Life of Kratom Vendor Review

Most vendors need help to compete with hundreds of other brands. The notion of growing their business only extends to turning a profit.

Life of Kratom is one of the exceptions to that rule. This Ohio-based kratom supplier has successfully opened multiple brick-and-mortar locations and an all-inclusive online store.

Read on to learn how they did it and why you should take notice.

What is Life of Kratom?

Life of Kratom was founded in 2018 after the owner discovered the Ayurvedic herb. They were so taken by kratom’s aroma that they vowed to share it with the rest of the Western world. Life of Kratom is the fruit of their labor.

The company opened its doors on North High Street in Columbus, OH. The shop was such a hit that the owner launched their own franchise, with not one but two additional locations. Today, there are Life of Kratom storefronts in Arch City, Marion, and Westerville. Each shop features a veritable cornucopia of kratom powders.

Life of Kratom is a fair-trade vendor with native partners in Southeast Asia. The brand’s ethical sustainability, customer service, and quality commitment have kept its business thriving.

You can call any of Life of Kratom’s three land-based establishments to speak with a live representative. Be sure to call during business hours on EST (Eastern Standard Time).

What It Has to Offer

This Buckeye State favorite is the only shop in the area to stock 70 unique kratom strains. Life of Kratom’s wide selection of vein colors includes hybrids and ancient cultivars. You’ll always find something that will surprise or delight you.

image of life of kratom products

There are too many strains to choose from…not that we’re complaining. Its products are as potent and fresh as they are diverse and plentiful.

Life of Kratom’s collection consists of Gold Kratom, Green Bali, Green Dampar, Green Dragon, Green Elephant, Green Harmony, Green Horn, Green Kali, Green Maeng Da, Green Vietnam, Maeng Da Supreme, Premium Bali, Red Borneo, Red Dragon, Red Horn Leaf MD, Red Thai, and Red Vietnam.

This vendor’s enhanced powders include Super Green Malay and Super Red Indo. Its white veins include Dragon, Maeng Da, Sumatra, Thai, and Vietnam. Its yellow kratom strains include Elephant, Horned Leaf, and Hulu Kapuas.

Green Dampar has our vote for the #1 strain in Life of Kratom’s collection. This lush green powder hails from the Riau Islands in East Java. The mineral-rich soil and tropical winds of Indonesia’s Dampar Beach give this strain its singular alkaloid and flavonoid profile.

This brand’s famed blends include the ever-popular Life of Kratom Emerald Green, the buzz-worthy Canary Blend, the unpredictable Topaz, and the luxurious White Diamond.

What It Costs and How It Compares

Each Life of Kratom powder starts at $10 for an ounce, with a kilo going for $200.00. The former is typical of the industry, while the latter is pretty high.

These prices will baffle if you’re used to buying bulk kratom powder. At $200 per kilo, you’re paying 20 cents per gram. By contrast, most online vendors charge somewhere between $90.00 and 160.00. Star Kratom charges $99.99, while Kona Kratom charges $159.99.

The margin between Life of Kratom and other brands is significant. However, it’s not the most expensive kratom vendor out there (that questionable honor goes to Happy Hippo Herbals).

This vendor’s high overhead may explain the higher price of a kilo. Keeping the lights burning can be costly with three brick-and-mortar shops. Unlike some internet brands that operate out of their owner’s garage, Life of Kratom is a large-scale operation.

Customers can purchase items with the cryptocurrency of their choosing. You can use bitcoins, ether, or whatever is in your digital wallet. All purchases must be made using Coinbase.

Unfortunately, there are no other options to choose from. No credit cards. No COD (Cash On Delivery). No money orders. If this turns you off, fear not. Online tutorials allow you to learn how to buy BTC with PayPal or debit card.

Shipping & Returns

If there’s anything we dislike more than the high price, it’s Life of Kratom’s lack of detailed information. The site does not discuss lab results or list a refund policy.

Moreover, you are given no say in how your item(s) will be shipped. Our initial order arrived via USPS (United States Postal Service) after four business days. On the bright side, our package arrived safely and discreetly. Each order we have placed has met our quality standards.

Life of Kratom Customer Reviews

At first glance, you may think Life of Kratom is an unrecognized name. The Reddit community has yet to catch on to this vendor. Social media is similarly bereft of many mentions of Life of Kratom.

In spite of its limited social media engagement, Life of Kratom has got plenty of tongues wagging on kratom forums. It’s earned hundreds of Google reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars.

One Google reviewer said, “I have been going to Life of Kratom for years and have nothing but positive things to say. Jack and his team have taken good care of me and continue to do so. By way of my own comparisons, I have found the LOK product to be superior to some of the web-based alternatives.”

Another reviewer raved, “I highly recommend this store to those who want high-quality Kratom for an excellent price…so many varieties of red, white, green, and yellow strains!! The quality is much better than traditional brands you find at head/smoke shops…I’m very impressed!!”

image of life of kratom customer service

Bottom Line

Though it lacks some of the bells and whistles typical of prominent kratom vendors, Life of Kratom remains one of our favorites. This is a reliable brand with an astonishing variety and dependable potency.

It may not be approved by the AKA (American Kratom Association) or in possession of current third-party lab results, but its powders are always pure, powerful, and refreshing. Still on the fence? Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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