Kratom Genie Vendor Review

If you’re looking for raw, high-quality Kratom leaves for research and development purposes, then Kratom Genie is the perfect vendor for you. Kratom Genie specializes in distributing raw materials for recreational use, ranging from raw botanicals to mineral specimens, and plant extracts. From their website, it is clear that they offer a wide variety of products, including some rare herbs and exotic botanicals.

Our initial impression of Kratom Genie’s website tells us that they have been in the industry for around 20 years already, though there is not much information about the team behind the company. Their website also does not indicate where exactly the company is located, but they sell and ship their products both in Canada and the U.S. Unfortunately, there are no product reviews available on their website, so external sources must be used to truly evaluate the reputation of this Kratom brand.


Kratom Genie Products and Services

Kratom Genie’s product catalog includes a wide range of herbs and ethnobotanicals, including Kratom, Blue Lotus, Kava Kava, African Dream Root, Klip Dagga, and so much more. In fact, the extensive product selection found on Kratom Genie’s website shows that this company has access to a wide network of suppliers around the world. This means that they can be a one-stop shop for all of your herbal and botanical needs.

In terms of Kratom products, Kratom Genie offers a decent range of strains and vein colors including Green, Red, and White Maeng Da; Green, Red, and White Borneo; Green, Red, and White Horn; Green Malay; and so much more.

Kratom Genie states that all of its products are sourced directly from organic plantations and harvested by suppliers who do not use pesticides or fertilizers. However, we can only take these claims lightly as we did not see any third-party lab reports on their website to prove that their products are pure, potent, and chemical-free.

In addition, their website looks very outdated, which is such a huge turn-off to potential customers. Thankfully, it is full of useful information about their herbs and botanicals, which makes it easy for consumers to get acquainted with their products.

image of kratom leaves and capsules

Kratom Genie Product Cost and Price Comparison

Kratom Genie offers a wide variety of products at different price points. While some of their products are relatively cheap, others are very expensive. Here is a quick overview of their product pricing:

Kratom Leaves

  • 30g – $15.80
  • 100g – $34.76
  • 200g – $66.36
  • 300g – $94.80
  • 400g – $123.24
  • 500g – $151.68
  • 1kg – $237.00

Kratom Extracts

  • 10g – $31.60
  • 25g – $59.25
  • 50g – $98.75
  • 100g – $181.70
  • 250g – $414.75
  • 500g – $711.00
  • 1kg – $1,303.50
  • 2kg – $2,133.00

image of kratom genie cost

Kratom Genie’s Kratom products are way more expensive than other Kratom brands such as Kratom Temple and Kats Botanicals. Customer reviews found on the Internet also shared a similar opinion. Because of this, it might not be a good idea to purchase from Kratom Genie if you are looking to save on costs.


Kratom Genie Customer Reviews

Although Kratom Genie’s website is very straightforward and easy to navigate, there is a noticeable lack of customer reviews on it. This makes it difficult for potential customers to trust this brand as consumer reviews are a crucial factor when shopping online.

A quick Google search will also reveal that other major review websites do not contain any customer testimonials about Kratom Genie. The only customer reviews that could be found on the Internet were on the forum-based website, Reddit, which was published six years ago. A Redditor asked the community about the quality of Kratom Genie’s products, and fellow members of the Kratom subreddit shared their thoughts:

“I eventually tried them. Their product was decent but way overpriced. They sent me some extra because it was my first time buying, so that’s the only time it would be worth it. Their best was the Red Thai MD extract.” – Chonk, Reddit

“The 3 samples they sent me were good, their communications were FAST and polite, but their pricing simply isn’t competitive.” – Levin, Reddit

The common factor between these two Reddit reviews was that the product samples from Kratom Genie were of good quality. However, both users were also disappointed because their prices are way too high.

image of customer reviews

Kratom Genie Customer Complaints

Sadly, we only managed to find two customer reviews about Kratom Genie’s products online. We can only speculate that Kratom Genie’s products are of high quality and customers are pleased with their products. However, the lack of substantial reviews about Kratom Genie makes us suspect that there might be some problems with the company.


Kratom Genie Coupons

First-time customers can receive up to 40% discount on their orders simply by sending Kratom Genie an email. Meanwhile, returning customers may use the promo code “WARMHEART” to receive a 20% discount on their order (valid until February 14, 2022). Lastly, if you subscribe to Kratom Genie’s newsletter, you’ll receive an additional 3% discount upon checkout.

We see that Kratom Genie is very strategic in enticing customers to make a first-time purchase or a second order. This is incredibly helpful for those who are wary of Kratom Genie’s exorbitant prices.


Is Kratom Genie Legit?

image of kratom genie legit

Based on the two reviews that we have found on Reddit, Kratom Genie fulfills customer orders and offers decent-quality products. Unfortunately, the lack of lab-test results and their very expensive prices make it hard for us to recommend Kratom Genie to the average Kratom consumer. You’ll be better off purchasing from a reputable Kratom supplier that can provide lab-test results and competitive pricing.



Kratom Genie is a viable option when searching for raw materials for product development purposes. Their Kratom leaves and extracts may not be the most affordable on the market, but their diverse selection makes it an attractive company for those who are interested in experimenting with different herbs and botanicals. Last but not the least, they have been in the business for two decades, making them one of the longest-standing Kratom suppliers on the market.

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