Kratomleaf.us Vendor Review

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time shopping for kratom online, you already know how much prices and quality can vary. Finding a reliable, trustworthy vendor with consistent freshness is difficult.

It can be a challenge to import kratom from its native Southeast Asia. Between law enforcement seizures and port city tax levies, the price of a fertile crop can be astronomical. Buyers frequently find themselves between a rock and a hard place when their order arrives light, stale, or, worse, contaminated.

Climate change is another mitigating factor that can make or break a batch of kratom plant matter. The farmers of Indonesia are already feeling the shocks of this change.

Although kratom trees thrive in humid weather conditions, the region has suffered from prolonged heat waves, periods that have seen plants dry up before maturation could occur. On the other hand, flooding has drowned many kratom root systems, destroying entire crops.

DIY users have been seeking a domestic alternative to Southeast Asian kratom farmers for some time. Their search has been hampered by the inhospitable climate of much of the United States, a country whose environment is not conducive to growing fully mature kratom trees.

Fortunately, a vendor has come along with the solution they’ve been dreaming of. Kratomleaf.us is a knowledgeable, skillful kratom vendor whose products grow right here in the U.S.A.

If you want to learn more about the methods it employs and the choice of kratom cultivars it has to offer, read on for our comprehensive vendor review.

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Kratomleaf.us Review

Kratomleaf.us is a Florida-based kratom vendor whose Mitragyna speciosa specimens are grown by a Chief Technology Officer and founding member of the AKA (American Kratom Association).

All of its kratom products are organically grown on the vendor’s nursery in Niceville, a city on Boggy Bayou that’s known for its high humidity.

The company exists under the umbrella of Cincotech LLC, a Florida-based enterprise founded by Walter Purvis. Mr. Purvis has a history in the world of exotic herbs, having co-founded the AKA and Subtropical Botanicals.

This vendor specializes in items that are normally difficult to procure, such as rooted kratom cuttings, electroplated kratom leaves, and hand-crafted kratom leaf keychains.

This vendor has been criticized for its poorly-designed website, but we found it to be easy to navigate and informative to boot.

Could it use a stylistic face-lift? Sure. But you’re visiting the site to order kratom, not to admire logos or fancy WordPress themes.

Kratomleaf.us Product Line

This supplier carries everything from micronized kratom powder and kratom capsules to kratom jewelry and rolled kratom cigarettes.

Kratomleaf.us Top Kratom Powders

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Raw kratom powder is ideal for use in recipes, potpourri displays, pots of tea, and more. The DIY user will need a measuring spoon and digital scale to properly proportion their servings.

Kratomleaf.us stocks a wide range of exotic kratom powders, including Elephant Kratom, Green Malay, Green Tawa Indo Kratom, O.G. Maeng Da, Plantation MD, Premium Indo, Red Vein MD, Super Green Horned Leaf Kratom, Tidak Takut Kratom, and White Maeng Da.

Prices start as low as five dollars for an ounce, with a kilo selling for an industry-low $100.00.

Kratomleaf.us Best Kratom Strain

There are many exquisite strains to choose from, but we’ve found Green Tawa Indo to be the most versatile. This green vein kratom powder is appropriate for both daytime and evening use.

In Indonesian, the word “tawa” means “laughter,” which is apt given how joyful it is to brew yourself a fine cup of this smooth green kratom tea.

You may anticipate a wait time of 30 minutes for Green Tawa to reach its full potential. Once you’ve brewed it, you will see that it has a satisfying duration of fragrance.

What is a Kratom Seed Pod?

Every plant has its own distinct network of seeds. For instance, cannabis plants have clusters of minute flowers that grow together to form seed pods. These pods create the buds cannabis is known for.

In the case of the Mitragyna speciosa plant, the seed pod is hard to miss but difficult to identify. That’s because kratom seed pods are shaped like an asterisk, with many small protrusions on their body.

Individuals from rural areas might even mistake a kratom seed pod for the sticky hitch-hiking seed balls of the burdock plant. They are similar in shape, but that is where the comparison begins and ends.

Burdock seed pods are light, fluffy and covered in spiky protrusions that stick to one’s clothing. By contrast, fertilized kratom seed pods are sturdy and dense, requiring that they be cracked open, in order to access Mitragyna speciosa’s seeds.

If you are attempting to grow your own kratom tree, you’ll need to crack open the seed pod to determine what is inside.

Seeds are tiny and wispy, necessitating meticulous care and small handling tools. Gloves should always be worn when planting kratom seeds.

As of this writing, Kratomleaf.us is offering 11-year-old pink vein kratom seed pods. They come from a tree which has been grown using the Ruth Stout method.

For those who don’t know, the Ruth Stout Method calls for mulching with natural debris, such as table scraps, twigs, and fallen leaves. This makes for a more sustainable cultivation process.

The success of your kratom cultivar will depend on a variety of extenuating factors, including whether or not your seed pod was fertilized.

Kratomleaf.us feeds all of its kratom plants and you’ll be able to tell when you receive your seed pods in the mail.

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Kratomleaf.us Live Kratom Cuttings

Select domestic vendors have offered live kratom plants, but many fail to note the degree to which kratom plants need care.

Instead of selling small, undernourished plants that may die during shipment, Kratomleaf.us sells premium kratom cuttings. These rooted cuttings enable you to grow your own mature kratom trees.

As of this writing, you can get three for one deals on six-inch long rootings. These rootings come from Bumblee Kratom and Rifat kratom cultivars.

Cuttings vary in price from $32.40 and $50.00. Kratom same-day shipping may be available, with $50 orders receiving free shipment.

Kratomleaf.us Kratom Capsules

Encapsulated kratom is the best option for the busy bee. If you’re always on the go, you don’t want the hassle of lugging around measuring spoons, digital scales, and messy pouches of raw powder.

Kratom capsules come in sleek resealable sleeves, which can be slipped into your pocket, concealed in a handbag, or zipped up in a backpack. Each kratom capsule is easy to swallow, and its casing masks the bitter taste of raw powder.

Kratomleaf.us sells 60-count pouches of kratom capsules for $15, with a 120-count going for $25.00. You can get 360 capsules for $60 or 1,000 caps for $150.00.

What Makes Kratomleaf.us Special?

This vendor grows all of its kratom products here in the United States. This enables it to cut down on the costs involved in importation. With little overhead, this vendor can invest all of its money in growing and manufacturing the best possible kratom strains.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

As mentioned above, plain leaf kratom powder starts at $5.00. You can get 100 grams for $25 or 250 grams for $40.00. You can also pick up a kratom kilo for $100.00.

These are excellent prices compared to those of your average online vendor. Most big name vendors charge $120 or more for a kilo.

For the sake of comparison, Happy Hippo Herbals charges as much as $210 for a kilo of its red vein kratom powder. And Kraken Kratom charges $103.95 for less than half a kilo (455 grams, to be exact).

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Shipping & Returns

This vendor’s standard method of shipment is kratom next-day shipping. Orders are sent via USPS (United States Postal Service) 2-Day Priority Mail.

Every order comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Customers are prompted to provide their full name and order number when inquiring about a return. A photo identifying the item should accompany your correspondence.

Kratomleaf.us Payment Methods

You have plenty of options at your disposal when you shop at kratomleaf.us. You can pay with cash, Cash App, Coinbase, credit card, cryptocurrency, debit card, Direct Bank Transfer, eCheck, Facebook Pay, invoice, Open Node Crypto Payment, or Western Union.

All payments are processed safely and securely through the vendor’s encrypted checkout portal. Items are processed securely and discreetly.

Kratomleaf.us Coupon Code

Unfortunately, this vendor does not offer promotional codes. On the bright side, its sitewide sales are some of the lowest in the biz.

You’ll always find a good deal on kratom products at this competitively priced online store. As a matter of fact, we have yet to find a more affordable source for growing materials.

How to Get in Touch

If you have a question or concern, you can contact this vendor directly at: kozykratom@gmail.com. You may also send a letter to its mailing address.

Alternatively, you can text or call 603-733-4665 to discuss an issue. An online contact form can also be filled out for a prompt response.

Kratomleaf.us Consumer Reputation

This Sunshine State kratom supplier is one of the industry’s best kept secrets. As such, you are unlikely to find much chatter on social media platforms and the like.

After thorough research, we were unable to find any mention of it on Reddit. However, there were several mentions of Kratom Leaf on forums like Double M Herbals.

Curiously, there are more comments about backpack vendors on these platforms than there are about this singular American kratom grower. With any luck, this will change in the future as people discover this superior vendor.

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Closing Thoughts

Kratomleaf.us is a dependable, trusted kratom vendor with a wide range of fantastic products. Although it does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program, you can bet it follows these guidelines given its staff and their pedigree.

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