Kratom Emporium Vendor Review

Kratom Emporium Vendor Review

You may have heard of Kratom Emporium via online kratom forums. This Kentucky-based kratom vendor is known for its Reddit small batch kratom. Before you buy products from this social media brand, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Read on for all the facts about Kratom Emporium in our Vendor Review.


Kratom Emporium Product Review

Founded in 2019, Kratom Emporium is a backpack vendor from the Bowling Green area of western Kentucky. At some point in 2019, the owner launched a Facebook page to find new customers for their business. While this isn’t at all uncommon for a kratom start-up, Kratom Emporium lacked an online store.

Based on our research, Kratom Emporium’s menu is only disclosed upon request. This means the general public is unable to review its kratom strains. No information is provided about the source of its kratom leaf or its potency of the same.

image of kratom emporium products

The only evidence we have to go on is the photographic evidence on display on its page. This consists of a generic picture of kratom powder spelling out the word ‘KRATOM’ and a sole image of the so-called company’s owner, a seemingly kind-looking middle-aged woman, holding up two large pouches of kratom powder.

The image in question features a bag of Super Green Malay and one whose handmade label simply reads, “RED.” No serving instructions, product facts, manufacturing details, or warning labels appear on either pouch. This tells us that Kratom Emporium is little more than a bulk kratom reseller.

Backpack vendors such as Kratom Emporium rarely work directly with native farmers and even fewer have bothered to visit plantations to inspect manufacturing equipment. The unfortunate fact is that backpack vendors cannot afford to invest in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) measures. These rather small operations are typically inexperienced and underfunded.


What It Cost and How It Compares

Our attempts at inquiring about pricing and laboratory testing were unsuccessful. Therefore, we cannot offer any comparisons in terms of base price or bulk kratom deals. However, we can tell you that most backpack vendors are unable to offer kratom kilos.

Kratom Emporium’s kratom powders appear to be voluminous based on the images shared on its Facebook account, but this may not be indicative of its pricing and availability. Some vendors like to flex on social media, posing beside bricks of kratom, only to turn around and sell powder by the ounce. Price gouging is ubiquitous among these lesser-known sellers.

By contrast, the average e-commerce kratom vendor provides a base price of 10-12 cents per gram for small batch kratom, with discounts on bulk kratom. The current industry average for a kratom kilo is somewhere between $90 and $125.00.

image of kratom emporium cost

Kratom Emporium Customer Reviews

Kratom Emporium has received nearly 1,000 likes and follows on Facebook. Curiously, there isn’t a single review posted on its page. As a matter of fact, we were unable to locate a single honest review for this vendor in any search engines.

While it isn’t out of the ordinary for a small-time brand to fly under the radar, it is odd for a vendor to keep such a low profile. Not only are consumers keeping their opinions of this brand to themselves, but the vendor itself also seems to be making no attempt whatsoever to advertise its wares.


Is Kratom Emporium Legit?

There is insufficient data to support Kratom Emporium’s status as a legitimate business. We were not able to find any business registration for Kratom Emporium in the state of Kentucky. No matching organizations were found on the Secretary of State’s website.

More alarmingly, Kratom Emporium does not offer any information about third-party laboratory evaluations on its Facebook page. There are no certificates of analysis provided, nor is it listed as a participant in the AKA’s GMP Standards Program. This points to a dearth of professional oversight.


Top Kratom Emporium Alternatives

Those who wish to try a lesser-known kratom brand can do so without risking theft or illness. There are plenty of independent kratom vendors who don’t sell sketchy products by sketchy means. The following are our picks for the best new kratom sellers on the market.

Hush Kratom

image of hush kratom logo

Hush Kratom is an Idaho kratom supplier that has only been around for a few years, but already it has demonstrated a savvy for business and a genuine concern for its customers. Hush Kratom specializes in a wide range of enhanced kratom powders, kratom capsules, and full spectrum extracts.

This GMP-certified vendor is a leading extract manufacturer, with more than six alkaloid concentrates to choose from. Its product line includes kratom gummies, kratom soft gels, and liquid kratom shots. Each is priced to own and designed for the on-the-go kratom enthusiast.


Although it isn’t exactly an unknown property (it is one of the most famous brands in America), MIT45 has eluded many casual kratom users due to its prominence in headshops. Those who buy kratom online may be unfamiliar with everything it has to offer. And it has a lot to offer!

MIT45 is a GMP participant with a knack for producing next-level products. Its cutting-edge kratom extracts have set a new standard for the industry, with their 45% mitragynine content and pleasant taste. MIT Go Black Extra Strength is its latest offering, a honey-based kratom gel that’s easy to use and won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

In addition to its trailblazing collection and its voluntary accountability, MIT45 is renowned for its economic pricing. Each pouch of MIT Go Black goes for $11.95, which is less than you’ll spend on any other duel-serving liquid kratom extract. Simply put, MIT45 is the kratom brand of the future.

New Dawn Kratom

This Colorado kratom supplier has only been in business for less than five years, but in that time it has kept prices low, quality high, and surprises abundant. New Dawn Kratom keeps things simple with a line of Indo kratom strains that are as fresh and robust as they are streamlined and affordable.

Each of its five-star kratom cultivars starts at $29.99 for 250 grams of kratom powder. You can get 500 grams for $49.99 or a full kratom kilo for just $79.99. It is worth noting that these bargain basement price points have not changed since the advent of the economic downturn.

You can get free kratom same-day shipping on orders of $39.99 or more, and you can pay with a major credit or debit card. Customers can pay with Master Card or VISA. You may also inquire about additional payment methods.

logo of new dawn kratom image

Bottom Line

In short, Kratom Emporium is one backpack vendor you’d be better off avoiding. Its lack of industry bonafide and failure to demonstrate consumer safety make it a poor choice for any discerning consumer.

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