Cali Botanicals Vendor Review

Cali Botanicals is one of the West coast’s most prominent kratom brands and arguably its most successful. It has earned hundreds of online reviews, including five-star write-ups and glowing Google comments. It has also maintained a loyal consumer base.

Much of Cali’s success owes to its ever-expanding collection of exotic strains and enhanced powders. Despite its popularity, Cali Botanicals has a checkered past, which customers need to know about.

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What is Cali Botanicals Kratom?

 Located 15 miles northeast of Sacramento in the cozy city of Rancho Cordova, Cali Botanicals is North-central California’s premier kratom vendor. It stocks nanopowder, kratom gummies, capsules, and more. Cali Botanicals has received widespread acclaim for its signature Cali’s Best Premium Powder Mix, a high-performance proprietary kratom blend.

Of course, it hasn’t all been peachy for the top dog at Cali Botanicals, LLC. In June 2019, CEO Justin Martinez was served with a warning letter from the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. The letter explained that the company and its products violated numerous FDA mandates.

These violations included gross misrepresentation of the kratom plant as more than an enjoyable herb. Some newcomers to the kratom community have been wary of doing business with a brand that’s had run-ins with the FDA. Still, Cali Botanicals has taken the Administration’s letter seriously.

Over the last two years, this vendor has investigated and determined the precise causes of its violations and worked to prevent the recurrence of such mistakes. It has developed a simple and practical approach to marketing its fabulous products. The sheer volume of items makes it stand out from its competitors.

Its online store features 25/7 live chat, a 20% off introductory Cali Botanicals coupon code, Bitcoin accessibility, and lab testing. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee and email notifications when new products are introduced.

Cali Botanicals What It Has to Offer

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You’ll find everything you’re looking for at this online store. Cali’s got everything from premium kratom blends and liquid kratom shots to UEI kratom and CBD bath bombs. Kratom powder is the go-to among DIY types who like to get their hands dirty. Cali Botanicals’ finely micronized powders are excellent for brewing tea or as a drink additive.

Its celebrated kratom strains include Cali Botanicals Foglifter Powder, Ganesh Kratom, Green Bali, Green Hulu, Green Indo, Green Malay, Green Sumatra, Green Thai, Premium Green Mantra, Netflix Red Premium, Red Kalimantan, Red Rifat Kratom, Superior Red Dragon, Ultra Enhanced White Vein, White Borneo, White Horn, White Hulu, White Lightning, and Wild Craft Red Vein.

Regarding the #1 spot, nothing beats Cali Botanicals Red Maeng Da. Maeng Da Kratom is widely regarded as the oldest example of Horned Leaf. Horned Kratom gets its name from the horn-shaped leaves of the tree. This morphological trait manifests during the aging process of the herb.

Red Vein Maeng Da is a hearty, full-bodied strain with a particularly heady aroma. This fluffy powder’s long-lasting fragrance captures the diversity of the Thai wilderness. Now that the Thailand kratom ban has been lifted, this incredible cultivar is more accessible than ever.

While Maeng Da Kratom is ideal for seasoned kratom connoisseurs, Green Malay is a viable option for the beginner. If you’re unaccustomed to the potency of horned leaf kratom, Malay Kratom will afford you a smoother, sharper aroma without a kratom hangover.

What It Costs and How It Compares

Kratom strains start at seven to eight dollars for an ounce of powder, with two ounces for $15, four ounces going for $25, eight ounces for $44, and five hundred selling for $75.00. You can get a whole kratom kilo (1,000 grams) for $110.00.

As you can see, its prices are more than reasonable, particularly compared to other top names in the kratom industry. For example, Kratom Lounge charges $125 for a kilo, while PurKratom charges as much as $159.99.

You can pay your way with anything from Bitcoin to bank transfer. This vendor accepts crypto, E-check, COD (Cash on Delivery), money order, or Zelle. When you pay with cryptocurrency, you’ll get 20% off your total at checkout. That’s 20% off for simply maintaining your own anonymity and security.

Shipping & Returns

You can choose between USPS and UPS for your carrier. Most sensible consumers will opt for the upgrade to UPS, as the Post Office continues to be dogged by unprecedented delays. You can choose between First Class Mail, Priority Mail, Express, UPS Ground, and 3-Day Select.

This vendor cares about customer satisfaction, which is why it has instituted a 20-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If an order doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it to Cali Botanicals for a full refund. No questions asked.

Cali Botanicals Coupon Code

Those who sign up for the Rewards Program receive “Kratom Coins” for becoming return customers. The more you shop, the more you earn. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, the coveted Cali Botanicals discount code.

Cali Botanicals Customer Reviews

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Opinions vary wildly where this vendor is concerned. Some have called Cali Botanicals incredible, while others have complained about the brand’s marketing attempts. One user on Reddit gave it an eight out of 10 rating for strength and price. Another accused it of being an example of “bait and switch.”

A reviewer on Yelp said, “Best kratom in NorCal if not all of Cali… Their product is clean and well-sourced. Definitely give the place a try if you’re an avid kratom user… The only complaint I have is that some of the workers have unreadable handwriting, so it’s hard to remember which strain I got; not that big of a deal though.”

Bottom Line

With tons of exotic offerings and countless reviews recommending it, it’s no wonder Cali Botanicals has become such a well-regarded vendor. Its products are plentiful, its prices are fair, and its specials are something to behold.

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