ReLeaf Kratom Vendor Review

ReLeaf Kratom Vendor Review

There are a couple of kratom vendors operating under a very similar name (ReLeaf and Re-Leaf). Today, we’re going to look at ReLeaf Kratom, which is based out of Columbus, Ohio. This online vendor first hit the scene with a local vending machine as well.

When ReLeaf launched their local vending machine, they joined a very small group of entrepreneurs attempting to make Mitragyna speciosa available 24/7. Unlike other companies, though, ReLeaf understood the potential liability issues associated with a vending machine. Therefore, they placed theirs behind a locked door that required a special access code. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to keep the vending machine open.

ReLeaf’s products are still listed on their online shop. As of early January 2020, though, they had nothing in stock and no way to add anything to the online shopping cart. It remains to be seen if ReLeaf Kratom is simply going through a rebuilding phase or if they’re going out of business altogether.

ReLeaf Kratom Product Line

This vendor has always kept a minimal line of Kratom, which makes sense for the vending machine environment. Their online store still lists their product line. Again, though, these options may or may not be purchasable through their site in the future.

  • Powder – Elephant, Bali Indo, Green Bali, White Maeng Da, Green Malay, & Kratom 10x Extracts

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Pricing is currently disabled on ReLeaf’s website. But before their vending machines closed, they sold Kratom powder starting at the industry standard rate of $10 for an ounce. Larger sizes came with a discount, and the website offered up to 1 kilo at a time. Keep an eye on this vendor’s website to see if they come back to life and what their latest pricing looks like.

ReLeaf Kratom Coupon Code

Unsurprisingly, there are no current coupon codes available. However, ReLeaf Kratom does have a solid history of providing deals to existing customers. If they restock their products, you should begin by signing up for their newsletter. They also offer free USPS Priority Mail shipping on all orders over $50.

ReLeaf Kratom Consumer Reputation

There are lots of pros and cons attributed to this vendor from online reviewers. The combination of their old vending machines, brick and mortar store, and online shop earned a 3.4-star average on Google Reviews.

The most recent review from October 2019 states, “the place is closed.” This adds another interesting wrinkle to the mystery of their online shop’s current status. After all, they did update their site’s copyright information to read “ReLeaf Kratom- Columbus, Ohio 2020.”

Previous customers said that this vendor had a “great selection” of “very fresh” products. Several reviews also praise the owner, Greg, and one dubbed ReLeaf as “1000% AWESOME!”

ReLeaf Kratom Customer Service

Customers of ReLeaf Kratom have had many positive things to say about their customer service. Some comments include “the quality is amazing as well as the service,” “great product and friendly owner,” and “he [the owner, Greg] takes very good care of his customers.” Many people also alleged in their reviews that the negative comments came from a local competitor instead of actual customers.

The online shop doesn’t make ReLeaf’s return policy completely clear. However, it does say that anyone who is unhappy with their purchase should “contact us and we will replace it.”

Bottom Line

Kratom powder

We don’t know when or if you’ll be able to buy Kratom from ReLeaf again. This vendor definitely has many fans hoping that things will return to normal, though, so we’ll be keeping an eye on their site. If they do restock and keep their competitive rates, this could be a good shop to check out. Those in Ohio would especially benefit from super quick shipping as all orders are shipped via Priority Mail.

In the interim, we’ve made it super easy to find vendors that are currently accepting orders. Visit The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for numerous options.

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