Kratom Crumbs Kratom Vendor Review

Kratom Crumbs is a wholesale vendor that sources its Kratom from Indonesia. Although they offer wholesale prices, they do also sell their wares to the general public.

Kratom Crumbs Review

If you’d like plenty of options to choose from, this is a good vendor to buy Kratom from. There are 36 different strains waiting for you to try them.

Kratom Crumbs Product Line

This vendor uses a WordPress address to generate business. In other words, they do not have their own URL.

  • Powder – Red Medan, White Medan, Green Medan, Yellow Medan, Maeng Da Medan, Red Maeng Da Medan, White Maeng Da Medan, Yellow Maeng Da Medan, Premium Maeng Da Medan, Red Banjar, White Banjar, Green Banjar, Yellow Banjar, Maeng Da Banjar, Red Maeng Da Banjar, White Maeng Da Banjar, Yellow Maeng Da Banjar, Premium Maeng Da Banjar, Red Kapuas Hulu, White Kapuas Hulu, Green Kapuas Hulu,
    Yellow Kapuas Hulu, Maeng Da Kapuas Hulu, Red Maeng Da Kapuas Hulu, White Maeng Da Kapuas Hulu, Yellow Maeng Da Kapuas Hulu, Premium Maeng Da Kapuas Hulu,  Red Jongkong, White Jongkong, Green Jongkong, Yellow Jongkong, Maeng Da Jongkong, Red Maeng Da Jongkong, White Maeng Da Jongkong, Yellow Maeng Da Jongkong, Premium Maeng Da Jongkong, Elephant Jongkong, & Elephant Kapuas

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What’s it Going to Cost Me?

This is a really good question. Nowhere on Kratom Crumbs’ website do they list any pricing. You’ll have to reach out to them to find out how much their Mitragyna speciosa is going to be.

Kratom Crumbs Coupon Code

There don’t appear to be any promo codes available for this business.

Kratom Crumbs Consumer Reputation

Despite being on the Kratom scene for about five years now, there’s not much chatter about Kratom Crumbs online. We did find a few things on Double M Herbals, though.

  • “I have bought lots of KC leaf, over 2+ years, from trusted US vendors who stock it. KC has been really a legendary Indo supplier, to many vendors and individuals as well. Experience wise? KC has got a long history, and track record.”
  • “They responded to my email within an hour, told me what they needed, & in 3 hours my order was placed.”
  • “OMG… I just took 1.5g about 45 minutes ago. This IS the stuff I’ve been looking for for 2 years.”
  • “WOW reallly fresh kinda like the jungle was in the box.”
  • “I ordered from them before – good quality.”

On the other hand:

  • “No hes legit the least professional one i deal with. Its kind of embarrassing this many years and hes so far behind.”
  • “He did have his “partner” answer one of my emails and was fairly rude bc he couldn’t speak English and he also didn’t respond to my email for almost 2 days after I sent my money.”
  • “The last time I used kratom crumbs, he sent us kratom we confirmed via lab testing was contaminated with Salmonella & Ecoli… KC never made it right and we never worked with him again.”

Kratom Crumbs Customer Service

Double M Herbals thread on KC was the only one we found. Look above to learn a bit about this company.

Bottom Line

image of kratom powder and leaves

Kratom Crumbs has a mixed reputation. When you combine that with the difficulty of importing Kratom, you might be better off going with a US-based vendor instead.

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