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Laughing Lion Herbs is widely considered one of Colorado’s finest. It has maintained a solid reputation, with starred reviews across numerous platforms. But is this reputation well-earned? Let’s take a closer look!

What is Laughing Lion Herbs?

Laughing Lion Herbs is a Centennial State kratom supplier specializing in craft-style kratom and kava products. It is a GMP-certified brand with a plethora of exotic kratom blends and recovery kits. The site was relaunched in late 2020, having undergone a facelift.

The new and improved design and user-friendly interface make it a pleasure to deal with this Little Rock kratom supplier. The remodel includes convenient dropdown menus, links to third-party lab results, and educational blog posts. You’ll also find verified consumer feedback, refund instructions, and more.

Laughing Lion Herbs differentiates itself from other kratom vendors by allowing patrons to customize blends. Additionally, it produces a kratom tolerance reset kit, which may appeal to veteran herbal enthusiasts who feel a bit burnt out.

There are a lot of unique products to choose from, many of which are on sale. Bulk kratom buyers will be disappointed by its lack of kratom kilos or bundles, but fans of small-batch kratom will find much to admire about this seller’s collection.

What It Has to Offer

Laughing lion herbs kratom products

You can purchase a vast assortment of kratom products from Laughing Lion Herbs. Fresh kratom strains include Golden Thai, Premium Gold Maeng Da, Premium Green Bali, Green Hulu, Green Maeng Da, Green Thai, Red Bali, and White Thai. Each kratom powder is available in a variety of sizes.

There are many signature blends, such as Apex, Colorado Sunrise, Electrobuzz, Fuzzy Blanket, Ignite!, Mystery, Rocket Fuel, and Ryujin. Other items include its brand-new Air Kratom, Custom Kratom Elixir, and Kratom Tablets.

What It Costs and How It Compares

Prices start at $10 for 50 grams of kratom powder, with 250 grams going for $38.00. These prices compare favorably to those charged by most online vendors and right in line with Golden Monk kratom powder prices. For instance, Earth Kratom charges $49.99 for 250 grams. However, its bulk prices could be more optimal.

Laughing Lion charges $70 for 500 grams. For comparison, New Dawn Kratom charges $49.99 for 500 grams and $79.99 for 1,000 grams. Brands like New Dawn have been slashing prices in response to the economic downturn. Others, like Laughing Lion, appear to be maintaining their usual fees.

Laughing Lion Herbs Kratom Coupon Code

Laughing lion herbs kratom coupon

Not everyone can afford to pay 14 cents per gram. Laughing Lion Herbs understands that when you buy kratom, you may need some help to afford it. This seller introduces new coupon codes regularly. The code ‘CBPROMO’ is redeemable for two free ounces when you purchase $50 of the product.

Laughing Lion Herbs Customer Reviews

When we say this vendor has an excellent reputation, we mean it. With a 4.7-star average from over 200 Google Reviewers and a 4.8-star average from almost 500 Trustpilot reviewers, you know that this is a site you can count on. Let’s take a look at some of the comments it has received.

One Google reviewer said, “Always fast shipping, always received my orders, always quality. I know that if anything goes go wrong (order lost), it will be resolved quickly…The products are really top-notch. The amount of testing, filtering, and other quality control protocols are far superior to any other company I have tried.”

This same reviewer points out that it isn’t the vendor’s fault when a carrier, such as USPS, fails to deliver a customer’s package on time. They also explain why they never trash a brand for one disappointing experience, writing, “I don’t leave negative reviews because one particular product didn’t do it for me. I think this applies to anyone, as we all have our favorites for a reason.”

Another customer wrote, “Laughing lion is a top-tier company that I’ve trusted for over 2 years. Their customer service is the best of any online vendor around. I give these guys a 10/10 and am very experienced in online retail and will hold strong with that rating.”

Top Laughing Lion Kratom Alternatives

MIT45 Gold shot, kratom extract


(Full disclosure: MIT45 acquired Golden Monk in August 2022.)

If you’d like access to a greater variety of kratom extracts, you’d do well to check out MIT45. This GMP-certified manufacturer was among the first companies to participate in the AKA’s Good Manufacturing Practices program. It is also the first vendor to offer 45% mitragynine-dominant kratom in liquid form.

MIT45 Kratom has attracted a mountain of critical acclaim. Its innovative line of liquid kratom extracts has kept it at the forefront of the headshop scene. MIT45’s latest creation, MIT GO Black Extra Strength Kratom Gel, is a first-of- its-kind product imbued with sweet and spicy kratom potentiators. At $11.95 for a two-serving pouch, it’s a dynamite value.

New Dawn Kratom

If you’re a Colorado resident looking to try something new, New Dawn Kratom is the place for you. This vendor’s online store is renowned for its generous deals on bulk kratom powder. It is also ideal if you’re in the market for horned leaf kratom.

This Colorado Springs kratom supplier gives you incredible deals on kratom kilos. As we mentioned earlier, a standard kilo will cost $79.99. A two-way split kilo will cost you $80, while a four-way split will cost $85.00. As an added perk, bulk orders receive free kratom same-day shipping.

Bottom Line

Laughing lion herbs mission statement

Laughing Lion’s prices are a bit on the high side but with quality this good, who wouldn’t be willing to pay for it? Many people are pleased with its products and customer service. Still, there are a lot of viable options out there. Always keep that in mind.

Still on the fence? Be sure to check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. With more than 85 vendors, you’ll find just what you’re looking for.


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