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If you’re looking to score some pure, lab-tested Mitragyna speciosa at a price that won’t put you in the poor house, Kratom Temple may be the kratom vendor for you. This Canadian kratom vendor is only four years old, but already it’s become a master in the craft of producing high-quality kratom.

You can visit its online store at: kratomtemple.com. There you’ll find top-shelf kratom powder, kratom capsules, and kratom extracts. You’ll also find some astounding deals and incentives. Read on for our full review.

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What Is Kratom Temple?

This Ontario-based company serves as Wellend’s premier speciosa superstore. Its e-commerce site features a myriad of killer goods, including Black Maeng Da Powder, Kratom Infused Dark Chocolates, and Concentration Blend. These items are excellent examples of what Kratom Temple does; it specializes in bespoke kratom solutions.

Kratom Temple holds a 3.8-star overall rating among Knoji reviews, with support from speciosa enthusiasts on platforms like Facebook and Reddit. Though it lacks the volume of positive reviews typical of a top-tier kratom brand, it’s maintained a loyal following among those in-the-know. Customers have lavished acclaim on its kratom extracts.

This vendor’s straightforward website is a welcome respite from the overstimulating sideshow of your usual kratom wholesaler. The simplicity of its design and the clarity of its educational copy make it easy to navigate and easy to understand. You will surely cherish its cheap bulk kratom options and its spirited kratom strains.

What It Has to Offer – Products and Perks

This supplier stocks a hodgepodge of wondrous kratom products, including powders, kratom capsules, and extracts. Kratom powders include Energizing Blend, Green Borneo Kapuas Hulu, Green Vein Thai, OG Bali, Red Vein Borneo, Red Dragon, Red Elephant, Red Maeng Da, Relaxation Blend, Super Green Maeng Da, Super White Gold, Super White Maeng Da, and Yellow Maeng Da.

Kratom Temple’s collection of kratom pills includes Black Diamond 12% Mitragynine Extract Capsules, Imperial Gold 20% Mitragynine Kratom Extract Capsules, Ultra Enhanced Indo Powder Capsules, while its collection of kratom extracts includes Liquid Gold Maeng Da Concentrate, and Ultra Enhanced Red Maeng Da Powder.

If you’re hoping to save money off your purchase, you’ll find a number of customer perks that can help you do just that. For starters, regular items are often on sale. Furthermore, you can sign up for this vendor’s email subscription service (it’s totally free) to receive exclusive Kratom Temple coupons.

You earn 20 reward points for every single dollar you spend at Kratom Temple’s store. These points add up quickly, which makes it a piece of cake to save big on future purchases. 300 points will get you $15 off your next order.

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What It Costs and How It Compares

Kratom powder prices start at $13.99 for an ounce, with $39.99 for four ounces, or $49.99 for 250 grams. You can snag a full kratom kilo for $139.99, which is slightly above the current industry standard, but not so much so as to qualify as expensive. Many top-tier kratom vendors charge between $120-150 for a premium grade kilo.

For the sake of comparison, Mitragaia now charges $160 for a four-way split kilo sampler, while Choice Botanicals charges as much as $190 for a straight kilogram. Others charge upwards of $200 for superior bulk kratom. We think you’ll agree that Kratom Temple’s prices are pair given the potency of its kratom powder.

How You Can Pay

Unlike so many vendors who limit accepted payments to one or two options, Kratom Temple gives you a revolutionary checkout process with its Plisio payment portal. When using Plisio, you can purchase items with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. To inquire about additional methods, you can email customer service.

To contact Kratom Temple about product questions, payment options, or policies you are unsure about, drop a line to: kratomtemple.usa@protonmail.com. This secure email address ensures that all correspondence remains privileged and secure between you and this vendor.

Shipping and Returns

This vendor provides a range of shipping choices, including USPS Standard Mail and Priority Mail, as well as UPS Ground, UPS Next Day Air, and 2nd Day Air Saver. Priority Mail packages generally arrive within two to three business days, while UPS shipments are typically faster.

It is important to note that UPS shipping methods are generally more expensive than their USPS counterparts. That said, they are an efficient and expedited way of getting your package on time.

Kratom Temple accepts returns on damaged items, but it prefers not to accept returns. Therefore, the chances of getting a refund are slim to none. You are only given a 15-day window to request a return. Even then, there is absolutely no guarantee of credit or exchange.

Kratom Temple Customer Reviews

Kratom Temple reviews have been generally positive, even if there haven’t been nearly enough of them.

Over at Knoji, you can read six consumer posts about this brand, but that is pretty much it. On a more positive note, the brand has nearly 1,000 likes and follows on Facebook.

One Reddit member said, “Red Bali Is the best I’ve had from them… Yellow Vietnam is my go to day time from them… Super green Malay is always a solid choice… Prime green is one of their 3

more potent strains. It’s a touch extra but worth it imo. Very potent.”

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Is Kratom Temple Legit?

It is unclear whether Kratom Temple is truly legitimate, as it does not disclose proof of its third-party laboratory results. Furthermore, this vendor does not participate in the AKA’s (American Kratom Association) GMP Standards Program. While this isn’t a mandatory requirement, we tend to trust GMP members more readily than others.

The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program was established in order to hold kratom vendors accountable. Those who participate must adhere to the AKA’s requirements for ethical sourcing, labeling, manufacturing, marketing, and more. They must also submit to a third-party audit.

Kratom Temple has not produced evidence of its legitimacy, but reviews and samples suggest a brand that is doing the right thing. This is quality kratom powder that’s as potent as it is fresh. You can’t ask for much more than that, especially in these uncertain times.

Bottom Line

Although it lacks AKA approval and Reddit mania, Kratom Temple is a solid brand with a number of enthusiastic supporters. Those who try it seem to love it, and those who buy it get tons of rewards. Still on the fence? Check out our complete list of the best kratom vendors for some viable alternatives.

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