In Sense Botanicals Vendor Review

We all have that dream vendor that we wish we could discover, but many kratom enthusiasts are increasingly disenchanted by the vendors they actually know. Between excessive pricing and empty promises, these brands leave us wanting more.

In Sense Botanicals is that first-class vendor you’ve being dreaming of, and it’s got all the goods to make the reality of ordering more simple.

This West coast kratom vendor is a proud purveyor of all-natural ethnobotanicals. Its number one product is kratom in all its various forms. It has kept its prices low and kept its kratom fresh by dealing directly with native farmers from Indonesia and beyond.In Sense Botanicals Review

In Sense Botanicals is located in one of Cali’s original “gold rush” towns, which is appropriate considering it’s where many Californians have scored In Sense Kratom for the first time.

Located in the heart of El Dorado County, In Sense Botanicals serves as a prominent Western source for organic farm-nurtured kratom strains. Since its inception, In Sense has been devoted to earning consumer trust and developing the finest cultivars nature can produce.

All of its kratom powders and kratom capsules are ethically sourced and subjected to independent third-party analysis prior to distribution. This includes rare plantation favorites, such as White Sumatra and Yellow Vietnam.

Every vendor has its strengths, just as every vendor has its weaknesses. This is an overview of In Sense Botanicals’ virtues as well as its shortcomings.


  • Wide variety
  • Reasonable prices
  • Exotic items
  • Promotional deals
  • Free kratom samples
  • Third-party tested
  • Accepts returns
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Accepts Bitcoin


  • Does not disclose lab results
  • Does not participate in the AKA’s GMP program
  • Does not accept CashApp or Google Pay

In Sense Botanicals Product Line

There are nearly 90 products in this vendor’s collection, all of which can be purchased at its online store. The product pages are easy to navigate and the checkout process is a breeze.

You can tell by looking at the consistency of its kratom powders that they are freshly sifted and ground for what is an aromatic cup of tea or potpourri.

image of in sense botanicals products

In Sense Botanicals Top Kratom Powders

There are many Mitragyna speciosa powders in this seller’s catalog, including greens, reds, and whites. Additionally, In Sense Botanicals carries a line of gold and yellow vein kratom powder.

The full collection includes all of the following (and more):

  • Chocolate Borneo
  • Dark Red Maeng Da
  • Golden Benulu Blend
  • Gold Indonesia
  • Gold Maeng Da
  • Green Riau
  • Green Sumatra
  • Green Thai Premium
  • Organic Red Dragon Blend
  • Red Bentuangie Kratom
  • Red Hulu Kapuas
  • Red Kalimantan
  • Super Green Optima
  • White Bentuangie
  • White Hulu Kapuas
  • White Papua
  • White Maeng Da
  • Wild-Harvested Green Bali
  • Wild-Harvested Red Elephant
  • Wild-Harvested Red Ketapang
  • Wild-Harvested Red Papua
  • Wild-Harvested White Ketapang
  • Wild-Harvested Yellow Borneo
  • Yellow Maeng Da

Other items include limited edition super-fine kratom powders, which have been so finely ground that they are thinner and fluffier than baby powder. These ultra fine kratom strains are rich in Mitragynine with a concentration of 1.5 MIT.

Ultra fine kratom sells by the kilo, with an average price of $125.87. All other kratom powders start at $2.87 for six grams, with an ounce going for $7.87.

In Sense Botanicals Best Kratom Strain

image of in sense botanicals kratom strains

Although the Red Papua Kratom is quite enjoyable, we have chosen Wild-Harvested White Ketapang as the top strain in this vendor’s collection.

This white vein kratom powder is cultivated along the east bank of Sungai Pawan in the Ketapang Regency of West Kalimantan. There it is grown in mineral-rich soil and permitted to reach optimal maturity prior to harvest.

The result is a cultivar unlike virtually any other white kratom on the market. This magnificent strain boasts a rainy, slightly dewy scent that is off-set by a bold matcha-like finish.

In Sense Botanicals Kratom Extracts

This supplier produces a wealth of natural botanical extracts, such as 65% Frankincense Boswelia, California Poppy Extract, and Akuamma Extract Powder.

Its biggest hit is undoubtedly its plethora of ultra-enhanced kratom powders and enhanced blends. These robust powders generally start at $4.87 for eight grams.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

In Sense Botanicals offers a range of purchasing options, including kratom sample packs. General prices start at $2.87 for a six-gram sample.

You can pick up an ounce for $7.87, one hundred grams for $22.87, two hundred grams for $41.87, or five hundred grams for $84.87.

Alternatively, you can get a full kratom kilo for $125.87, which is well within range of the industry average for bulk kratom powder.

At $125.87, you’ll be paying approximately twelve cents per gram. While this is far from the cheapest price per gram, it’s also miles away from the most expensive.

In other words, In Sense Botanicals’ kratom powder is reasonably priced at a mid-range cost per gram. It is also one of the most affordable sources for enhanced kratom teas and a broad spectrum of exotic herbs.

Shipping & Returns

All items are shipped via the USPS, with multiple shipping speeds available. Readers are advised to upgrade to expedited shipping for the best outcome.

You can contact this vendor by email or phone to discuss any grievances you may have. It is always willing to offer a replacement item or refund your money should you find yourself less than satisfied.

On the downside, you only have a period of three business days from the arrival of your product to issue a request to this end. Refunds may be extended to 30 days under certain circumstances. This extension is provided at the sole discretion of the vendor.

On a more positive note, your window of three days is extended to 15 days if your item is still sealed in its original packaging.

In Sense Botanicals Payment Methods

In Sense Botanicals currently accepts American Express, Apple Pay, COD (Cash On Delivery), Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, and Venmo.

Apple Pay, cash or checks are accepted when you call in your order by phone. E-checks are accepted on online orders only.

Additionally, you may pay with a number of different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

In Sense Botanicals Coupon Code

image of in sense botanicals products coupon

You can subscribe to this vendor’s email newsletter or follow it on social media to receive exclusive kratom coupon codes. In the past, promo codes have been redeemable for as much as 25% off your total at checkout.

Follow the brand @InSensebotanicals and @insensekratom to learn about the latest sales and newest products.

In Sense Botanicals Consumer Reputation

Reviews have been rolling in on platforms like Reddit, with several users expressing pleasant surprise and positive experiences.

One member said, “He [the owner] sent a nicely sealed … sample that just says Hulu. I believe it’s white. Ive had it for awhile, but wanted to try it as the only strain for the day. It is surprisingly very good. I took my normal amount this morning and then again just a little while ago. It is very clean…I have really enjoyed it and will be ordering more.”

Another user wrote, “I was lucky enough to snag a 20 gram sampler of green maeng da, which is advertised as tested at 2.5%.”

Elsewhere, a member said, “In sense botanicals sample is definitely worth it! They even gave me a small sample of enhanced  for free and it’s amazing.”

As an approved vendor at I Love Kratom, In Sense Botanicals has attracted many supportive testimonials. One user wrote, “I ordered red, white, and green veined borneo since we all loved the red borneo so much…the customer service was great. The package arrived quickly and everything was fresh.”

In Sense Botanicals Customer Service

This brand has left a lasting impression with its dedicated customer support. Whereas some online stores only provide a contact form, In Sense Botanicals gives you an email address, phone number, and snail mail for getting in touch.

Customer service representatives answer questions promptly and is a friendly manner. You can count on awesome service from knowledgeable staff members. Response time is as fast as its shipping.

image of customer service

Bottom Line

In Sense Botanicals is a trusted vendor with a collection worthy of praise. You are unlikely to find a wider variety anywhere online or in person.

Its prices are fair, its products are incredible, and its wealth of knowledge is commendable. This is the online store we’ve all been waiting for.

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