Zion Herbals Kratom Vendor Review

Zion Herbals is the Southeastern United States’ answer to MIT45, an innovative kratom brand with many alluring kratom products and a broad range of consumer reviews. This Mid-Atlantic Mitragyna speciosa supplier has been in business for over a decade.

If you’re thinking about buying one of its notorious kratom beverages, you’ll want to check out today’s review. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Zion Herbals’ signature kratom drinks, its sweeping availability, and its industry bona fides. Read on for the full scoop.

What is Zion Herbals?

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Zion Herbals has been part of the kratom scene since 2010. Located in Richmond, VA, Zion is the premier brand of the Mid-Atlantic United States. Since its inception, Zion has been reinventing the concept of kratom capsules, edibles, and tinctures with its ever-expanding line of refreshing creations.

This vendor was among the first companies to offer kratom and CBD pre-rolls. These kratom cigarettes are but one of its many distinct kratom solutions. It has become trendy at headshops and indie record stores, where patrons have eaten (or, rather, guzzled) up its singular Speciosa Soda.

When you first go to the Zion Herbals website, you will be treated to a look consistent with run-of-the-mill headshop brands. There are all the splashy graphics and cheap come-ons we’ve come to expect of e-commerce sites. However, this vendor’s flashiness is not merely a distraction.

Zion Herbals is actually a prestige brand that has earned its sheen. This vendor’s swag owes to its sparkling reputation and many industry credentials. Zion is GMP-certified, having submitted to the AKA (American Kratom Association)’s Good Manufacturing Practices program.

At the top of the site, you’ll see that spending $50 or more gets you free shipping, and every order comes with hand sanitizer and an N95 mask. You’ll also get Zion Herbals coupon codes when you sign up for its email newsletter.

What It Has to Offer

This Old Dominion biak-biak brand carries several ingenious kratom concoctions, including kratom concentrates, and refreshing kratom drinks. But it all got started with kratom powder and Zion Herbals soft gels. Strains come in green, red, and white varieties—Green Hulu Kapuas, Red Hulu Kapuas, and White Hulu Kapuas, respectively.

Other items include Zion Herbals Lucky 80, Zion Herbals 65 Salt, Delta 8, 45% Full Spectrum Extract, and more. It also offers bulk liquid kratom shots, including Bulk Liquid 30% and Bulk Liquid 80%. Its capsules include an 80% kratom tincture.

These are all well and good (depending on who you ask), but the real stars of the brand’s line-up are KRATOMade and Speciosa Soda. KRATOMade is a speciosa-infused drink mix with 20+ flavors, including the delectable Dragon Fruit, the enchanting Forest Fruit, and the irresistible Tropical Rush.

The kratom extract drink, Speciosa Soda, is a mitragynine-dominant carbonated beverage that’s tasty and titillating. Depending on your preference, you can get a 12-oz can in BlackBerry or Blueberry.

What It Costs and How It Compares

The pricing can be slightly confusing, especially as it’s built for both solo and wholesale customers. Basically, it starts at $9.99 for two capsules. It goes up to $18,000 for four gallons of Bulk Liquid 80%.

You can get 100 grams of kratom powder for $15, 250 grams for $30, 500 grams for $50, or a kratom kilo (1,000 grams) for a flat $100.00. These are not the lowest bulk kratom prices online, but they are within the acceptable range. For comparison, Amazing Botanicals charges $99.99 for 1,000 grams, while New Dawn Kratom charges $79.99.

This vendor currently accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you can pay with MasterCard or VISA. Credit card payment must be made via the MESH platform.

Zion Herbals Kratom Customer Reviews

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Regarding its consumer reputation, there’s no better place to turn to than Reddit. One forum member said, “I tried a gold reserve tincture by Zion Herbals, and I love it.” Another opined that “From my experience, they’ve been great.”

On the downside, someone said, “I haven’t noticed much with mine so far. It’s the tincture by Zion Herbals, and it’s Kratom Extract 15ml.”

We found that most Facebook customers were happy with this brand. For example, one user sad, “As a long-term user of Kratom, Zion Herbals is, by far, in a league of their own.” Another user said, “I have been a fan of Zion since I placed my 1st order over 2 1/2 yrs ago. Not only have they set the bar for all vendors, but they have been key in keeping kratom legal!”

On the other hand, opinions have been mixed on Trustpilot. One reviewer said, “There [sic] hemp flower had mold, and their Kratom is the lowest quality I have ever used. I think it’s like 10% Kratom.”

Meanwhile, another reviewer wrote: “Some of the best kratom extract tablets on the market … The owner, David, has really been good to me, and I will never forget how he helped me.”

Zion Herbals Kratom Customer Service

Another look at Reddit tells us that their customer service is decent. “They have quick delivery times; the quality was as good as I know.” Over on Facebook, a member said, “This company has the best customer service I have ever witnessed on top of having the best kratom products I have ever tried. My family will forever be customers of Zion Herbals!”

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Bottom Line

Zion Herbals sells good stuff, and you can get it in multiple ways. However, we would be wary of buying too much from them, though, as the pricing is higher than usual. As always, try a smaller pack first to decide if you like Zion’s quality or not.

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