Kratom is a beloved herb that has garnered widespread interest from the scientific community, while drawing outrage from the mainstream media. Consequently, there isn’t a lot of research money available to study this remarkable compound and educational literature is limited.

Those who wish to buy kratom must often do so rather blindly, as new products hit the market before reviewers can offer much valuable information about their pros and cons. Fortunately, there are a number of vital online kratom forums dedicated to the subject.

If you’d like to engage in the ongoing kratom dialogue, read on to learn more. We’ll tell you where to find the best online kratom forums for the discussion of this incredible herb.


best kratom forum

The Reddit Kratom forum is one of the most popular, although it’s also among the most restrictive. You’re not allowed to provide links anymore. There are also some arguments about whether or not you should even mention vendors.

Fortunately, the older posts are still active, which does allow you to find out a lot more about the Kratom community. As with all Reddit posts, you do have to take things with a grain of salt, as anyone can create an account with any username they’d like.

We cannot stress this last part enough: do not take everything you read on Reddit seriously. Some overzealous neophytes might still be recovering from the impact of the boof kratom prank perpetrated by members of the social media aggregator back in 2019.

For those who aren’t familiar, kratom boofing, otherwise known as plugging kratom tea, is an unorthodox and ill-advised method of use wherein herbal enthusiasts imbibe kratom rectally. Many of the boofing instructions posted to Reddit between 2017 and 2019 are irresponsible and sophomoric.

Boofing kratom aside, Reddit can be useful if you’re looking for some casual advice on brands and products. If there is one hurdle you will have to get around it’s Reddit’s propensity towards confrontation and one-upmanship. No other kratom forum is as synonymous with trolling as Reddit is.

Nevertheless, you may find useful details on the kratom subreddit. For instance, you might locate posts concerning a less-talked-about vendor, one you have been itching to try. Just don’t be surprised if you have to comb through dozens of petty, irrelevant replies before arriving at meaningful advice.

Double M Herbals

pictures of double m herbals

Double M Herbals has a pretty relaxed approach to a Kratom forum, which has made it very popular. However, they don’t allow users to mention anything about the payment methods that are accepted. If you’re trying to find a vendor who accepts a specific type of payment, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

One of the things that we really like about this Kratom forum is that you’ll find real-life reviews of vendors from a variety of different people. Unlike the other forums on this list, Double M Herbals’ kratom forum covers virtually every aspect of the kratom marketplace. You’ll find illuminating posts about growing kratom trees, evaluating kratom strains, and differences in fermented kratom.

You will frequently find answers on Double M Herbals to questions you couldn’t ask on Reddit. For example, subjects range from red bubble kratom recipes to vendor kratom giveaways. Additionally, you may find kratom coupon codes and special deals on kratom capsules.

AKA (American Kratom Association Forum)

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The AKA is always a good place to start for pertinent info on kratom, whether you are looking to learn about kratom legality, kratom vendor legitimacy, or kratom advocacy. The AKA gives you up-to-the-minute data regarding public events, market initiatives, and legislative efforts at kratom regulation.

Furthermore, this landmark nonprofit organization is working tirelessly to convince lawmakers to adapt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, a series of consumer-friendly regulations that would change the marketplace for the better by requiring more ethical labeling and business practices from vendors.

You can join the conversation at https://akachat.discussion.community/ where hundreds of members gather for fresh discourse on the topics of the day, including new brands and proposed laws. You can show your support for the AKA by shouting out your fellow #kratomwarriors on Facebook and Instagram.


image of i love kratom

Although the ILoveKratom forum isn’t used as regularly as many of the others, it still has a large community of Kratom supporters. Brandon, a moderator, seems to respond to most comments personally. The forum has a bit of a confusing layout, but it’s still worth checking out if you want to talk about everyone’s favorite plant.

I Love Kratom differs from other forums on this list in terms of its relationship with the industry. Like the AKA’s GMP Standards Program, I Love Kratom offers the public a list of approved kratom vendors. Alas, these vendors have not been vetted nearly as well as they are by the AKA.

On the other hand, I Love Kratom gives you access to honest, thorough vendor reviews from longtime members, some of whom go into great detail about a brand’s strengths and weaknesses. @madmaxnightrider is one of the platform’s most prolific reviewers and also its most helpful.


image of bluelight org

Bluelight.org is different from the other Kratom forums in that Kratom isn’t the main topic. In fact, there’s not nearly as many Kratom threads here as there are on the other sites. Also, Bluelight is a resource for people who use a wide variety of things, including those that should scare pretty much anyone. Kratom is only one of the substances of interest to members.

However, Bluelight forum members have delved deep into their kratom experiences, while warning noobs about bad labeling, and describing the aroma they enjoy from different kratom cultivars. Some Bluelight members have even shared their opinions on how to get the most out of your kratom purchase.

As with the other forums on this list, certain Bluelight posts should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism. This is especially true of any post mentioning so-called instructions. Remember, the vast majority of forum members are regular people. Their opinions do not constitute expert guidance.

For a more measured and controlled conversation regarding kratom, be sure to check out The Kratom Thread, a Bluelight thread that exists independent of random question or speculation posts. Additional perks include Bluelight’s Research Portal, where you can receive counseling on methodology and more.

Kratom Forum: Honorable Mentions

image of kratom forum

There are too many forums to choose only five, so we’ve included some of our other favorites here as well. They may not be the best, but they warrant some attention all the same.

Quora’s forum seems to have members who are more interested in getting down to the nitty gritty. They write long posts, discuss the pros and cons, and take a genuine interest in finding out whether or not Kratom is for them. As such, we love this forum, although it doesn’t have discussions about vendors. Still, if you’re ready to look into the more intellectual side of Kratom, be sure to visit Quora.

Kratom Policy Forum is an interactive shadow docket of a federal regulatory efforts, but it’s more than a mere rulemaking dossier. Technically, Kratom Policy Forum is a series of forums operating under one roof.

Among KPF’s chief forums are Kratom Comments and Kratom Policy Papers. The latter serves as a window into the correspondence between regulators and politicians, while the former gives users the opportunity to share their opinions on kratom regulation with legislative bodies.

At first glance, Kratom Policy Forum doesn’t look like much, but taken as a whole, it can be viewed as the unofficial Wikileaks of the kratom community. This one gives us rare insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the kratom industry, as well as the American political machine.

There are, of course, several other places online where people meet to discuss Kratom. The reason that most of the other forums weren’t mentioned above is that they lack regular discussions. Other honorable mentions include The Kratom Forum, Dr*gs-Forum, and The Mitragyna Dialogues.

image of forum discussion

Would you like to start using Kratom instead of just talking about it? Be sure to check out The Golden Monk’s guide to A Complete List of Kratom Strains.