Kratomind Vendor Review

Kratomind isn’t your typical domestic kratom vendor. This isn’t a headshop turned online store and it isn’t a third-party distributor masquerading as a kratom manufacturer. Instead, Kratomind serves as a direct connection to Southeast Asia.

Kratomind Kratom was founded by a pair of native farmers from Indonesia who saw the immense potential in giving American consumers access to a true kratom source. The brand now offers more than forty kratom products and accessories, making for one of the largest kratom catalogs around.


Kratomind Kratom Review

Kratomind was established by two Indonesian entrepreneurs who decided to make their kratom accessible to a global audience. In this way, you are getting Indo kratom directly from the source, without dealing with any middlemen.

These industrious individuals work hard to supply top-quality crushed leaf kratom while battling international regulations and supply chain disruptions. According to Kratomind’s About page, the owners have even made the move to Europe in order to improve their business practices.

There they have toiled to set up a new facility for the processing of kratom sales while returning to their country of origin to personally oversee the selection of the finest kratom leaves. This vendor’s kratom powders are fluffy, and fresh, and do not appear to be clumpy whatsoever.


Kratomind Product Line-up

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Kratomind strains range from traditional plain leaf kratom powders, such as Maeng Da and Borneo Kratom to the truly exotic Aceh Gayo and Green Kasongan Crushed Leaf. The brand has built a loyal following over the last two years, with customers returning for more of its top-notch Red Bali.

Other strains include Bentuangie Crushed Leaf, Bali Gold, Brown Kratom, Green Dragon, Green Entikong, Green JongKong, Green Velvet, Red Elephant, Super White Sumatra, White Kasongan, White Samarinda, and Yellow Kratom.

This vendor offers most (if not all) of its kratom strains in both powder and capsule form. Many customers appreciate the convenience of being able to buy pre-made kratom capsules, as it saves them the trouble of having to measure out messy scoops of kratom powder.

Taking kratom capsules is the preferred method for lots of DIY consumers who don’t like cups of tea or the oft-nauseating “toss ‘n wash” technique. Kratomind’s kratom capsules come in smooth bottles that boast a strikingly original design, one that would blend right in with a cabinet full of holistic goods.


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

This vendor’s prices are jaw-droppingly low, especially for mouth-watering items like an exotic crushed leaf and gold kratom, but bear in mind, that what you don’t spend on kratom you will end up spending for shipping. Caveats aside, these are some incredibly low prices by any metric.

Kratomind offers kratom kilos for as little as $63, which equates to less than seven cents per gram for one thousand grams. When you compare that to the current domestic industry standard it is obvious you will save big when doing business with Kratomind.

Crushed leaf kilos sell for $85, which is at least $55 cheaper than the average crushed leaf kilo. For example, Soulful Herbals charges $140 for a kilogram of Red Maeng Da Crushed Leaf, while Save On Kratom charges $194.99.

You can get a beyond generous one thousand kratom caps for a mere $65, which is at least $50 less than what the average e-commerce site charges for a 1K count. At this moment, GLA Kratom has one thousand capsules of White Maeng Da selling for $115.00, while Soulful Herbals charges $149.00.

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How Can I Buy Kratomind Kratom?

This vendor currently accepts digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Alternatively, you may pay for your order using a wire transfer. For more information, you can contact live support.

You can choose between USPS Priority shipping or Indonesia Post. Both cost $10 on average. Shipping times will vary depending on your location and the location of Kratomind’s fulfillment center. As of this writing, the vendor is in the process of relocating its facilities to Europe.


Kratomind Coupon Code & Discounts

You can subscribe to Kratomind’s email newsletter to receive industry insights, exclusive offers, and sitewide updates. By signing up, you may be eligible for kratomind free samples or additional kratom giveaways. Promo codes may be redeemable for as much as twenty percent off your order.

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Kratomind Consumer Reputation

A member of Double M Herbals said, “I have only tried 2 strains from them and they are both good. I have a few more to try.” Meanwhile, one of Double M Herbals’ most seasoned kratom connoisseurs said, “It’s a good large company. Many, many, different strains and products.”

This same member explained that a 10 x 100 Split is one of Kratomind’s better deals, enabling newcomers to try out a wide assortment of strains. They were also quick to add, “Don’t be surprised if many strains are about average.

“IF you want a more ‘sure thing’ guarantee of Above Average quality, spend an extra $10 bucks and order from a quality US Vendor. Seems like many feel it’s more important to save $10 bucks, rather than seek out the best kratom?”

Elsewhere, Reddit members lamented the delay they experienced receiving their order, while another complained about receiving a replacement strain when the strain they purchased went out of stock. It bears mentioning that neither of these customers gave the company itself a poor rating.

It is also worth noting that customs inspections are par for the course when ordering products overseas. Furthermore, customers must accept Kratomind’s terms before placing an order. These terms specify that strains will be substituted if an item runs out prior to fulfillment.


Is Kratomind Legit?

image of is kratomind legit

Kratomind purports to be lab-tested, but it does not name its third-party laboratory. Kratom vendors that test can be hard to come by, harder than you might think. Nine out of ten e-commerce sellers will claim to lab-test their kratom, but only two in five vendors actually disclose certificates of analysis.

Fortunately, Kratomind demonstrates its legitimacy by providing patrons with batch numbers on every product. Batch numbers may be used to track contaminated products. For more on Kratomind’s quality control protocol, you can visit its lab page at


The Bottom Line

To summarize our feelings about Kratomind is difficult without sampling and testing its most recent offerings, but our overall opinion is a strong one. This vendor appears to be the genuine article. Its kratom powder is authentic, affordable, and generally acclaimed by the kratom community.

If you’re still on the fence and you’d like to explore all your options, our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors is a fantastic place to start. You can compare products, pricing, payment methods, and more from a wide variety of domestic and international suppliers.

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