Dr Kratom Vendor Review

Dr. Kratom Botanicals, AKA Dr Kratom, is a CBD and kratom retailer that serves as an herbal apothecary. It is also listed as a marijuana dispensary on Foursquare, though we have yet to confirm this to our satisfaction. This vendor has a land-based shop in Moss Point, MS, that’s become a favored haunt among local residents.

Dr Kratom is famed for its professional staff and excellent pricing, but its business practices are more than a little suspicious. Aside from the irresponsibility of its moniker, this vendor’s business practices give us major pause. The brick-and-mortar shop boasts a simple layout that is clearly meant to give the company an artisanal vibe. Sanded wooden shelves hold mason jars full of kratom powder. While this may seem quaint and rustic, the reality is that it’s rather unprofessional.

In 2021, discriminating kratom consumers demand transparency and instruction. We are looking for a vendor whose product comes pre-packaged in pouches with clear and detailed labeling. By contrast, Dr Kratom’s jars of kratom look completely unsanitary.

The notion of an employee reaching into one of these mason jars with a sweaty forearm, in a shop that’s open to the general public, is enough to turn one’s stomach. In light of the ongoing global health crisis, it is more important than ever for kratom vendors to hold themselves to the highest standards.

This is why many brands have made it their business to get accredited by the AKA (American Kratom Asssociation). By participating in this nonprofit’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program, vendors can show that they are taking the public’s health and well-being seriously.

Dr Kratom does not appear to participate in this program, nor does it attempt to assure the public of its purity. No mention of independent lab-testing is mentioned on any of its various business pages or social media accounts. Instead, the company’s bragging rights extend to the sheer volume of its inventory and the reliability of the same. Of course, it’s debatable how reliable its kratom can be if it hasn’t been properly tested.

Dr Kratom Product Line

Dr Kratom appears to be most proud of its wide variety. This Hospitality State supplier carries more than 70 kratom strains and proprietary kratom blends. Its catalog also extends to CBD oil, tinctures, rare herbs, and much more. T-shirts and other accessories are on display, as are kratom sample packs and kratom potentiators.

In addition to its own line of kratom powders, this vendor stocks brands like Hemp Bombs, KOI, Kore Kratom, Krave Kratom, and Royal Candies. Over the years, Dr Kratom has promoted brands like Zion Herbals and its cold water Gold Kratom extract on its social media accounts.

Dr Kratom Powders

image of dr kratom powder

Dr. Kratom Botanicals has carried many far-flung kratom strains, such as Green Riau, Red Bentuangie, White Sumatra, and Yellow Vietnam.

Some of its most popular kratom powders and kratom blends have included the following:

  • Green Borneo
  • Green Malay
  • Maeng Da
  • Red Bali
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Horn
  • Ruby Red Kratom Blend
  • Trainwreck Kratom Blend
  • UEI Kratom (Ultra Enhanced Indo)
  • White Horn
  • White JongKong

Dr Kratom Best Strain

Based on our experience with this vendor, we would have to choose Green Malay as its greatest kratom strain. This green vein kratom powder gets its name from the so-called Wild East. This kratom sub-type was first grown in the northern region of Borneo. East Malaysia is the designation for this portion of the tropical island. Hence, the name Green Malay, AKA Green Malaysian.

Green Malay grows in the same forests as basil, jasmine, orchids, and palm trees, resulting in avariation of “kesum” that is as sweet-scented and unique in its fragrance as it is robust and long-lasting.

Dr Kratom Botanicals Kratom Extract

Steven makes his very own liquid kratom extract. Each kratom extract is housed in a compact tincture bottle with secure gold seal. Kratom extracts are typically prepared by removing key alkaloids from multiple kratom leaves. These extracted chemical compounds are then infused into a limited portion of kratom powder or kratom concentrate.

This process can yield a small volume of highly concentrated material that is far more potent and Mitragynine-dominant than a plain leaf kratom strain.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

Dr Kratom’s prices are not publicly displayed anywhere, but its business page encourages customers to fill out an online contact form to receive a quote. You may also call them on the phone to discuss a prospective order. After repeated requests for pricing and availability, Dr Kratom failed to get in touch. As of this writing, more than thirty-five hours have passed without word from this vendor. We will update this page if/when we receive a response from Steven or his staff.

Shipping & Returns

The current details regarding Dr Kratom’s shipping and refund policy are unknown. As we mentioned earlier, this company does not disclose pertinent information on its business site, nor does it maintain an official website.

Back in 2018, Dr Kratom Botanicals did not sell kratom by mail. All of its products were available exclusively in its Moss Point store.

Payment Methods

This brick-and-mortar establishment accepts cash and credit cards. Users are advised to call the shop by phone for additional payment details.

Dr Kratom Coupon Code

As a smoke shop, Dr Kratom does not accept kratom discount codes. However, you can expect the kinds of storewide sales and seasonal blowouts typical of land-based convenience stores.

Dr. Kratom Consumer Reputation

image of dr kraom products reviews

This brand has made a mark in some peculiar ways, whether intentional or otherwise. There is a character on Facebook who calls himself @doctorkratom. Character is the only way to describe them, as the shower cap, rubber gloves, and handmade name tag they wear give them the appearance of a cartoon character or caricature. Dr Kratom’s Facebook photos folder consists of seemingly random snaps of the so-called doctor posing at raves, concerts, beach events, and more.

One pic finds Dr Kratom spinning some vinyl on a turntable, while another sees him chilling in the sand with a group of revelers, some of whom are giggling at the oversize inflatable penis the doctor is holding. One might be forgiven for chocking this up to mistaken identity, were it not for the fact that the doctor also poses with kratom capsules and branded items. Whether any of this was by design is irrelevant. The effect has been positive regardless.

There are dozens of reviews of this vendor online and even more brand loyalists walking the streets of Moss Point.. Some of the company’s best press has come from first-time visitors and longtime customers.

One reviewer wrote, “Great business. Very knowledgeable and helpful…No judgment whatsoever, just awesome people working there.”

Another reviewer said, “They have the best staff and the best product around. This is my one stop shop  and I drive over an hour to purchase.”

Yet another user said, “The guys here know the products and they’re always upbeat and super helpful!”

Dr Kratom Customer Service

Customers have shared their wonderful experiences online, penning gushing reviews for Google, Birdseye, Reddit, and other platforms. Almost everyone attests to Dr Kratom’s exceptional customer support staff. In-store employees are said to be friendly, smart, and good at recommending different products. Of course, we find some of this hard to believe given Steven’s failure to respond to messages.

Our messages are not the only ones that have gone unheeded. Multiple kratom suppliers have publicly accused Dr Kratom of misconduct, with one complaining to the Better Business Bureau about the $300 owed to it for products delivered to Steven’s shop. Another native vendor left a review on Google in which they claim that the shop has had an outstanding balance for months. This individual alleges that repeated emails and phone calls went unanswered.

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves and capsules

Although we have sampled its products in the past, we only have a vague memory of its quality. Our latest attempt to connect with this vendor was unsuccessful.

In light of Steven’s reputation for evading debtors and burning customers, we are not inclined to give Dr Kratom another chance. We will not be recommending this brand to anyone.

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