Miracle Kratom Vendor Review

Miracle Kratom is an American kratom vendor with a chain of brick-and-mortar locations and a popular online store. It has become famous for stocking dozens of kratom strains in varying vein colors.

In spite of its renowned variety, Miracle Kratom may not be as heavenly as its name would suggest. What we discovered about its pricing, purity, and return policy gave us serious pause.

You need to read on to learn the truth about this multiregional Mitragyna speciosa supplier.

Miracle Kratom Review

Miracle Kratom opened its first land-based shop in Columbus, OH back in 2016. The store’s sleek, minimalist interior immediately drew attention to what was an otherwise unremarkable shopping plaza.

Soon, Miracle Kratom’s place on the West Broad Centre strip saw business boom. The locals of the Discovery City were turned on to kratom because of this store and the store, in kind, was turned into a goldmine thanks to the locals.

In no time at all, the owners had generated enough revenue to open a second boutique-style shop in Bellevue, KY. Bellevue’s close proximity to Cincinatti ensured that they would be able to keep a watchful eye on both properties.

Of course, there are many things to keep a close eye on when you’re looking to be a success. Purity, safety, transparency, and fairness are as important to quality kratom vendors as they are to kratom consumers.

A top-tier kratom vendor knows to volunteer third-party lab results, keep prices low, offer customers the benefit of the doubt, and hold themselves to the same standards as they would hold others.

Alas and alack, Miracle Kratom has failed to follow these fundamental steps to staying in customers’ good graces. It does not disclose certificates of analysis from any independent laboratories, nor does its website bother to mention quality control.

The prices of its products range from cut-rate to cutthroat, depending on how much you are buying. And its return policy will leave you wondering what some unruly customer did in the past to inspire such mistrust.

Another shady thing about Miracle Kratom is its URL. Instead of going with a no-brainer like Miraclekratom.com, the company uses buykratompowders.com, presumably to drive traffic from all over the country.

While this makes sense from a business standpoint, we can’t help feeling like it’s a bit sketchy.

On the bright side, Miracle Kratom has a lot of interesting items to choose from. Its online store is every bit as enticing as its land-based establishments.

Miracle kratom review

Miracle Kratom Product Line

This vendor has a profusion of all-natural kratom powders, including proprietary blends and plain leaf kratom strains.

Unfortunately for those who prefer ready-made, easy-to-swallow solutions, there are no kratom capsules or liquid kratom shots. Miracle Kratom’s sole focus is kratom in powder form.

Miracle Kratom Powders

DIY kratom connoisseurs will find much to love in Miracle Kratom’s expansive line of green, red, white, and yellow vein kratom powders.

The following is a full list of all its strains and blends:

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

Miracle Kratom’s products start at eight dollars for an ounce of powder, with two ounces selling for $15.00.

You can pick up four ounces for $28, eight ounces for $50, sixteen ounces for $85, or a kilo for $160.00.

At eight dollars for an ounce, you are paying eight cents per gram. This is a fair price by industry standards.

For the sake of comparison, Mitragaia charges five dollars for an ounce, while Kraken Kratom charges as much as $15.99 for the same.

Based on these metrics, one would think Miracle Kratom is well within the low cost range, but consider its larger purchasing options.

Sixteen ounces of kratom for $85 is pretty steep when you do the math. There are approximately 453 ½ grams in a 16-ounce pouch. That is less than a half kilo, which typically consists of five hundred grams.

A half kilo usually sells for somewhere around $50-70.00. For example, Golden Road Botanicals charges $70, while Payless Kratom charges $66.99 for a 20-ounce pouch.

More alarmingly, a kilo sells for $160 at Miracle Kratom’s online store. This is at least $40 more than what most online kratom vendors charge. Many of the biggest names in the business sell kilos for between $99.99 and $120.00.

For the sake of comparison, Krave Botanicals charges $99.99 for a kilo, while Nu Wave Botanicals charges $105.00 for the same.

At $160, Miracle Kratom is offering kilos at 16 cents per gram. This isn’t the most cost-prohibitive price on the market, but it’s far from what most online buyers would consider fair.

On a positive note, Miracle Kratom lists its kilo as containing 36 ounces. If you do the math, this works out to more than a kilo. There are approximately 1,020 ½ grams in a 36-ounce pouch, whereas most kilos contain no more than 1,000 grams.

Shipping & Returns

Miracle Kratom only offers Flat Rate shipping via USPS (United States Postal Service). This is problematic since the post office has been experiencing unprecedented delays.

This vendor is adamant about its no refund policy. The site clearly states, “All sales are final. An exchange or store credit may be available in certain circumstances.”

Miracle Kratom only gives its customers seven days from receipt of their orders to request a return. You are responsible for the cost of return shipping, and packages must be unopened.

Miracle Kratom Payment Methods

The only thing more disturbing than Miracle Kratom’s prices and return policy is its antiquated payment option. This vendor only accepts money orders.

Credit and debit cards are only accepted at its brick-and-mortar locations, and cryptocurrencies are out of the question.

What’s more, no coupon codes are offered or accepted at this time.

Miracle Kratom Consumer Reputation

Although it is listed as an approved vendor by I Love Kratom, there is little to no information about customer experiences online. Miracle Kratom lacks brand recognition on online kratom forums, and it has yet to receive a mention on Reddit.

However, local customers have been vocal about their support for this small-town supplier. Miracle Kratom currently has more than 900 Google reviews.

One customer says, “These guys have the best kratom I’ve found anywhere in smoke shops or online.”

Another user writes, “They quality is terrific and the prices can’t be beat.”

Although it lacks the savings and safety measures typical of online brands, Miracle Kratom is obviously doing something right on a grassroots level.

Miracle Kratom Customer Service

If there’s a silver lining to this review, it’s the ease with which you can deal with customer service. Miracle Kratom gives you the option of filling out an online contact form, emailing the company, or calling its Ohio phone number.

In each case, we found the average wait time to be around 10-15 minutes. Calls are picked up promptly, while the online contact form generally results in a quick response. Emails are typically answered within hours of being sent.

Bottom Line

In spite of its obvious blind spots, Miracle Kratom has established itself as a Midwest giant. This vendor has a wide assortment of goods at a somewhat competitive price.

That being said, we frown on most of its purchasing and payment options, and would not recommend it to anyone looking for affordable bulk kratom powder.

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