Kratom Virtue Vendor Review  

Kratom Virtue first hit the scene back in 2015. Since then, they’ve built a loyal customer base and a solid reputation for living up to their motto: “100% premium, organic Kratom. 0% funny stuff.” Of course, the internet is a funny place and things aren’t always as they seem. Does Kratom Virtue truly deliver the goods? Let’s find out!

Kratom Virtue Review

This vendor’s website makes it super easy to shop for a variety of strains. If you want to try something new, you can also pick up their strain of the month. One thing that immediately impressed us about Kratom Virtue’s website is the high level of transparency. Every product listing includes the current batch’s lot number, along with the date that this batch went into their inventory. All Kratom enthusiasts know that there can be variances from lot to lot, which makes this a great way to help buyers enact their own quality control protocols.

Kratom Virtue Product Line

You’ll find 20 powder strains on Kratom Virtue’s website. They also make it clear which ones are currently in stock.

  • Hybrids/Yellows – Gold Elephant
  • Reds – Elephant, Horn, Maeng Da, Malay, Borneo, Bali, & Super Indo
  • Whites – Elephant, Maeng Da, Horn, & Vietnam
  • Greens – Super Kong, Malay, Super Borneo, Thai Maeng Da, Maeng Da, Vietnam, & Super Indo

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

You don’t have to do any guessing when you buy Kratom from this vendor. Every strain is priced the same and will run you between $5.99 (25g) and $89.99 for a 1 kilo (1,000g) bulk Kratom package. You can also purchase your own vegetarian-friendly capsules starting at only $3.99, along with a variety of other products.

Kratom Virtue Coupon Code

image of kratom virtue cupon code

Kratom Virtue rewards loyal customers by sending out coupon codes in their newsletter. You can also find promotions relatively easily with a quick Google search. As of November 2019, the following codes are operational:

  • free10 – 10% off all orders (with the exception of sample packs)
  • gimmie15 – 15% off all orders of $20+ (with the exception of sample packs)
  • iwant20 – 20% off all orders of $40+ (with the exception of sample packs)
  • shipfree – Free shipping for orders of $99+

You can also save 20 percent by paying with Bitcoin. Keep in mind that these codes may expire at any time.

Kratom Virtue Consumer Reputation

Kratom Virtue has an undeniably positive consumer reputation. We’ll start with their stellar Facebook reviews. It’s really hard to maintain a 5-star average with more than a few reviews, but this vendor has accomplished this feat. Some of their top Facebook comments include:

  • “My go to vendor.”
  • “You guys knocked it out of the park!”
  • “You can’t beat the price and quality.”
  • “Good, fresh product that delivers!”
  • “Very, very good.”

Over on Reddit, the famously tough Kratom Forum members have shown almost unanimous love for Kratom Virtue. In just one of the many threads, people said, “all of their strains have been solid” and “they ship incredibly fast.” Others commented that their “Super Green Vein Indo was excellent” and “I purchased a sampler…and it was all very good.”

Kratom Virtue Customer Service

It’s been established that their products and services are solid, but what about customer service? Kratom Virtue scores a homerun again, according to many reviewers. Redditors say that they’re “very professional.” Over on Facebook, there’s more praise such as “quality product and customer service,” “great customer service and fast shipping,” and “amazing customer service!”

Kratom Virtue also backs up their products with a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, they will let you return products for a refund or exchange. Be sure to check with the vendor for any exclusions or conditions.

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves

We’ve been reviewing Kratom vendors for a long time, but we’d be hard pressed to find a more universally beloved vendor that’s not one of the bigger companies. Kratom Virtue may not stand out as the most well-known of the crowd, and they may not have all of the strains and products that many of their competitors have. But they do offer quality products, a satisfaction guarantee, and great customer service.

Do you need a strain or product that isn’t carried by Kratom Virtue? Head over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for several alternative options.


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  1. yaktwo205 says:

    Order kratom didn’t show up I keep getting the runaround now I’m out almost $200 would not recommend them


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