Madam Kratom Vendor Review

Madam Kratom was arguably the most recognized name in Canada’s evergreen kratom industry. But this Montreal kratom vendor fell on hard times over the last few years and it has yet to bounce back.

To better understand the unfortunate and enigmatic disappearance of this once-great brand, we have compiled the following information. As you will soon discover, this City of Saints supplier had a lot of problems.


Madam Kratom Review 

Founded in 2011, Madam Kratom was one of the first shops to sell kratom powder in Canada. As a newly-minted business with an untested product, Madam Kratom did not immediately catch on. At first, the business struggled to attract customers and failed to connect with its multiple kratom strains. This was likely due to its air of secrecy. According to a Vice article from December of 2016, the “Madam” was a shifty lady who arranged to meet a customer in the lobby of an old industrial building. This post goes on to chronicle her paranoid behavior and insistence that customers are better off ordering from her website.

This kind of odd behavior was sure to rub some people the wrong way and would have certainly raised red flags among seasoned kratom enthusiasts. Add to this the astronomical prices Madam Kratom was charging and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. But the self-destruction didn’t stop there, as this Quebec connect was prone to bizarre decisions.

For example, 2016 saw the vendor launching a second website ( that was identical in content to its initial site ( This confusion only hastened the public’s dismissal of the brand as a whole.

While one user explained that was its new site, another user was quick to point out that both sites shared the same product line. And neither site provided consumers with any valuable information about kratom, opting instead to reel people in with colorful imagery. Madam Kratom finally shut its doors in 2019 after years of sketchy activity and poor consumer feedback.

Madam Kratom Product Lineimage of madam kratom vendor

Although it has long since gone belly-up, this Montreal kratom seller maintains a number of social media profiles, each of which feature outdated posts about its many products. At this vendor’s peak, it carried more than 25 unique kratom strains in an array of vein colors.

Madam Kratom Powders

Over the years, Madam Kratom had stocked so many kratom powders that it would be impossible to list them all. At one point, it was the only kratom vendor carrying White Sumatra in Canada’s southwest province. Visitors to the Gibraltar of America could get their hands on all of the following (and more):

  • Green Hulu Kapuas
  • Green Borneo
  • Maeng Da
  • Red Horned Leaf
  • Red Kali
  • Red Malay
  • White Bali
  • White Riau
  • White Thai

Prices started at $40 for a mere twenty-five grams. More on this in a moment.

Madam Kratom Capsules

image of kratom leaves and capsules

It is unclear whether Madam Kratom offered its powders in capsule form, though it seems likely. Encapsulated kratom has long been a mainstay on the smoke shop scene and it is favored by many consumers for its convenience.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

It will not cost you anything because this vendor is no longer in business. At the height of its powers, Madam Kratom had some of the most expensive kratom powders in the True North (or anywhere else). This vendor charged $40 for twenty-five grams of kratom powder. The most shocking thing of all was its lack of incentives.

Where many vendors would provide discounts to customers who opt to purchase more, Madam Kratom would charge $40 per twenty-five grams even if you were buying three or more strains in that size. Each strain was available in pouches of twenty-five, three hundred, and six hundred grams, with kilos also stocked on a regular basis.

Limitations on international shipping would often result in a lack of availability, making the few strains left in stock even more expensive than normal. Its pricing was positively bonkers. $95.95 would only get you three hundred grams, while $214.95 would get six hundred grams. Kratom kilos sold for as much as $328 per one thousand grams. At $328, you would be paying nearly 33 cents per gram. That is nearly three times the industry average for bulk kratom powder.

Shipping & Returns

Madam Kratom provided free shipping to all of its clients. Orders of $60 or less automatically received Canada Post shipping. Alas, no tracking information was given. Customers could upgrade to ExpressPost to expedite their orders, although this method would also take long. Some packages didn’t arrive for weeks.

As with most brick-and-mortar shops, Madam Kratom did not accept refunds. This was yet another of its many shortcomings.

Madam Kratom Payment Methods

This vendor was relatively flexible when it came to payment options. Customers could request alternative methods, such as CashApp, COD (Cash On Delivery), etc.

Madam Kratom Coupon Code

image of madam kratom cupon code

This vendor compensated for its lofty price tags by rolling out regular promotions on its social media pages. The company would frequently Tweet out discount codes and special offers.

Most kratom coupon codes were redeemable for around 10-25% off your total. Unfortunately, many codes were only redeemable on select strains and none of these discounts made up for the price gouging. If you saved a couple bucks with a code, all that did was bring you closer to what you would have been spending at a more reputable site.

Madam Kratom Consumer Reputation

The company was once mentioned on a list of the worst kratom vendors over on Reddit. Elsewhere, a Canadian Reddit member wrote, “Can someone please recommend a domestic vendor that is NOT Madam Kratom…?”

On the other hand, another Reddit member said, “Madam K has been my go-to vendor for a couple of years. Always fast, reliable, and average to good quality.”

Bottom Line

In summary, Madam Kratom was a questionable kratom vendor with shady business tactics. Its kratom never quite rose to the level of great, nor did its prices approach anything one could consider sane.Based on our research, it is clear why this brand vanished into thin air. If you disregard customer standards you are doomed to failure.

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  1. Green Kapuas from Madam Kratom was the best ever Kratom I ever had and I can’t find as good now!!
    Help me if you think there are better strains out there because I’ve tried many without coming close to their Green Kapuas!!


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