Nodzilla Kratom Review: Quality & Customer Insights


Nodzilla Kratom is a product of Herbal Salvation, a Louisiana-based kratom vendor with a long and storied history in the ethnobotanical industry. For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, Herbal Salvation is a homegrown business that was founded in 2012. Owned and operated by a husband and wife team from Baton Rouge, the company specializes in clean, pure kratom products and CBD solutions.

Nodzilla Kratom is its line of premium grade kratom extract, which comes in powder, capsule, and tincture form. Its kratom tincture is famed for its supposed potency and purity, but this vendor’s production methods may give some consumers pause.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing this proprietary kratom extract there are some things you need to know beforehand. Read on for the full skinny on Nodzilla Kratom by Herbal Salvation in our comprehensive vendor review.


Nodzilla Kratom Product Review

Right out the gate let’s talk about this brand’s packaging: Nodzilla Liquid Kratom Shot comes in a tiny, easily bendable plastic bottle with a cheap label that is lacking in any important information. This is not the kratom label of the future, this is a label that takes clear advantage of a lack of kratom regulation in the United States.

In recent years, legislation has been proposed to require all kratom processors to carry labeling that includes serving instructions, strain origins, measurements, and appropriate safety warnings. The Kratom Consumer Protection Act has not been adopted by all US states, but select states and municipalities have drafted their own variations of this landmark Senate bill. This is worth keeping in mind when purchasing kratom products online, as improperly labeled items may be technically illegal where you live.

Representation is a definite problem area for Herbal Salvation; the logo and overall layout of Nodzilla Kratom are amateurish in design and give one the impression of a low-rent head shop kratom product. It puts us in mind of brands like Krypton Kratom that have proven to be potentially dangerous to consumers. Like Krypton, Nodzilla Kratom contains active ingredients besides Mitragyna speciosa. These may include the controversial substance Phenibut, which is shrewdly listed as PHP on its label.

Then there is the name and all of the unsavory implications of the same. “On the nod” is a common expression used to describe the drowsy, near-unconscious state of addicts under the influence of downers. In this context, “nod” evokes images of a lifestyle that is irresponsible and potentially deadly. Products with slang names like Nodzilla threaten to undermine the legitimacy of the kratom industry as a whole.

image of nodzilla kratom logo

Feckless brand names and negligent packaging aside, Nodzilla Kratom has been embraced by a small subsection of the global kratom community. Select customers have given Nodzilla Kratom Extract Tincture a four-star rating or better, while others have noted how much easier it was to enjoy than the notorious “toss ‘n wash.”

Speaking of the toss ‘n wash method, Nodzilla Kratom Powder is also made available by Herbal Salvation and its affiliates. Alas, this “premium powder” is not offered in bulk kratom amounts. The most you can order is one hundred grams.

Nodzilla Gold Reserve is arguably the most coveted kratom strain in this vendor’s collection. Gold Reserve is one of its gold kratom strains, which also includes Vietnam Gold and Yellow Vietnam. Nodzilla Gold Reserve Kratom is said to be one of the most popular products on the planet, but this assertion is not corroborated by testimonials. Other strains include Nodzilla Green Malay and Maeng Da Kratom.

Nodzilla Kratom Capsules are available for those who cannot handle raw powder. Kratom capsules mask kratom’s naturally bitter taste. They are also easier to carry, conceal, and enjoy on the go. Many users take kratom capsules when they’re at the gym or en route to a business engagement.

Nevertheless, Nodzilla Kratom Liquid remains Herbal Salvation’s number one bestseller, a 15ml kratom extract that allegedly packs quite the punch. Nodzilla Kratom tincture contains a number of inactive ingredients which may be counterintuitive for customers on strict diet plans. These ingredients include sugar, ethyl alcohol, and sodium.

Before placing an order, you should be aware that Nodzilla Kratom is more than a mere kratom extract.  Whereas other kratom extracts are simply made by extracting the alkaloids from several raw kratom leaves, Nodzilla Kratom is produced by combining an alcohol-based kratom extract with Phenibut and GABA. When taken individually these chemical compounds may lead to adverse reactions. Therefore, they pose a serious risk if combined.

Not only can Phenibut lead to dependence but its long-term symptoms, include complications of the liver and blood. Phenibut is closely related to the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which makes the inclusion of GABA isolate in Nodzilla Kratom that much more perplexing.

GABA analog has been associated with constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, and so forth. When taken in concert with other potentially detrimental substances, GABA’s symptoms may be potentiated or even compounded.

In light of this information, users are advised against purchasing items that contain a combination of Kratom, Phenibut, and/or GABA. Before buying such products customers should do their own independent research. Always take your personal preferences and sensitivities into consideration before buying head shop kratom products.

image of nodzilla kratom products

What It Costs & How It Compares

Depending on where you end up shopping, this brand can either be fairly affordable or somewhat expensive. How much you spend will also be determined by what you are looking for. For example, kratom capsule prices vary wildly from those charged for kratom tinctures.

You can get Nodzilla Kratom in bulk by shopping at www.earthgrownwellness.com. There you will find twenty-five cases of Nodzilla Kratom Liquid Extract for $12.99.

If you choose to buy directly from Herbal Salvation, here is what you can expect to spend: $19.99 for thirty grams of powder, $29.99 for sixty grams, or $39.99 for one hundred grams. Nodzilla Kratom Capsules start at $29.99 for one hundred caps, with two hundred going for $39.99. Nodzilla Kratom Tinctures sell for $15 per 15ml bottle, which amounts to a dollar per milliliter.

For the sake of comparison, Choice Kratom offers thirty grams of kratom powder for $17.99 or sixty grams for $24.99. Meanwhile, GLA Kratom charges $20 for thirty grams, which demonstrates the comparability of Nodzilla Kratom to similar brands.

That said, Herbal Salvation’s prices are not the lowest on the market by any stretch. At $19.99 for thirty grams, you will be paying more than sixty-six cents per gram. That is extremely high even by e-commerce standards. To wit: the current industry average is twelve cents per gram. For example, Mitragaia charges three dollars for a 50x extract or five dollars for an ounce of kratom powder.

This vendor currently accepts all major credit and debit cards. Unfortunately, it does not appear to accept any other payment options at this time. If you would like to discuss alternative payment methods you can call customer service at 1-844-666-3398.


Nodzilla Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

image of nodzilla kratom coupon code

You can use the code ‘hs10’ to get ten percent off your first order at checkout. This is only one of the many kratom coupon codes offered by this seller. You can sign up for its email newsletter to receive exclusive offers, special promotions, and the latest news on its catalog.


Nodzilla Kratom Customer Reviews

Nodzilla Kratom Extract reviews have been mixed, with many consumers noting the value of the extract while acknowledging the dubiousness of its presentation. One reviewer said, “I hate the ‘Nodzilla’ moniker. It’s really cheesy gas station marketing. But it really worked well when I first tried it. And much easier to take than making tea or capsules. And toss and wash never worked out well for me.”

Nodzilla Kratom Shot reviews on Reddit have been largely positive, with one member writing, “One of the best kratom shots on the market in my opinion.” Another user agreed, writing, “Good products.” As we mentioned earlier, many customers on online kratom forums and e-commerce sites have given this line of products four-star ratings.


Nodzilla Kratom Complaints

Although we were unable to find any negative consumer feedback, we did find that Herbal Salvation has faced litigation. This vendor is now under the umbrella of Viable Solutions, a limited liability company that has been named in at least one lawsuit, namely Viable Solutions, L.L.C. v. Solace Consulting, LLC.


Is It Lab-Tested?

image of nodzilla kratom lab test

Herbal Salvation makes no claims about third-party laboratory testing, nor does it provide certificates of analysis on its website. As one of the biggest brands in the United States, this is more than a little disconcerting. However, it is not out of the ordinary for such vendors to keep their testing methods close to the vest.

If you are considering a purchase, you would do well to request lab results beforehand. Trustworthy vendors are usually all too happy to furnish potential customers with proof of purity and potency.


Is Nodzilla Kratom Legit?

Based on our research it would seem that Nodzilla is a questionable product with some less than ideal ingredients. As such, we hesitate to call its manufacturers legitimate. This is simply not a product that any discriminating reviewer can get behind.


American Kratom Association

Nodzilla Kratom and its manufacturer are not associated in any way with the AKA. Herbal Salvation does not participate in the organization’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This is regrettable, as the GMP program seeks to hold the kratom industry to higher standards of quality control by way of its third-party audit. The GMP program is aligned with the guidelines set forth by the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

While it is less than fortunate for vendors like Herbal Salvation to opt-out of the GMP program it is not necessarily reflective of their poor quality or low standards. Many e-commerce kratom suppliers prefer to keep testing and quality control protocol in-house to avoid unnecessary exposure to their direct competitors.


Nodzilla Kratom Near Me

image of nodzilla kratom near me

Those who wish to shop locally can do so by Googling “Nodzilla Kratom Near Me.” You’ll find a list of neighborhood shops that offer this brand. You will also find a number of third-party wholesale retailers with e-commerce sites.

Nodzilla Kratom is regularly stocked by Amazing Botanicals, Earth Grown Wellness, My Kratom Club, and Payless Kratom. Other sites carrying Nodzilla include Fog Factory and Smoke Wrap.


Closing Thoughts

Discerning consumers should think twice before considering Nodzilla Kratom. This is a potentially deleterious kratom extract with sketchy additives. The company behind it has had a checkered past in the kratom industry.

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