Kure It Kratom Vendor Review

Kure It Kratom was a Southern kratom vendor with a reputation for quality kratom products, including Indo Kratom, Bali Kratom, and proprietary kratom blends. Kureitkratom.com was the official online store of Kure It Kratom for nearly four years, but this Georgia brand appears to have vanished.

If you’ve been eager to buy Kure It Kratom, you’ll want to keep it here for all the facts about this DeKalb County kratom supplier. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Kure It Kratom and its unfortunate demise in our comprehensive Kure It Kratom Vendor Review. Read on for all the details.


Kure It Kratom Product Review

Founded in August of 2018, Kure It Kratom was a homegrown kratom vendor from Tucker, GA. We say was instead of is because we were unable to find the hide or hair of this brand online. With the exception of half a dozen vendor reviews, Kure It Kratom isn’t so much as hinted at in current search engine results.

The only trace of Kure It Kratom that seems to remain is the company’s URL: https://kureitkratom.com, which now redirects to kureitkratom.wordpress.com, where the domain name is no longer listed as active.

If you visit the site, a message reads, “This site has been archived or suspended for a violation of the Terms of Service.” This strongly suggests the dissolution of Kure It Kratom as a current brand. We were unsuccessful in our attempts at locating proof of Kure It’s business registration.

Kure It Kratom set itself apart from other brands by manufacturing finely ground kratom powder. This powder was so fine it was downright alarming. Most true blue kratom enthusiasts appreciate some semblance of grain to remind them they are getting something truly organic. That was not the case here.

image of kure it kratom product

This vendor’s packaging had the look of quintessential smoke shop kratom – each batch of kratom powder came in a gaudy faux-gold pouch, while its kratom capsules came in cheap, amateurishly labeled jars. None of its packaging carried appropriate instructions or warnings, only bar codes.

Kure It Kratom had a limited variety of strains, including green vein, red vein, white vein, and at least one signature blend. They included Kure It Kratom Bali, Kure It Kratom Hulu, and the Kure It Kratom Trainwreck Blend. None of these have found favor among members of online kratom forums.

After launching in 2018 this vendor looks like it was easily eclipsed by the superior and similarly-named Kure Kratom. In stark contrast to its predecessor, Kure Kratom is a  fairly legit vendor from Michigan with a functioning e-commerce site, a social media presence, and a guarantee.

Unlike Kure It Kratom, Kure Kratom is a customer-friendly brand with an email newsletter, awe-inspiring deals, and a satisfaction guarantee. What’s more, Kure Kratom has placement in some of the biggest chain smoke shops on the East Coast and is an ergonomic online store.

Kure Kratom’s success illustrates why Kure It Kratom may have failed so miserably. In the over-saturated kratom industry, it pays to put your customers first and your bottom line second. It also pays to read the Terms and Conditions before checking any boxes with a web hosting service.


What It Cost & How It Compares

Kure It Kratom’s prices started at $14.99 and capped off at $28.99. From what we can tell, kratom powder was only offered in packages of fifty grams or one hundred grams, which didn’t exactly blow any minds. These prices were reasonable enough, but they weren’t low enough to leave an impression.

For the sake of comparison, 99kratom.com offers a sampler of fifty grams for just $5.99, while Pure Leaf Kratom offers one hundred grams of authentic Maeng Da kratom powder for $15.00. Alternatively, you can get one hundred grams of Nodzilla kratom powder for $15 at Payless Kratom.

image of kure it kratom how it costs and compares

Kure It Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

We cannot say for sure whether Kure It Kratom provided kratom promo codes at any point, as its website is no longer active. However, the lack of social media accounts or Reddit invites suggests a failure to promote discounts or exclusive deals.


Kure It Kratom Customer Reviews

No positive, verifiable consumer reviews of Kure It Kratom appear to exist. There are no starred ratings or comments listed on any third-party websites, nor are there any vendor recommendations for this brand on kratom-related threads. There is a ponderous scarcity of buzz about this brand on Reddit.


Kure It Kratom Complaints

A YouTube kratom channel reviewed Kure It Kratom products, concluding after use that such “gas station stuff does not work.” If we go on the evidence currently available on the internet this is the only honest assessment of Kure It Kratom you are likely to find.

Although blog reviews have presented this brand as something innovative and pure, we have seen no convincing evidence of its quality. On the contrary, Reddit comments have been less than enthusiastic. One reviewer wrote of Trainwreck Blend, “I have 25 grams…just sitting on the shelf…I got ripped off.”


Is It Lab Tested?

At least one spurious blog review pointed to Kure It Kratom as being better for people than other brands, but this looks to be little more than irresponsible hyperbole. There is no record of Kure It Kratom being a pure or unadulterated brand of kratom powder.

image of is kure it kratom lab tested

After digging around on Bing, Duck Duck Go, and Google, we could not locate so much as a trace of Kure It Kratom’s quality control practices. There are no records of third-party certificates of analysis, Furthermore, we have not found any reference to lab testing, GMP certification, or industry approval.


Is Kure It Kratom Legit?

Based on our research, we believe Kure It Kratom was an illegitimate kratom manufacturer, one that neglected to earn a positive consumer reputation. As we mentioned earlier, Kure It Kratom did not publish lab results online, nor did it advertise itself as a lab-tested brand.

Whereas top-shelf kratom vendors establish a following on Reddit and similar platforms, Kure It Kratom never bothered to get the word out about its head shop kratom. There is no vestige of Kure It Kratom on Double M Herbals, I Love Kratom or any other kratom forums we are aware of.


American Kratom Association

Kure It Kratom never participated in the AKA’s infamous GMP Standards Program. This landmark project was designed to keep kratom vendors amenable to the changing laws and safety guidelines governing the kratom industry. It also protects consumers against unsafe kratom products.

Many of the industry’s top brands have participated in the program, which requires them to voluntarily submit to a third-party audit. In this way, they prove to customers that they are committed to producing pure, unadulterated kratom products.


Closing Thoughts

In summary, Kure It Kratom was a less-than-savory kratom supplier with an apparent dearth of industry bonafide. If you are looking for a legit kratom brand with a more demonstrable commitment to the kratom community, check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.