Life of Kratom Vendor Review

The kratom industry is a congested one where hundreds, if not thousands, of vendors compete with one another. Most of these vendors are lucky if they manage to stay in business, let alone expand their operations.

Life of Kratom is one of the exceptions to that rule. This Ohio-based kratom supplier has successfully opened multiple brick-and-mortar locations, as well as an all-inclusive online store.

Read on to learn how they did it and why you should care.

Life of Kratom Review

Life of Kratom was founded in 2018 after the owner discovered the Ayurvedic herb. They were so taken by kratom’s aroma that they vowed to share it with the rest of the Western world.

The company first opened its doors on North High Street in Columbus, OH. The shop was such a hit that the owner was able to launch their very own franchise, with not one but two additional locations. Today, there are Life of Kratom storefronts in Arch City, Marion, and Westerville. Each shop features dozens upon dozens of kratom powders.

This vendor practices fair trade with native farmers from Southeast Asia. The ethical sustainability of Life of Kratom’s farming is but one of the many reasons why the brand has been a success.

The friendliness of its staff and the firm commitment to quality has kept them truckin’.

life of kratom vendor review

Life of Kratom Product Line

This Buckeye State favorite bears the distinction of being the only shop in the area to stock 70 unique kratom strains. Additional offerings include homemade kombucha tea.

Life of Kratom carries a wide selection of the best vein colors, including hybrids and ancient cultivars.

You’ll always find something that will surprise or delight you. There are simply too many strains to choose from…not that we’re complaining.

Life of Kratom Powders

This vendor specializes in ethically sourcing fine kratom powder from the more remote regions of Indonesia. Its products possess optimal freshness and potency.

Life of Kratom’s sublime 70 include all of the following:

Each of Life of Kratom’s powders starts at $10 for an ounce, with a kilo going for $200.00. The former is a price typical of the industry, while the latter is pretty high. More on this in a moment.

Life of Kratom Best Strain

Green Dampar has our vote for the number one strain in Life of Kratom’s collection. This lush green vein kratom powder hails from the Riau Islands in East Java. The earthly oasis that serves as Green Dampar’s home also serves as its fortification. The mineral-rich soil and tropical winds blowing in from Dampar Beach give Dampar Kratom its singular alkaloid and flavonoid profile.

Green Vein Dampar has been called the best all-in-one strain, and its aroma has been compared to that of aloe vera and silkwood.

Life of Kratom Blends

Seasoned kratom enthusiasts often grow tired of the same old strains. Sometimes they are unsure as to what they are looking for or what they really need. Signature kratom blends are a viable option for anyone who wishes to experience the synergy of multiple strains in one delicious tea.

This brand’s famed blends include the ever-popular Life of Kratom Emerald Green, the buzz-worthy Canary Blend, the unpredictable Topaz, and the luxurious White Diamond.

Every kratom blend starts at $10 for one ounce and caps off at $200 for a kilo.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

This vendor’s prices are more than a tad concerning, especially if you’re used to buying bulk kratom powder online. At $200 per kilo, you’re paying 20 cents per gram. By contrast, most online vendors charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $90.00-160.00. For example, Star Kratom charges $99.99, while Kona Kratom charges $159.99.

The margin between Life of Kratom and other top brands is severe, to say the least. However, it’s not the most expensive kratom vendor out there (that honor goes to Happy Hippo Herbals).

The higher price of a kilo may be explained by this vendor’s high overhead. With three brick-and-mortar shops open, it can’t be cheap to keep the lights on. Unlike some internet brands that operate out of their owner’s garage, Life of Kratom is a large-scale operation, with numerous employees, locations, and responsibilities.

Shipping & Returns

If there’s one thing we dislike more than the high price it’s Life of Kratom’s lack of detailed information. The site does not discuss lab results, nor does it list a refund policy. What’s more, you are given no say in how your item(s) will be shipped. Our initial order arrived via USPS (United States Postal Service) after a period of three business days.

On the bright side, our package arrived safely, discreetly, and securely. The internal packaging was excellent, with a resealable top and a proper label. Each order we have placed has met with our quality standards. Life of Kratom’s kratom powder is fresh-smelling, light in texture, free of any unwanted materials, and appropriately robust. The duration of Green Dampar’s aroma was especially noteworthy.

Life Of Kratom vendor

Life of Kratom Payment Methods

Customers can purchase items with the cryptocurrency of their choosing. You can use bitcoins, ether, or whatever else is in your digital wallet. All purchases are made via Coinbase.

Unfortunately, there are no other options to choose from. No credit cards. No COD (Cash On Delivery). No money orders. Nada. This surely turns some customers off, but if you’ve never paid with cryptocurrencies before, you can find plenty of simple tutorials online.

Most exchanges selling Bitcoin provide visitors with instructions on how to buy BTC with PayPal or debit card.

Life of Kratom Consumer Reputation

At first glance, you may think Life of Kratom is an unrecognized name. That’s because the Reddit community hasn’t caught on to this vendor and its goods quite yet. Social media is similarly bereft of much mention of Life of Kratom. The vendor’s Facebook page has only received 50 likes and no one appears to be talking about the brand.

Much of this is due to Life of Kratom’s lack of engagement; the last post it made was in December of 2020. No doubt this failure to engage is due to how busy it is. After all, it can’t be easy running three land-based stores and an e-commerce site.

In spite of its local online visibility, Life of Kratom has got plenty of people talking about them. While it may not have tongues wagging on kratom forums, it’s earned nearly 300 Google reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars.

One reviewer on Yelp called the staff genuine people who care about your well-being, writing, “Been coming here for over a year and never disappointed with quality or selection.”

In a recent Google review, another customer said, “Great place and great product…This place is a class act.”

Life of Kratom Customer Service

You can call any of Life of Kratom’s three land-based establishments to speak with a live representative. Be sure to call during business hours on EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Alternatively, you can fill out the online contact form to receive a reply by email. You can expect to receive a response in under 24 hours.

Bottom Line

Though it lacks some of the bells and whistles common of big name kratom vendors, Life of Kratom remains one of our favorites. This is a reliable brand with an astonishing variety and dependable potency.

It may not be approved by the AKA (American Kratom Association) or in possession of current third-party lab results, but its powders are always pure, powerful, and refreshing.

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