Red Banjar Kratom Strain Review

When it came to 2020, Red Banjar had just about the highest level of hype around. Now that it’s 2021, that hype hasn’t died down much. Read on to find out why so many people have been drawn to this strain.


What is Red Banjar Kratom?

Originally grown in the Banjar Valley of India, this beloved strain is now found across Southeast Asia. Its original location is known as the Valley of the God, if that gives you any indication of how powerful this particular Kratom is. Rainfall and mildly warm temperatures are the secret to this strain’s success.

Red Banjar Kratom Strain Review

According to Reddit, Red Banjar is about as good of a Red as you can expect to find.

  • “It’s one of the better reds on the market.”
  • “Yea I just had some of this last night. Very good batch for sure. Compared to a lot of other popular vendors I have used this red stands up to em. Def worth it!”
  • “I just got my order today and it knocked my socks off! Very very good.”
  • “Nice going! One of my fav reds as well.”
  • “It’s my favorite red out there right now.”

Banjar Kratom: Red, White, Green, & Yellow

If you want to find the best vein of this strain for you, then you should definitely consult with the following list.

  • Red – Energy providing performance that doesn’t come with any added anxiety.
  • White – With its serene aroma, this is one of the better Whites on the market.
  • Green – This comes with an uplifting performance that will leave you happy and relaxed.
  • Yellow – A moderate blend comes from the Yellow Banjar, which smells similar to freshly cut grass.

Where to Buy Red Banjar Kratom

This strain is more available than Gold Bali, but it’s still not sold by very many vendors. A few that do sell it, though, include:

  • Ketum
  • EBC Kratom
  • Super Natural Botanicals
  • Divine Botanicals
  • Sun Kratom Borneo

Powder and Capsules Pricing

Because it’s still relatively rare – and highly sought after – finding this Kratom in a capsule version is basically impossible. Thankfully, it’s available in powder, though! To try it out, be sure to buy a 28g pack. This should run you approximately $8.95 to $11.95. If you’re sure it works for you, upsize to 100g for $24.99 – $37.95. You can also get a 250g bag for anywhere from $40 to $60.

Those of you who prefer a heftier bag can invest in 500g for $70 to $100. Or, if you prefer 1 kilo, it’ll cost you anywhere from $120 to $180.

Final Thoughts


As you can see, there’s a lot of variance in these prices. Therefore, before you buy Kratom, be sure to check out a variety of vendors. Also, don’t always go with the least or most expensive. When it comes to Kratom, the price doesn’t always equal quality.

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