seller’s website, nor is any information available about future inventory. At the height of its success, ReLeaf Kratom sold one-ounce pouches of kratom powder for $10, which equates to nearly 36 cents per gram. This does not conform to the current industry average.

For the sake of comparison, Phytoextractum currently charges $7.88 per ounce, while Buy Kratom Powders charges $8.00. These prices typically drop as you order in bulk. For example, New Dawn Kratom charges less than $80 for 1,000 grams of kratom powder.

ReLeaf Kratom Coupon Code and Discounts

This vendor is no longer active on social media. No email newsletter is forthcoming from ReLeaf Kratom. However, the brand has a track record of doling out discounts and promo codes to its loyal customers. In the event that this supplier resurfaces, you can expect free Priority Mail shipping and generous promotions.

ReLeaf Customer Reviews

This brand has been a fixture in online kratom forums, with many Reddit members sharing their impressions. One reviewer said, “He really knows his leaf. He’s never steered me wrong with suggestions.”

Elsewhere, a customer said, “I have traveled over an hour to purchase ReLeaf’s product and it is well worth it! I have referred several friends to try his product and EVERY SINGLE ONE loves it. I have never had any customer service issues with Greg, he takes very good care of his customers.”

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ReLeaf Kratom Shipping and Returns

As we mentioned earlier, this vendor was a reliable source of fast kratom. Every purchase received free kratom same-day shipping with USPS Priority Mail. Those who wished to expedite the shipping process could do so by upgrading to a paid shipping method, such as Express Mail.

Top ReLeaf Kratom Alternatives

This vendor may be shuttered, but it isn’t too late for you to get your hands on quality kratom extract and capsules. There are numerous brands that are every bit as trustworthy and dependable as ReLeaf once was. The following are our picks for the top three ReLeaf alternatives of the moment:


This Utah-based kratom manufacturer is something of a kratom unicorn, exhibiting potency and originality that far exceeds the industry standard. The brand’s delectable MIT GO Black Extra Strength Kratom Gel is a singular honey-based kratom extract that’s as easy to use as it is easy to enjoy. The high quality is matched by its low market price.

New Dawn Kratom

New Dawn is Colorado’s answer to Kratom Crazy, a streamlined site with a wealth of great prices and powerful aromas. Like ReLeaf, New Dawn Kratom takes things back to basics with a line of five classic kratom strains. The bulk buyer will appreciate its $79.99 standard kilo and its $85 four-way split.

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Pure Leaf Kratom

Those who are longing for the variety of a kratom vending machine would do well to check out Pure Leaf Kratom. This e-commerce site is the best online kratom emporium we’ve come across. Popular items include Hush Kratom Liquid Extract, OPMS Gold, and Pure Leaf’s own Red Kali Kratom Capsules. Features include free shipping, live chat, and credit card acceptance.

Bottom Line

Although ReLeaf Kratom has seemingly vanished from the face of the earth, its commitment to quality kratom continues to endure. You can find comparable brands at a fair market price with little to no difficulty. The industry continues to exhibit the excellence that made it a household name.

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