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Emerald Kratom is a the jewel of Florida’s kratom marketplace, a Pinellas County kratom vendor with five-star reviews and a wide range of Private Reserve kratom strains. The company opened its doors back in 2020 and, in just two years, it has managed to leave a lasting impression on the Mitragyna speciosa community.

You can visit Emerald Kratom at: emeraldkratom.com. There you’ll find a plethora of kratom products and resource pages, including links to kratom sample packs, an overview of Mitragyna speciosa, and a detailed rundown of the company’s shipping policies. You’ll also find a rather elaborate justification of this vendor’s name.

What you won’t find is the straightforward nature of smaller companies that pride themselves on coming correct. Unlike many of its competitors who favor a back to basics plain leaf kratom approach, Emerald Kratom prefers to perpetuate the notion of signature strains at a time when people need less PR wizardry and more all-natural realness.

If you’ve been mulling over a potential purchase from Emerald Kratom, you’ve come to the right place. We will tell you all about the pros and cons of this Sunshine State supplier in our comprehensive Emerald Kratom Vendor Review.

Emerald Kratom Product Review

Emerald kratom product line

Emerald Kratom is an online kratom vendor from the west central coast of Florida. This homegrown business specializes in Emerald Kratom powder, which it makes available in a variety of kratom blends and kratom strains.

Green Emerald Kratom reviews have been effusive in their support for this potent green vein kratom powder, but it is hardly the strongest of the bunch. That honor could arguably go to anything from Green Malay or Maeng Da to Green Riau.

Other items include Diamond White Riau, Idocrase Green Private Reserve Kratom – which is decidedly not sun-dried, so as to preserve the integrity of Mitragyna speciosa’s natural alkaloids – and Emerald Kratom Capsules, for your convenience. The latter is a viable option for active patrons who prefer to take their kratom with them on work assignments or visits to the gym.

The stars of the show are its Diamond strains—Citrine Yellow Borneo, Citrine Yellow Maeng Da, Diamond White, Emerald Green, and Ruby Red. However, little information about these “strains” or their origin is provided. The description of Diamond White Bali, for example, simply reads, “Diamond White Bali Kratom powder is a precisely crafted gem when it comes to our White Kratom powder strains.” All this tells you is that White Bali is “precise” when compared to other white vein kratom powder. In short, it tells you nothing of real importance.

That said, Emerald Kratom Diamond powder purports to be raw, high quality, and “pristine.” However, this vendor is quick to point out that two kratom processors can purchase the same strain and end up with very different results. According to Emerald Kratom, “the ‘strain’ represents the region in which the powder comes (for the majority).”

On a more positive and less vague note, Emerald Kratom’s packaging is comparable to its better competitors. Each order of kratom powder comes in a well-made white pouch that is virtually impenetrable. Pouches are complete with resealable tops for secure and convenient storage. Packaging is appropriately labeled and adequately hefty without taking up too much space.

Maeng Da is said to be a potent kratom powder, which has garnered positive feedback from online Emerald Kratom consumers. It appears to be a legitimate OG horned leaf kratom variant, with a grainy but smooth texture that’s easy to use. You can request an Emerald Kratom free sample on Reddit or social media. Alternatively, you can fill out this vendor’s online contact form or drop it an email.

What It Costs & How It Compares

All of Emerald Kratom’s powders start at $19.99 for fifty grams, with one hundred grams selling for $34.99, one hundred fifty grams going for $47.99, two hundred grams selling for $58.99, a quarter going for $69.99, a half-kilo selling for $129.99, seven hundred fifty grams going for $179.99, and a kratom kilo selling for $219.99.

Based on these prices it is clear that Emerald Kratom has positioned itself as a premium grade kratom supplier, one that doesn’t have to play by the rules of the marketplace. While small-batch kratom sellers are notorious for charging large sums for small amounts of powder, the internet market has made it possible for consumers to get big discounts on bulk kratom powder. It isn’t out of the ordinary to see vendors incentivizing customers by charging more for smaller amounts and far less for larger ones.

Emerald kratom product costs $19.99-$39.99

Emerald Kratom has gone in another direction, whereby it jacks up the price the more you spend. While its starter pack of fifty grams for $19.99 is relatively affordable (most online stores charge somewhere between $15 and $20 for a single ounce of twenty-eight grams), its bulk deals are not deals at all. For the sake of comparison, Amazing Botanicals charges $99.99 for one thousand grams of kratom, while wholesale distributors like the AKA-approved Drip Drop Distro suggest their retailers charge somewhere around $150 per kilo.

At $219.99 per kilo, Emerald Kratom is expecting you to pay nearly twenty-two cents per gram. That’s pretty presumptuous when you consider the industry standard, which has long been twelve cents per gram (at most). Although it is safe to say that Emerald Kratom isn’t the highest-priced online kratom brand (that dubious honor seems to go to Happy Hippo Herbals) it certainly doesn’t come close to being the lowest.

On the bright side, each of Emerald Kratom’s products is purportedly lab-tested and comes backed by a thirty-day money-back guarantee. This may seem fairly standard to those who have purchased kratom online in the past, but it remains a good sign. As more and more kratom start-ups hit the internet, there is an increasing number of e-commerce sites that fail to offer any refund policy whatsoever. A guarantee is always a good thing.

This vendor currently accepts COD (Cash On Delivery), cashier’s checks, Echecks, money orders, personal checks, and wire transfer. Alas, cryptocurrency does not appear to be accepted, nor does it appear as though Emerald Kratom accepts CashApp, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.

Emerald Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

You can sign up for this vendor’s email newsletter to receive Emerald Kratom coupons redeemable for ten to fifteen percent off your total at checkout. You’ll also be kept in the loop when items go on sale or when seasonal deals are announced.

Emerald Kratom Customer Reviews

This brand made a splash in 2021 after giving away freebies to Reddit members. Over the ensuing year, hundreds of comments have been left regarding its kratom powder. Some have been skeptical, but most have been enthusiastic.

One user wrote, “Customer service was great, I asked for a sample in an email, and within an hour … they got back to me saying they’d love to send some. I gave my name and address and bing bang boom, today it’s in my mailbox. Shipping was pretty quick considering another sample pack sent out on Wednesday still isn’t here.

Emerald kratom 5-star customer rating

“I’m going to order some more from emerald, clean product, great customer service, swift shipping, really ticks all the boxes. I do recommend, that free samples are always a plus so you could see what the quality is like and this quality is good.”

This vendor has received Approved Vendor status on I Love Kratom where an eminent member said, “Their Emerald Borneo and Red Sunda are amazing right now! Hopefully, they will be able to source this quality … for a looooong time!!!” Another user agreed, writing, “I will probably order more Emerald Borneo. My initial impression is positive.”

Emerald Kratom Complaints

Based on our research, Emerald Green has yet to receive any truly negative feedback. There have been no accusations of scamming, ghosting, or shilling on any of the online kratom forums. No complaints have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau, nor have any lawsuits been filed against the company. From what we’ve seen, Emerald Kratom has made nothing but friends and proponents in its short time in business.

Is It Lab-Tested?

Yes. Emerald Kratom assures its customers that it lab-tests each of its strains. Unfortunately, the evidence of such testing is absent from its website. You will not find certificates of analysis published to any of its web pages.

Third-party laboratory testing is important for many reasons, not least of which is the independent and unbiased nature of third-party evaluation. Said labs thoroughly inspect kratom powder for potential contamination and alkaloid concentration. Before you buy from Emerald Kratom, you should be sure to request lab results by emailing support@emeraldkratom.com or calling (727) 807-6000.

Is Emerald Kratom Legit?

In spite of its overall lack of transparency we are inclined to consider Emerald Kratom a legitimate company. This business has earned a devoted following and generated (mostly) favorable buzz. While it would be nice to see this vendor participating in the AKA’s GMP program, we were happy to learn that it tests all of its products.

American Kratom Association

As we just mentioned, Emerald Kratom does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This is definitely not a deal-breaker, though it should be taken into consideration with all other factors if you are thinking about making a purchase. The GMP program was designed to keep kratom processors honest by requiring them to submit to a third-party audit.

The standards and requirements of the AKA’s program align with the regulations laid out by the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. To wit: vendors need to meet higher standards of manufacturing, marketing, labeling, distribution, and verification in order to sell their wares within the United States.

Emerald kratom logo


Closing Thoughts

All things considered, Emerald Kratom is a solid new brand with a growing number of loyal customers and an exotic product line that is sure to appeal to newcomers and old hands alike. There are strains here that will pique the interest of seasoned users, while the company’s sampler pack will enable first-time customers to discover something that suits their disposition. On the other hand, if you’re looking for safe and reliable kratom at more competitive prices, check out the Golden Monk product line of kratom powders and capsules.

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