Kratom Temple Review – Product Cost , Customer Reviews & Complaints

So you want to get your hands on quality kratom that’s organic, lab-tested, and pure. Kratom Temple claims to offer exactly that. Based in Welland, Ontario, Kratom Temple is a vendor that offers a range of products under its own brand name. And while it’s not entirely clear how long they’ve been in business, they have amassed a small number of reviews that reflect mostly positive experiences. On their website, you’ll find a substantial inventory of powders, capsules, and extracts. But for as seamless as the online shopping experience might be through their website, they don’t really provide too much information about their business. And if you’re a discerning kratom buyer, that might be a red flag.

Kratom Temple Products and Services

In terms of their products, Kratom Temple offers a reasonable selection that includes the most familiar favorites and a few interesting choices. Powders come in package sizes of 1oz, 2oz, 250g, and 1kg. Their kratom powders come in sealed mylar bags that showcase the brand’s logo, the strain variety, and nothing more. Capsules come in the same mlyar bags, while tinctures are sold in small brown bottles with the logo slapped across the front. In terms of the quality of their product, it seems that none of the reviews on the website have any real issues with what the vendor offers. However, it’s worth pointing out that there aren’t too many reviews about them elsewhere on the web aside from their website.

Kratom Temple Product Cost and Price Comparison

Despite being based in Canada, the prices on their website are expressed in USD. However, they do have an alternative website for shoppers based north of the border. As of writing, here are the prices for the products they offer for their US consumers:

Red MAENG DA Powder
Maeng Da Kratom
Lab-Tested - 100% Organic - Money-Back Guarantee
Capsule with Powder
Kratom Capsules
Buy Split Kratom Kilos
Split Kilo
Kratom Powders:
  • 1 oz – $13.99
  • 4 oz – $39.99
  • 250g – $49.99
  • 1 kg – $139.99
Kratom Capsules:
  • 50 capsules – $64.95
  • 100 capsules – $105.95
  • 400 capsules – $369.00
Kratom Extracts:
  • Full spectrum pure kratom tincture
    • 10mL – $33.99
    • 50mL – $119.99
  • Kratom liquid gold Maeng Da concentrate
    • 10mL – $30.99
    • 50 mL – $84.99
  • Kratom infused dark chocolates
    • 5 pcs – $29.95
    • 10 pcs – $49.95
    • 15 pcs – $69.95

With these prices, Kratom Temple closely resembles Kats Botanicals – one of the most popular kratom vendors around. But considering Kratom Temple’s lack of reputation, it’s hard to recommend their products over a juggernaut like Kats Botanicals. Another thing to consider is the fact that Kratom Temple doesn’t have any sort of loyalty or rewards program. So while their prices might be within industry standards, the lack of any sort of rebate or point system means that you stand to get more for your money when you transact with brands like Kats Botanicals.

Kratom Temple products

Kratom Temple Customer Reviews

Although their polished website and easy online shopping experience might satisfy most at the front end of the transaction, Kratom Temple’s lack of any verified reviews makes it hard to truly trust their products and services. Their website lets anyone leave reviews without having to log in, which means anyone on the web (and perhaps even from their own office) could leave positive reviews for the brand. On their Google Business Page, they have just six reviews, and those can’t possibly be verified for authenticity either. Other than their website and their Google Page, there are no other sources for customer reviews for Kratom Temple on the web, and that can be a major red flag. Here’s what alleged customers have to say about Kratom Temple:

“Excellent product, transparent communication, reliable and timely shipping. Also, still some of the best prices in the market. This is a good company. Simple as that!” – Madelyn L., Google Reviews “Great stuff, loads of variety, quick delivery” – Nicolas “Settles disputes the best of any company I’ve ever worked with. They have a good product and answer questions quickly. I’ll continue to buy from here!” – Randall J. “Order came quick and was very satisfied with the product.” – Travis, “I’m really happy with my product and my order. Can’t thank the Kratom Temple team enough!” – James T.

While the vendor used to have a TrustPilot profile, their page has since been taken down. According to TrustPilot, Kratom Temple is a ‘bad fit’ for their service, which could mean any number of things. Based on their guidelines, TrustPilot may label a vendor as a bad fit if they are found manufacturing reviews or incentivizing positive reviews.

Kratom Temple Complaints

Experts say to be wary of vendors with little to no negative reviews. Based on the available reviews, it seems that Kratom Temple does a good job at controlling negative feedback so as to keep its image pristine. As of writing, there’s only one negative review about the vendor, and it can be found on their Google Business Page. “Really high quality product but their customer service needs some improvement, this is the 2nd time I’ve paid for express shipping and had them ship it expedited instead, just pocketing the 20$ shipping fee and leaving me without my order for a good 1-2 weeks longer than necessary. Likely won’t be ordering again if they can’t get this order to me on time.” – Kevin D. With limited positive reviews of unverified origin and just a single negative review about the vendor, it may be difficult to truly picture out whether or not they’re as trustworthy as they paint themselves out to be. Plus the fact that they were taken down from TrustPilot, it’s easy to see why some customers might be wary.

Kratom Temple logo

Kratom Temple Coupons

Unlike other vendors that are big on kratom coupons, Kratom Temple doesn’t seem to have offered too many coupon codes. If you were looking to get a coupon code for your purchase, Kratom Temple does have a newsletter, but they’re not known for sending out discount vouchers too often. They also don’t have a social media presence to post about sales, discounts, and coupon codes. And again, they don’t offer a loyalty or rewards program, which is almost a standard for most kratom vendors.

Is Kratom Temple Legit?

If you’re asking whether or not they send quality products, most of the reviews online claim that they do. But then again, none of these reviews can actually be verified. Another thing to consider is the fact that they were taken off of the Trust Pilot platform possibly for shilling which says a lot about how they operate. Finally, it’s worth considering the single negative review that’s posted about the brand which alleges that they took extra payment for express shipping, but then sent out the package using standard delivery instead. Overall, it seems that Kratom Temple sends out okay products, but their desire to boost their popularity has led them to resort to less than admirable methods.


Kratom Temple offers a satisfying spread of kratom products that are allegedly pure and lab-tested (despite their website being void of lab test results.) And while the limited reviews about their brand and products showcase a largely positive response, there are some concerns about the source of those reviews. It’s also worth mentioning that their products aren’t the cheapest, and they also don’t offer discount codes or loyalty programs. However, if you were looking to try something new, their uncommon kratom picks might be worth a shot.